Your Magical Truth Monitor

Is there a connection between food and your ability to decipher fact from fiction?

The food you swallow does more than just fill your belly. It is the life blood of a host of intestinal tract organisms known as your gut microbiome.

A past blog post describes this intelligent group of microscopic residents and the role they play in the digestive process. And suggests there's a connection between the food you eat and this microbial ecosystem science has dubbed your 'second brain'.

The same one your mother called your gut instinct.

For a moment, let's look at your body as a suit that allows the 'you' inside to experience the world. To see the colors of the rainbow. To hear music and laughter. To taste a meal. To touch your lover.

The same suit those microbial life forms call home, too.

And while it's likely that this collection of intelligent hitchhikers don't care about any of those things, they are invested in something you care very much about – staying alive.

Over the eons they've evolved right along with your suit, developing a creative way to up the odds of your DNA's survival. Part of what they do is send signals to your body to modify behavior – behavior that increases the chance of survival for the host (that's your suit).

In other words, they're helping to make sure 'you' make the right decision.

What if we could learn to use this intelligent group of gut residents to give us an advantage in the modern world?

Imagine if we could tap into this internal meter and hear it whisper 'this news is fake, this food is unhealthy, this choice is right'.

We'd have in our back pocket a magical tool – a guide to help us navigate our world. “Should I take this job? Should I buy this cryptocurrency? Should I move to this city?”

We live in a world where facts are relative & reality is subjective. Somewhere in the middle lies the golden truth. Your gut can help you find it.

It's critical to understand that the gut instinct only works as well as the suit is functioning.

Every bite of food you swallow becomes part of you. Like the part that makes your heart beat, or your lungs breath. Or the part that connects the thoughts that zip around in your brain and ignite your passion.

The quality of food you put in is the quality of performance you get out.

Sounds simple. But there is a trillion dollar industrialized food industry that would rather feed you food like substances than the real thing. Let's leave that story for another day...

Today let us focus on how you can improve your gut instinct. Read on to discover the three most important things you can do to up your relationship with your internal truth monitor.

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