Badminton psychology

Badminton psychology plays a major role in our game (badminton) especially, in the competitions weather those are official or unofficial. While you participate in the match and sometimes you need to play in the other courts and in unfamiliar surroundings which makes you uncomfortable and on the other hand the players practicing and playing on the same ground gets the advantage and this can boost up his/her mental strength and the player can make a easy win. In this situation you need not to panic and keep calm however good badminton psychology can help you in getting comfortable and calm and can also help in facing the opponent.

The major problems you can face while playing in other court are:

  1. Nervousness- as playing in the new places makes every player a bit nervous and uncomfortable he/she feels low about his/her game play but you need not to think that deep all you need to do is just focus on the match and opponent.

  2. Shuttle speed- as playing in the new places you can feel the speed of the shuttle that might be high or low as per it depends on the climate, weather, moisture and other factors. Speed of shuttlecock can lead a player to win or loosing a match. as the shuttle tends to move faster in small badminton hall and faster in larger badminton hall. To prevent such problems avoid lobbing or clearing and also avoid high serves.

  3. Slippery floors- many countries have dry weather and very less moisture level in
    those countries the floors are very slippery as the dust on the floor makes it more slippery. To overcome from this kind of situation you either need a tough grip shoes or just let few drops of water on the floor outside the court and then just rub your shoes in it. It will help in making a good grip in the game.

Mentally prepared

To do something one must be mentally prepared and need to set his/her goals. Goals are the one which leads your actions and let you know the difference between right and wrong. you need to be mentally prepared for the stuff you need to work on or you want to do because a positive mind always leads to a positive result in the end.


You must have practiced some of the badminton moves and have learned them thoroughly. during the match you can use them against the opponent and these moves can lead you to the top. A every player has his own strategy to play all you need is to do is keep calm and understand his move and apply yours.

Things you need to do for clear results: 1. Set your goals. 2. Have faith in yourself. 3. Remain stress free. 4. Be patient. 5. Respect other players.