XRPL Labs +1. Meet Koen

Hi all, I'm proud to announce I'll be the person behind the support & content channels for XUMM!

I'm Koen, and I'll be supporting XRPL Labs by answering your questions on Twitter with @XummSupport & other support channels, like the FAQ and 1:1 chat at support.xumm.app.

Don't worry: Wietse will still stay active! We'll be working together & alongside each other, while Wietse can focus some more on software and business development :)

My cryptocurrency adventure started back in 2017. We all remember the big boom where the prices went to the moon and back. I bought a ghetto mining rig. Well, a part of it. The GPU's were pretty hard to find. After two months they finally arrived and the Ethereum/Monero minning started. After a nice amount of mining it was time to liquidate the earnings into fiat to expand the mining operations. Quickly I discovered a problem with these currencies it was agonizing slow and the transfer fees where as high as 20$. I looked around for other currencies that didn't have these problems.

I found XRP shortly after. I loved it so much that I began to learn Javascript so that I could interact with XRP directly. This was it the future of payments, fast and cheap without these heat blowers in my room (although in the winter it was very nice).

I started to kill my time coding with the XRP Ledger making my own wallet and playing with an Arduino like microcontroller (ESP32) to use with XRP. What I found out is that I like to develop and be part of this new technology. Especially after attending the big XRP meetup in Amersfoort with a great community. That is why I joined XRPL Labs to work on XUMM to contribute to the use case of the cryptocurrency space.

I am going to help the XUMM team with questions from the users and to help you report bugs or features to the team.