Screenshots Before Bedtime 🛌

I took some screenshots before bedtime.

This is by no means a post to brag about myself nor is it to show off any details about my writing. It is merely a reminder to clap for myself before I drift off to sleep to remind myself that growth comes in the most mysterious ways sometimes.

Some triple angel numbers came up again on today's stats. 5 minutes & 55 seconds. The average time someone spent on my site. It's really not that important to me how much time people take to browse my stories but any kind of triple angel numbers validate to me that maybe I am heading in the right direction. 💫

This above shot basically shows how erratic I am in terms of the last 30 days of my writing. Many people are interested maybe in the very beginning when you first post & then views drop off after that. It's never been a goal of mine to remain consistent or disciplined because I usually only write when the mood strikes me or I need to release something within my subconscious that's pushing forth an important memory. Also, I don't get paid for views or visits or links so my motivation isn't as high as it would be for someone else who actually has to make a living on those specific stats.

This is the shot that boggles my mind the most. The top couple of posts that received the most views are basically about YouTube channels that I wrote about to promote. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would ever start promoting people when I first opened an account on this website. But I needed to look for goodness again in people after the cruel assault to me after my suicide attempt. The main reason being I had lost all faith in humanity. So promoting people to me was the highest vibration I thought I could attain to in order for me not to become like the rest of the haters.

I honestly thought that just jotting down my life experiences would be enough to satisfy the writer in me. Just sharing true stories & memories about the ups & downs in my real life. Sometimes I think to myself that maybe it would be better if I went anonymous so I could have some peace when I walk out the door.

I guess only time will tell.

All I know is that if you are reading this & feel confused about the direction your life should take, always follow your instincts. If you have the urge to do something off the beaten path or out of the normal limits that society tries to put on you, go follow that urge!

Be true to yourself. It's YOUR life. Not anyone else's. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone except that person looking back at you in the mirror. 💄