I'm zuldo, also known as gacagixi in some contexts. In third person, refer to me using “she” or “they”.

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My diode.zone (a PeerTube instance) account is zuldo. I recommend it over YouTube.

My YouTube channel is zuldo. I recommend viewing my diode.zone account instead.

My reddit account is gacagixi. I moderate the subreddit r/queernerds. If you're reading this there's a chance you'll enjoy joining it.

My Mastodon account is zuldo@c.im.

My Scratch account is zuldo.

My lichess account is zuldo.

My mail is zuldo [AT] protonmail [DOT] com.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask me something (although I'm not looking for new friends right now).

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