My Promotion For A Big-Hearted Gambler 🎰

I figured if I write I might as well elevate certain people in my life that I've met. People that I actually feel deserve some space in my thoughts or a momentary spotlight. There is a YouTube channel that I subscribe to that brings me a great form of entertainment while I learn certain slot games in casinos. I stayed home last night watching a live stream of a channel called The Big Payback. If you enjoy gambling, slots, casinos, fun, some laughs & a little drama, please subscribe to this man!

Here is the YouTube link -

His name is Tim…

OMG, I almost had a heart attack watching him almost win $41,000.00… 😯

LIVE on YouTube…

A near miss! Just one more symbol! My heart sank & I saw his reaction & it was honestly gut-wrenching. One more symbol, that's all. That’s how close he was. That's all. My heart was pounding so fast! If anyone ever sat at a slot machine & pressed those buttons & saw the symbols pass by where you get the excitement of winning, can you imagine the excitement of ALMOST winning? Not just 100 bucks or two, but $41,000!!!

It’s a moment where if you capture it, you pretty much need a couple minutes to recoup that numbness or adrenaline that goes throughout your body at the same time. It's a feeling you can't describe unless you actually sit in the chair & experience it. Watching his face was breathtaking. It was such a raw & emotional moment that was hard to recover from. Big pause…

I felt for him… 😓

But he DID recover!



The beauty of his poise under pressure. Ahhh, what a great comeback he can make. Almost like watching a magician do magic tricks when you were in an audience as a kid… mesmerized. Staring. Waiting to see what's next. Or going to a carnival & winning that big stuffed toy to take home as a prize. Or staring at a rainbow you’ve caught in the sky & snapping that picture to keep it etched in your mind because yes, there might be a REAL pot of gold at the end of it? And if there wasn't, still…

The beauty & awe of capturing those light particles at the precise moment you walked out the door?

Remember those days???


Anyways, his grace & poise was simple. It was sweet. It was delicate in a way.

It made me feel nostalgic for when I went to the amusement park as a young girl & went on all the rides & then got kinda dizzy after it was all over. 🎡

If I didn’t meet his brother Chris at my gym, I would never have found out about his channel. So his brother Chris deserves a mention, also. He’s the sweet & shy one who always said “Hi” to me when no-one else did when I worked out.

So there you go, a couple of big-hearted people I happen to have met in this up & down, sideways, backwards life of mine.

I think every human being needs that, right? A pat on the back for the simple moments of joy they bring you? Even if it was for a couple hours, a couple minutes, a couple days or a couple weeks, those are memory-making moments that stay in your consciousness for a lifetime. Simple moments that teach you to never give up. Or just to teach you it's OK to take a gamble on something in your life. Follow your heart or follow that gut instinct.

So there it is. My simple & gracious tribute for some simple & gracious men. 🙌

Thank you, Chris! 🤗

Thank you, Tim! 🤗

A Big Pat on the Back for…

“The Big Payback”!


P.S. DISCLAIMER: I did NOT receive any monies for writing this nor was it a paid advertisement. Nor am I receiving financial compensation from blog views. Just a spontaneous & kind essay written before I went to bed last night. Yes, SOME things in life are just done for free! 😊