Feeling lost but aware of where I am or where I could actually take myself. I am too afraid and lazy to reach my full potential but I fight with my children daily, telling them they need to work harder on theirs. The goal is to not make them like me. Being sad and depressed has me always in my feelings and always ready to throw in the towel. Saying I'm going to start tomorrow, its always tomorrow. Knowing that tomorrow is not even promised. Especially being that my health is not in great shape. I should really be fighting to keep my mind, body, and soul above ground. But this inner voice I have seems stronger than my physical ability to get things done. I'm such a DREAMER that sometimes I depend on my dreams to get me out of trouble. My self-reflection is 100% accurate and I want to get out my own head, I really d o but I just don't know how too. I started reading books and doing daily activities to try to get me out of a funk but nothing is working. I have to find a way, better yet find my way to get out of my own head and push forward to get to the lifestyle I have always dreamed about. Have you ever been so much in your head that you stop your own blessings because of self doubt? Or maybe fear?