Flare Finance

Flare Finance aims to provide the fastest and most cost-effective DeFi experience for XRP/FLR users by leveraging the superior architecture of the Flare Network and XRP Ledger.

Smart Contracts ensure that all financial transactions and personal information handled

through a platform is decentralized and trust free.

Without smart contracts, the decentralized web would not exist and your information would

remain in control of the host you utilize. Additionally, XRP holders are currently unable to

generate non custodial yield on their assets participating in the rapidly expanding,

interoperable DeFi revolution.

Thanks to Flare Network enabling smart contract functionality on the XRPL; XRP will become

fully programmable money.

Once the Flare Mainnet is launched, Flare Finance will begin to deploy the first Decentralized

Finance (DeFi) platform for XRP and Flare holders.

Flr.Finace will deliver a handful of non custodial, decentralized financial infrastructure including

swaps, stable currency, yield farming, asset-backed loans, insurance, and yield mining for the

first time to both XRP and Spark holders.

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Decentralized Finance built on the Flare Network