Barry Smells of Fire

I've been reading books on how to write books. I wrote my outline and “key points.” Connecting them is the hard part.

I wound up putting in an offer for a house. The market is moving too quickly. There were so many legal documents to read. The people paid to write and read these things are of another world.

The house is close to a lake. There are dozens of small coffee shops around it. Hopefully the change in environment will improve my writing.

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Barry Smells of Fire

I'm back, Barry said to himself as he entered the Walton's household. The Waltons were usually in the den watching TV after Barry's “alone time.”

Just how Barry usually wouldn't climb a mountain, today was not usual. “Why are you covered in dirt?” Aunt Lynn asked with disgust. Sniff, sniff, Uncle Bernard paced around and smelled Barry anxiously. “And why do you smell like ash?” he inquired.

“Go take a shower,” Aunt Lynn commanded. The Waltons rarely involved themselves in Barry's life, unless they were getting him out of the way. Barry placed his herbs in the island and grabbed a change of clothes. As he walked up stairs to take a shower he could hear the Waltons talking.

“This could be our chance to get rid of him,” Aunt Lynn said. “But he is my nephew,” replied Uncle Bernard. Confused yet hopeful, Barry continued his way to the shower.

As Barry undressed, he looked at where the boy from earlier touched him. Sniff, sniff, Barry smelled his arm. I do smell of ash, Barry thought. Barry hopped in the shower. He couldn't recall the last time he washed off so much dirt. Barry thought about what happened at the lake. He never accomplished a goal before. He had never been asked to be a part of something. What if Barry showed up, and the boy wasn't there? There was nothing to lose if Barry did not go but possibly so much to gain. Barry's stomach growled. This was too much to think about on an empty stomach. After drying himself off and changing, Barry made his way downstairs.

This time, the Waltons were in the den watching TV. Lukewarm leftovers sat on the island. As he ate, Barry told Terrance he was going back to see the boy. Barry did not know what a party was, nor did he know about Dungeon Crawler Academy. Barry knew life alone in an island was not enough. Time to start your own adventure, Terrance remarked.

Barry washed, dried, and put away the dishes. He crawled into his island feeling exhausted. Barry and Terrance fell asleep without trouble or assistance.

The next day, Barry woke up and did his chores. He looked forward to returning to Adventure Lake. The time grew closer for Barry to go outside. Barry grabbed Terrance and started heading for the door.

Aunt Lynn was working on afternoon tea, but Uncle Bernard was in none of his familiar locations. Barry was about to head out the door when—

“Where are you going?” Uncle Bernard asked.
“Alone time,” Barry replied.
“Why not join us for tea?”

A shriek came from the kitchen.

“I'm fine—”
“Nonsense!” Uncle Bernard interjected and grabbed Barry by the shoulder. Uncle Bernard dragged Barry into the kitchen and had him sit.

Today of all days Barry thought. Terrance crawled out of Barry's pocket. Don't worry, I've got this, Terrance said.

“Sweetie, darling, honey buddy,” Aunt Lynn pleaded, “are you sure about this?” Uncle Bernard glanced at Barry, then turned back to Aunt Lynn. Out of the corner of his eye, Barry could see Terrance carrying the sleeping herbs out of the island.

“Just for today,” Uncle Bernard reassured her. “Okay,” Aunt Lynn sighed. Aunt Lynn started to turn towards the teapot—
“What type of tea is it?” Barry inquired. Aunt Lynn paused and breathed in.
“Monkey Picked Oolong,” she stated turning towards Barry, “an expensive, top-grade tea.”

Terrance had finished slipping the herbs into the tea pot. He scurried back towards Barry. Uncle Bernard placed some mugs on the island.

“It sounds delicious,” Barry tried to make conversation.
“Next time I should prepare some Lipton for you to enjoy.” Aunt Lynn said while glaring at Uncle Bernard.

Aunt Lynn began pouring tea into the mugs.

Don't drink, Terrance whispers to Barry.

“Tea tastes worse with unexpected company.”
“Don't say that sweetie, you always make delicious tea.”

Uncle Bernard and Aunt Lynn were both drinking there tea when—kerthunk. Both their heads hit the table.

“We didn't kill them did we!?” Barry said aloud.

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