XRPL Labs is proud to announce continued support from Xpring (by Ripple).

In early 2019, Xpring announced its investment in XRPL Labs, led by Wietse Wind, as part of a broader effort to support companies and projects building on the XRP Ledger. This investment resulted in XRPL Labs building and (beta) launching XUMM, more than an XRP wallet.

With Xpring supporting XRPL Labs with an additional investment to support the next three years of growth and development of its Xumm App & Platform, XRPL Labs will be able to focus on their road map, working towards adoption, XRP ledger accessibility & building the bridge between consumers, businesses & developers.

We are excited for the future, where we leverage this support to take XUMM to the next level of becoming the commercial XRP Ledger wallet and platform of choice.

Press release by Xpring (Ripple)