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Is XRP Centralized

XRP Song 'New Town Road'

10 % of global remittance industry = over $60 billion

Something that makes things or people equal. Creates a level playing field where everyone has a fair and equal chance of succeeding. XRP gives the chance to move value like we move information. XRP makes everyone play on equal terms and rules. No more cheating us out and expensive fees to move value. The money system is the only thing still stuck in the past. Ripple and XRP's technology creates a more seamless and transparent system of moving value. With instantaneous speeds, cost efficiency, scalability and eco friendly. XRP is the clear cut equalizer from here and the future on.

As the greatest digital asset continues to be slept on. XRP and the team behind it Ripple continue to build a word wide liquid ecosystem. Is XRP a sleeping Giant or is XRP being slept on like a cinderella team winning a Superbowl. I believe XRP is both a sleeping Giant/Monster and is being slept on by most in the crypto space. Do the math it doesn't add up.


Hey there fellow bag holders and extended crypto family. Back with another short and sweet post. I love everything Crypto/Blockchain/DLT and XRP/Ripple. It's revolutionary and cutting edge. Be sure to secure your bag at all cost. Holding your crypto on any exchange is a risk you take. Its only a matter of time before your bag explodes. Do you want to risk having your investment swallowed like the MT. Gox heist. For me holding it offline and owning my private keys is the safest bet. (Cold Storage)



Whats up to all the visionaries here. I am glad to be early to the party. I am XRP Bags (aka Massawake) I love everything XRP and everything true to freedom. XRP is the equalizer that levels the playing field. Most of us are here because Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, DLT and XRP are big game changers. We see the true value of 1000 times faster and cheaper then most other cryptos. XRP is the way and i can send family members money instantly with no middle man. No lines to wait in and certainly no body taking a big piece of your pie. I can even send micro-payments without having to worry about outrageous fees. Spending $5 dollars to send $20 will no longer be accepted. Especially when you can send information (ie. email) instantly to anywhere in the world. We are the visionaries to help usher in the greatest digital asses ever created.

The US debt is so far out of hand and isn't getting any better. I believe US regulation is scrambling to figure out there roll out plan. That plan has to involve cryptocurrency as the Dollar is pretty much worthless and only backed on belief. While Ripple and XRP are out there building a world wide network. We will no longer have to hold Dollars that the privately owned Federal Reserve prints at will. While most of us already hold XRP over the dollar. The dollar continues to lose value and debt stack up at the hands of the powers that be. The visionaries see whats taking place and can smell mass adoption around the corner. A lot of people disagree with XRP but the time will come when they will be sitting on burning dollars and no use/ no value coins.

Keep HODL'n on visionaries as we move into a new asset and new wealth class. XRP Baby!