Cults of 21st Century

Multi-level marketing companies are ALL pyramid schemes, even if they sell legitimate products like candles, makeup, jewellery, essential oils, crap leggings or dodgy diet shakes. They use cult brainwashing methods on their hapless victims, usually women, and show no mercy.

As long as you keep feeding the beast (bringing in more members), they'll love you. If you raise any concerns about anything, they'll fucking eat you alive, and spit you out. Poorer and damaged. Much poorer. Probably with broken relationships too, cos there's only so many times you can pester your friends and family and old high school friends you've not seen since you were 17 to buy bloody lipsticks or more Tupperware ...

NONE of them work, even the ones you think are 'better than that other one'. NO FUCKING NO. You WILL LOSE MONEY, as well as the rest of the train wreck. And you will be left with closets full of the shit you bought trying to claw up the hierarchy. You. Are. In. A. Cult.

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