xrplorer in collaboration with Flare to oversee Spark distribution event

We are happy to announce our partnership with Flare, to help oversee the Spark distribution.

As external auditors of the distribution process, our objective is to identify participating XRPL accounts and analyze historic transaction patterns and account connections to help, amongst others:

- identify virtual asset service providers that have set the MessageKey but are not officially participating in the distribution event.

- identify participating “whale”-accounts and likely accounts closely connected to XRPL founders and early Ripple employees.

- identify participating accounts engaged in fraud/scams/thefts.

The output of our involvement is a continuous data evaluation and review of participating XRPL accounts, from which Flare can make better-informed decisions.

We will also assist Flare to publish the figures needed to calculate the amount of Spark claimable, in a reasonable time after December 12th.

While transactions on the XRPL are public, identities and account ownership are anonymous. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee a 100% fair distribution, but given our in-depth knowledge of the XRPL, transaction patterns, and analytic abilities in historic transaction data, we hope and believe our data reviews will help ease the minds of all parties involved: from Flare, to virtual asset service providers and to individual investors participating in the event.