This is my /now page. For me, it is a place to return to when the world gets noisy and complicated and I need to remember what's important. What I should be doing now. You can find out more about /now pages at with links to many other examples.

Updated Monday 22nd February 2021, unpinned/retired Thursday 6th January 2022

#Fatherhood: Embracing the joys and challenges of fatherhood – maybe a little later in life than average but loving it so far!

Family and friends: Remembering to reach out and stay in touch, particularly important right now. Not beating myself up about it when the world gets too busy but making a conscious effort as personal connections matter way more than social media “likes”!

Looking after myself so that I have resources for other people and other things! Getting enough sleep (hmmm, maybe incompatible with a baby!), personal down-time to decompress through my hobbies, watching TV, actually playing my guitar – remembering to give myself leeway when I don't achieve everything all the time. My current focus is on:

Hobbies: when I can find time for them, my current hobbies (other than the ones above) are:

Making a difference, however small it may seem some days, to the knowledge and evidence base of this world through my job supporting and facilitating university research. In a time when so-called “Alternative Facts” abound, evidence matters more than ever, properly communicated with its limits, respectful of differences in interpretation and that people's lived experiences are also a form of evidence. The people dedicating their lives to this pursuit are heroes and they deserve support, encouragement and our collective gratitude.