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This is a collection of tips for making friends, remade from a Discord conversation.


Why (and how) I write

Since I enjoy simplicity, here is a summary of the post:

Thinking better

Writing simply makes it easier to spot stupidity and ignorance. It is easier to think when I don't have to remember all the previous thoughts in a chain.


Using Anki

I have been using Anki to memorize things for many months now. Here are some things I've learned about using it.


My experience of learning Toki Pona, and a vocabulary Anki deck

3 weeks ago, I set out to learn Toki Pona. Here is the Anki deck I've built up since then. It covers all the original 120 words as well as some new ones.

In my previous post,


My first (well-made) song

(Edit1: The song is now also up here! YouTube added too many restrictions for unverified account, so I went to PeerTube.)

(This is the new song I'll be talking about here. It isn't literally my first song; I've made other ones in the past. However, they were mostly bad, and I didn't put nearly as much effort into them as I did for this one. Also, it's the first one associated with this account.)

Today I made the first song to be uploaded to the YouTube account I associate with this blog. It's also the first song where I use the little knowledge of music theory I have properly (sort of). It consists of a really simple progression of major chords and two melodies made with only the heuristic of having notes similar to those in the currently playing chords.


My new subreddit r/queernerds

Just a few moments ago I made the subreddit r/queernerds. Here is an introduction to what it is about.

I look forward to moderating it. I've made and moderated subreddits in the past, but I never put any serious effort or care into it. But this one is about something I care about.


Here are some things I recommend trying. All items on this list are things that I have used myself. This list is not in any way exhaustive; there are many things I would recommend, but didn't include on this list.



I'm zuldo, also known as gacagixi in some contexts. In third person, refer to me using “she” or “they”.

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My reddit account is gacagixi. I moderate the subreddit r/queernerds. If you're reading this there's a chance you'll enjoy joining it.

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My mail is zuldo [AT] protonmail [DOT] com.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask me something (although I'm not looking for new friends right now).

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Learning toki pona

I recently came across a conlang called toki pona. It has 120 words and can be taught in half an hour of videos, not including the time to memorize the vocabulary.


Writing prompts

Here are my responses to two writing prompts generated by this tool. These are not good. I'm sharing them anyway so I can learn to stop experiencing embarrassment. In the future I'll probably move this blog to somewhere more public, or otherwise get other people to read it, to strengthen this process.