What Is Digital Banking

Digital Banking simply mean a form of banking that does not have a physical structure anywhere for people to walk into, yet performs banking transactions in the same manner as the traditional banks that we all know of. For most of the digital banks that we have around, people can bank for free, yes, you can bank without being charged for the bank transactions you carried out. No charges for transaction alerts, no charges for issuance of debit card and no card maintenance charges.

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If you are tired of the constant arbitrary charges of the traditional/conventional banks. this article is for you. We will run you through some of the digital banks that offers fantastic banking experience that will make you quit your traditional bank.

List Of Best Digital Banks In Nigeria

Below is a list of best and trusted digital banks In Nigeria that operates without bank charges:

Kuda Bank. VBank. Mint App. Rubies. ALAT By WEMA. Airopay.