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Hi Everyone, The sadistic narrative continues with their mandates and forcing people to get an experimental Gene-therapy jab (bio-weapon). They're obviously not concerned about peoples' health and wellbeing. They only want to control you and take away your personal freedoms. We need to stay vigilant and at our optimal level of health. Doing so will help us get past all of this insidious propaganda. Visit my Zen store at #Zentrio and find the product(s) that resonates with you (https://zentrio.net).

The holistic remedies for your #mind #body & #soul are only a click away. At #Zentrio our aim is to make sure you receive the type of healing that works. We're not here to preach to the choir, but to those who feel like making some positive personal changes. These changes can affect others once you start to see how they impact you in your life.

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I just created a Shoutout page on our site. Please spread the word for those interested in joining. Here's the link to the form πŸ‘‰ https://zentrio.net/pages/shoutout-program

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The world needs a form of lasting healing. Why do I say that? Well.. I live in Thailand, and every time I go out and have my daily walks, I can sense peoples' overall state. They're tired, sad and struggling to make it through each day. It feels that as time passes on, the situation seems to worsen. The only way to change the mainstream's perpetual madness is to bring about the change that we each want to see within our own focal point. Feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally is how it's done. And the best way to feel good is by absorbing a #holistic substance that can catalyze these 3 states. My best recommendation is by conforming to a daily #zen regimen. Check out the products I offer at my online store (https://zentrio.net) and experience the difference for yourself. Wholeness and balanced vibrations.

This Write as platform is truly unique. It's like writing on a blank piece of paper. I've been an avid blogger for quite some time. First starting out with blogger.com and moving on to Wordpress; but never have I seen an upsurge as has come about in our day's generation. I feel like my cursor is blinking and floating in an ever expansive blank slate of possibilities. The #Zen content that I will try to bring with each new post here at write.as will be my mission statement to the world.. It will be aimed at driving change where it matters most: into the hearts and minds of individuals who value the ethical & egoless morality of the Zen mindset (the SatYoga for those familiar with that term). Please visit and support my vision by benefiting also from the products that I supply on my website at https://Zentrio.net

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Hi Everyone, Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I'm trying to add some calm Zen winds to the stormy pandemic typhoon that's out there, which seems to be sweeping peoples' emotions into oblivion.


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I started an account on Kit.co. This site is great. You can easily showcase your products/services using their dashboard tools. Here's my account: https://kit.co/zentrio Let me know what you think.

If you're Looking for CBD, or any other Healthy Oil Tincture; then Amazon might not be the best place to start looking..

Perhaps you’ve heard about CBD or Hemp but don’t quite know where to start; so, like many people you look in popular eCommerce portals, such as Amazon.com. Well, today we’re going to shed some light on CBD, and explore why it’s perhaps better to source CBD-related products from smaller independent companies, or from a mom/pop shops than on Amazon.

To read the rest of the news article, click one the link: https://zentrio.net/blogs/news/should-you-consider-buying-artisan-oil-tinctures-from-amazon

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