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Intellectual Property is a creation from a mind of artist like music, video, graphics, song, image, etc. Intellectual Property Rights are the rights given to the creator of this content in order to save his rights to use his content wherever he wants. An intellectual property right given to the creator makes him the legal owner of the content and he can decide the usage policy for his content. If anyone chooses to use his content they need to take his legal permission and he can decide if he wants anyone to use his content and can also demand compensation for using his piece of content.

Intellectual Property Rights are only given to the creator if his content is unique and not used already by anyone who has the right of the content. At Legaljini you don’t need to worry about your IPR Management. We at Legaljini are a team of legal advisors that help your business in managing your IPR. Thinking of Outsourcing of IPR Management we are the one-stop solution for your business legal matters. Visit us at https://www.legaljini.com/legalmatters/trademark-registration-india.php