A Guide to Buy the Perfect Replicas of United States City Skylines in New York

When you visit a new place, you like to buy something that will remind you of the memorable trip. Buying replicas of landmarks is a good old tradition followed by traveler’s world around. If you visit New York, you can buy replicas of the United States city skylines, New York, to remind you of the trip. Here are some tips for buying perfect replicas of New York City landmarks.

Things to Consider

Intricate Design When you buy replicas of United States city skylines, New York, consider the intricate design of the item. The replica should cover the most striking features of the landmark, which are distinctly visible even from a distance.

For example, if you buy a replica of the Empire State building, the replica should look like a small design in full glory. It should feature all design highlights of the original structure.

Landmarks Covered

Some decorative items like the New York Skyline Water Globe offer you replicas of all NYC landmarks into one. If you are purchasing one of these water globes of NY Skyline, you need to make sure it covers all popular NYC landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, which have become the face of the city. The design of the replicas should be attractive and easily distinguishable.


The NY Skyline water globes are available in various sizes, like 3 inches to 6 inches. It would help if you considered the dimensions of the water globe when purchasing it. If you plan to keep the NY Skyline water globe on your office or study table, you can consider a bigger size, making it look prominent on the table. If you plan to gift a water globe, you can consider a smaller size that is easier to carry and look like a cute gift from you.

Where Should You Buy Replicas of New York Famous Landmarks?

Today, you can buy almost everything online. According to most travelers, the best place to buy a Statue of Liberty, New York online, is from souvenir stores, NY airport shops, and travel stops specializing in the sale of such items. If you buy from any random store, there is no guarantee you will get a replica with intricate details, and you will feel like you have wasted money.

The souvenir store that sells glass globes and Christmas ornaments offer a wide range of option in the statue of liberty replicas. For example, you have the option to select a size that starts from 6 inches to 10 inches.

You can also buy the statue of liberty replica in different colors like green, white, electroplate red, and many more. Some souvenir stores also offer you large replicas of the Statue of Liberty measuring 12 inches tall.

You are less likely to get such options when you buy replicas in ordinary brick-and-mortar gift stores. One of the reasons that make souvenir store the best place to buy a Statue of Liberty, New York, is they also offer a refund policy that allows you to return the goods if you do not like them for any reason. The only condition is you need to return it with original packaging and tags.

To sum up, these are some crucial things you need to focus on when purchasing replicas of United States city skylines.