by Darius Kazemi, July 31 2019

In 2019 I'm reading one RFC a day in chronological order starting from the very first one. More on this project here. There is a table of contents for all my RFC posts.

Scheduling conflict

RFC-212 is titled “NWG Meeting On Network Usage”. It's authored by the Network Working Group Steering Committee (Crocker, Heafner, Kahn, Melvin, Vezza) and dated August 23, 1971.

The technical content

There are scheduling conflicts with the Network Working Group meeting that was announced in RFC-207 for late September. The new dates are October 10 through October 14.

The steering committee declares that the protocol implementation stage of the ARPANET is complete enough that they are in a transitional phase. The theme for the next meeting is Network usage, with a focus on what people can do with the ARPANET, rather than how to get the basics up and running.

In addition to the event mentioned in RFC-207, the meeting will include three activities on days three and four:

There will be cocktails and dinner Wednesday evening.


I'm glad that the protocol review session includes someone from BBN and someone from UCLA. This means that Level 1 (IMP) and Level 2 (Host-Host) are adequately represented by people who know the most about them.

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