On Planes and Masks

I just got back from traveling to the east coast. As much as I'd like to write about GitHub Copilot right now, I feel the need for a short #rant about flying on planes and following the rules.

Travel is Different

It had been almost two years since my last travel via airplane. Some things felt the same: I had no leg room, there were plenty of delays, sharing arm rests is a weird power struggle. That said, the pandemic has really brought out the worst in people. I've always been mildly annoyed by other people while flying, but the selfishness of people during pandemic-times is unreal.

Wear Your F****** Mask

Seriously. It's not that hard.

The number of people who had to be constantly reminded by the kind airline attendants to put their mask back on was ridiculous. I sat next to an elderly man who kept taking it off to talk to the attendant – totally defeating the purpose. He also took it off so that he could cough.

If someone has a medical reason for not wearing it all the time, I understand. But there were plenty of healthy-presenting adults who also just couldn't be bothered to wear one.

It's Not About You

My main issue with this behavior is that it's incredibly selfish. Wearing a mask is more for the safety of those around you then it is for you yourself. By not wearing a mask, these people are saying that they value their own comfort over everyone else's life.

Perhaps that's a little dramatic, but I'm pretty upset.

#100DaysToOffload #rant