Flare Finance dropped their first glimpse of their new financial services products. According to the article “A Brief Introduction to Flare Finance” (, “Flare Finance is a DeFi Protocol that will be deployed on the Flare Network bringing utility to the XRP and FLR holders immediately after it launches.

“Flare Finance is an independent team of globally based developers building to bring an innovative change to XRP and Flare Ecoystems.” They do not take funding from Ripple or Flare Networks. They will remain anonymous for now, although a team member may disclose their identity.

In this link ( ), FlrFinance states, “Thanks to Flare Network enabling smart contract functionality on the XRPL; XRP will become fully programmable money.”

FULL DISCLOSURE: The following information has been taken directly from the above referenced document and is only an abbreviated form of all information covered. See link above.

Flare Finance will deliver a handful of non custodial, decentralized financial infrastructure including swaps, stable currency, yield farming, asset-backed loans, insurance, and yield mining for the first time to both XRP and Spark holders.

Flare Finance offers 6 financial products allowing the users of the Flare Network to act as their own yield generating bank and exchange without giving up custody or control of their assets to a centralized party.

These six products are:







Users can interact with all of the products in this ecosystem through their Flare Wallets. They can earn passively by staking or providing liquidity for the exchange.

A brief description of each of these products.

1) FlareX:

FlareX enables users of the Flare Network to swap currencies and earn passive income providing liquidity to liquidity pools providing traders with Decentralized On-Demand Liquidity (DODL) through a simple and easy to use interface.

The main pairings traded against on FlareX are:





2) FlareFarm:

FlareFarm is a Decentralized Yield Farming Platform.

Yield Farming is a fair token distribution model in which users stake one token to mine a pool of assets (tokens, NFTs or rewards) distributed via smart contract over a fixed period of time. A

user's mining rate is dependent on their contributed share of the total staking pool.

FlareFarm gives users the ability to earn non-custodial yield on select Flare based assets.

Initially, holders of YieldFlare (YFLR), Spark (FLR), Trustless XRP (FXRP), and FlareUSD (FUSD) can participate in yield farming YieldFin (YFIN), the main governance token of the ecosystem.

YFIN’s whole supply will be mined through ecosystem participation alone with no pre-mine or team allocation.

3) FlareUSD:

FlareUSD enables the users of the Flare Network to have an immediately available stable coin currency. FlareUSD (FUSD) is USDT, USDC, or DAI on the Flare Network.

Holders of FlareUSD can use their FUSD to issue bonds, certificates of deposit, and other financial products, rewarding varying APR’s based on ecosystem health and status.

4) FlareLoans:

FlareLoans is an asset-backed loans issuance platform which provides DODL by enabling holders to pool their assets to be loaned against a borrower's collateral.

Defaulting on a loan payment begins what is called a “collateral issuance” that replaces the missed loan payment, with the amount owed to the creditor from the debtors collateral pool. Debtors do not lose all of their collateral pool, and instead, can continue payments as regular at any time to save their remaining collateral pool.

5) FlareMutual:

Holders of FLR, FXRP, YFLR, YFIN and FUSD are able to participate in mutual funds and can collectively back projects applying for insurance in either the pre or post launch phase.

Staking one’s currency against the security of a project's smart contract provides “cover” to this project in the event of an issue.

6) FlareMine:

Miners contribute their hashrate to a centralized mining pool that actively mines Bitcoin and Ethereum at the best rate possible. The mining pool contributes these funds to an automated trading bot which swaps for Spark at the best rate possible.

This Spark is distributed back to the miners at a rate determined by their contribution to the pool’s total hashrate, along with an additional distribution of YMIN.

This action results in price support, upward price pressure, and a minable Spark Token for the Flare Ecosystem.

The Tokenomics of Flr Finance:

The Flr Finance ecosystem utilizes a 3 token ecosystem to provide governance, fee replacement and rewards.

These tokens are YieldFlare, YieldFin, and YieldMine .

1) YieldFlare Token (YFLR):

YFLR is the ecosystem’s main platform token. It will be utilized across all products and has a main focus on utilization within FlareX and FlareFarm.

It has a total supply of 110,000,000, with the following distribution:

DAO Offering Distribution: 40,000,000 YFLR (***more on this)

Team Allocation: 10,000,000 YFLR

Reserves: 10,000,000

Pool Mining: 40,000,000 YFLR

Foundation: 10,000,000 YFLR

2) YieldFin Token (YFIN):

YFIN is the ecosystem’s main governance token. It will be utilized extensively across all 6 products within the ecosystem with a primary focus on governance and reward structure.

It has a total supply of 11,000 tokens, with the following distribution:

YieldFin Mining: 8,000 YFin

FlareMutual Distributions: 1,000 YFin

FlareLoans Distributions: 1,000 YFin

Reserves: 1,000 YFin

3) YieldMine Token (YMIN):

YieldMine Token (YMIN) is the ecosystem’s main rewards token. It will be utilized primarily on the FlareMine and FlareX platforms. Once acquired, it can either be burned to increase the rate at which one mines YFLR for staking YFIN, or sold on the market to traders interested in lowering their trading fees.

The Total Supply of YMIN is indefinite and will be distributed at a rate of 100,00/day .


Governance within the Flare Finance Ecosystem is handled by automated, decentralized proposals and voting structure.

Governance is a key part of the Flare Finance Ecosystem and places the power of steering the future of the ecosystem in the hands of the holders themselves.

1) Voting and Weight:

Voting within the ecosystem is a privilege awarded to holders of YFIN or YFLR, where YFLR carries a 1x vote weight and YFIN carries a 10,000x vote weight on platform based governance proposals.

2) Proposals:

The different types of proposals in the ecosystem are: Fee Schedule Proposal, Mining Rate Proposal, Governance Proposal, Listing Proposal, Whitelisting Proposal, Payment Proposal,

Development Proposal, Security Proposal, and Marketing Proposal. It is an option for all holders of YFIN or YFLR.


Distribution of all tokens within the ecosystem are handled autonomously via smart contracts, including the initial DAO Offering of the YieldFlare Token.

Airdrop ***

All holders of FLR (excluding the official Flare Foundation Addresses) will be airdropped a proportioned amount of the 40,000,000 DFLR (DAO Flare) , which will then allow them to swap this for YFLR on our platform.

Upon completion of the DAO Offering, Farming and Mining will begin, allowing holders of YFLR, FLR, FXRP, and FUSD to begin harvesting YFIN and YMIN from the platform.

In addition to the ecosystem tokens, Spark (FLR) and Trustless XRP (FXRP) will be utilized extensively within all products.

The short paper release will be followed by their financial paper, further detailing the economics of the decentralized ecosystem. To catch it, and the latest updates, follow FlrFinance at the following:

by Allthemoney

June 20, 2020

As a 3 year old, I remember my father would arrive home by the time my nap was over. He would appear in my room with his hands behind his back. In one hand was a Kennedy half dollar. In the other hand it varied from 1 Penny to a Quarter. He would show me his closed fists. I knew the game. If I chose the most valuable coin, the Kennedy half dollar, it would have to go in the piggy bank. If I chose the other hand, I could get something from the ice cream truck, IF, it was enough. I have a sweet tooth so naturally I did not want the the more valuable choice. After all, I was a kid! My chances were 50/50 so of course over the years I collected a lot of those Kennedy half dollars. With the lesser hand, I learned that money had value because of what I could buy and to be charitable when I had extra.

As a 6 year old, I was told by my dad that I would have to do house and yard chores on a weekly basis. He added an incentive, an allowance. That milestone all children want until they understand that nothing is given without strings attached. And so I saved a portion of my allowance each week until at the age of 9, the piggy bank was stuffed full. I asked my mom if she would take me to the bank so I could keep it safe there. She thought it was very mature. In my mind, the bank would take and keep the very dollar bills and coins I handed them and lock them in a box. When my mother opened that savings account for me, I believed the money was now safe. Unfortunately, my father looked sick after asking if it included the Kennedy half dollars. He exclaimed, “ALL of them?!? They would have been worth a fortune one day.” I really didn't grasp the concept of ledgers, but certainly understood that my coins were gone and would have been worth more if I had held onto them. I learned two lessons: Banking doesn't work the way you believe and investments take time to grow.

As a 10 year old, I learned the value of negotiation. My dad and brother were debating about who would win the Super Bowl. I think it was the Cowboys vs the Dolphins. I was feeling like a third wheel and I blurted out, “I bet you the Dolphins win”. I only said that because I love animals. My father, always ready for these teachable moments, went into action. “Lisa, how about you bet this weeks allowance”, he said. I asked what that meant. “If you win you get twice as much allowance and if you are wrong, you won't get any”. I immediately said “ok” not appreciating that I only had a 50/50 chance of winning. When I lost the bet, I pouted for a week. It really stung but I never forgot those valuable lessons. First, Never Bet the Farm! Second, I should have made a better deal than “all or nothing.”

As a 12 year old, I learned the value of hard work and the old adage “work smarter not harder”. My weekly chores included clipping the grass against the fence that the lawnmower couldn't reach. I used a pair of mechanical yard trimmers. It made my hand so tired, I would switch hands every 15 minutes. Mind you, this was a 3-sided fence with a total length of 1/3 acre. The temp would be 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I needed to find a quicker, easier method. I did some research at the local hardware store and discovered portable, electric clippers from Black&Decker. They were a bit pricey so I asked my father if he would buy them as an early birthday gift. Again, I knew he would want me to give up something of value if he was to shell out the money. He was proud of my proposal and purchased the clippers. I got so fast at clipping my yard that I asked the neighbors, on all 3 sides of our fence, if they would pay me to clip theirs. That gave me a thirst to work. I took a CPR course at the YMCA so I could add baby sitting to my skills. The same neighbors were the first to line up. I LIKED making money by own efforts. An entrepreneur was born.
However, by the same token, my father said “since you have so much money, you can pay for the skating rink, the movies or any special clothing . It's your choice how you spend it”. How can this be? I've just started making real money and now I have to start paying for things my parents have always paid for me? He was teaching me the principles of self-reliance. We must all pay our way. Preparing me for adulthood; to be a valuable member of society.

My father's gone now. He died many years ago but his lessons have never failed me. Work hard; invest wisely; never gable what you can't afford to lose; the right tool for the right job increases productivity; creatively use what you have and; self-reliance. Most important of all, is understanding that all of life is a negotiation.

Thanks Pop, love you always.