Sir Checks-a-Lot – “♛ Queen's Checkin Her Back ♛”

Intro: My friend Brittany posted a status message that said, “I wish there was a hip-hop song with the lyric, I’ve got more moves than a chess game. These are the things [I] think of on the drive to work.” 8:00am

I like to write parodies so I proceeded to incorporate this inspiration into a chess-themed parody of a favorite karaoke & 90’s hip hop song that many of you know as “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

“cuz I’ve got mo’ moves than yo' King’s ♔ got game!...A word to the felt-bottom pieces ♙, I wanna take ya – I won’t bash or flick ya!” —by ZiiX, retired elementary chess club president. Smile. Build on it. Enjoy. Dance in your chair & have fun with it. __________________________________________________ Sir Checks-A-Lot – “Queen’s Checkin’ ♛ Her Back”

Oh, my, gosh. Brittany, look at my Queen ♛! I like skilled Queens ♛ and I cannot lie You other pawns ♟ can’t de-ny when th’ Queen ♛ moves across with an itty bitty crown And a felt bottom in’ yo frown You get checked ♛, wanna pull out yo’ Knight ♘ ‘Cause you noticed yo ♔ King was stuck Deep on your side, I’m glarin’ My Queen ♛ can’t stop starin’ Oh baby, I wanna checkmate‘cha And take your ♔ King’ah
My black squares can‘t contain me But that ♔ King you got greedy

Ooh, yo’ bish-op- moves- in...♗ You say you wanna get my Queen ♛
Well, take her ♛ and see ‘Cause you ain’t that average playee I’ve seen them slidin’ The heck with your takin’ My ♞ Knight’s sleek, ready Got it goin’ like a young Bobb-y

I’m tired of I..B..M, Sayin’ A.I. ♛ Queens who’s playin’

Take the average playa and ask’em that Your gonna take much flack. So, playas! (Yeah!) Playa’s (Yeah!) Has your Queen ♕ got the skillz? (Right On! fist pump & snorts) Tell’em to take it (♚Take it!) Take it! (♚Take it) Take that cornered King ♚‽

Ma Queen’s ♛ got ‘it ♔!

Ma Queen’s ♛ got it ♔!

I like her majestic, my dame♛! cuz I’ve got mo’ moves than yo ♔ King’s got game I just can’t stop myself, I’m takin’ like Kasparov Now here, I’ll improv I wanna take yo’ ♔ King and snort, double pump, snort, snort I ain’t talkin’ bout Minesweepa’ ‘cause double clickin’ ain’t meant for’ playas

You want my Queen ♛ down there on D1’an You can’t spot me comin’, wit Hubble Checks-a-Lot’s in trouble Beggin’ fo a chance to redouble?

So I’m lookin’ at chess videos Watchin these playas, takin like pros! You can’t be a player!? I’ll keep my King ♚ like Fisch-er

A word to the felt-bottom pieces, I wanna take ya I won’t bash or flick ya

But I gotta go straight when I say I wanna check ..til the last tick of the clock Queen’s ♛ got it on lock’ A lot of playa’s won’t like this shock

Cuz them chumps like to check it and quit it And I’d rather stay and play ‘Cause I’m sh-ar-p, I’m like A-r-p. And I’m down to get the Checkin’ on

So, playees! [YelP!] Playees! [YelP!] If ya wanna take my King♚‽ Then Check it, take it now‽ Even Deep Blue’s got to bow! Check-mate, it♔! Ma’ Queen's ♛ got it ♔!

VERSE 3 Intentionally left out for others to create & enjoy #QueensCheckinHerBack

__________________________________________ – Sir-Checks-A-Lot aka ZiiX [CC BY-NC-SA]

Some references: Playees aka the people that got played opposite the player/playa (urban dictionary) Jean Arp (Starred in: 8 X 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements) Bobby Fischer – Chess Prodigy Deep Blue & IBM – Deep Blue, on May 11, 1997, the machine won a six-game match by two wins to one with three draws against world champion Garry Kasparov. Minesweeper: the game people played at work when they couldn't play DOOM.