Arethusa news

You are now rewarded for referring your friends. More information here.

And we have added a 100 GB offer to the dlbox.


En savoir plus...

Everybody now has 10 GB of dlbox disk space for free -instead of 0.5 GB-, until the end of May.

If you have a paid plan, this comes in addition to your paid disk space.


En savoir plus...

New domain name

We have a new domain name:

At the moment it redirects to, but in the future it will probably become our main address.

SU is the country code for Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists. .su domains are managed by a Russian organization, with different rules than .ru domains.

Once a piracy haven, Russia has adopted one of the toughest anti-piracy laws in the world, which evolved into a broad censorship system. They also want to censor anything that could be used to evade censorship, including VPN services.

We've had so far no issues with our .su domain, but we prefer to stay safe by preparing this new domain name.

DNSSEC is enabled on Please tell us if you can't access this address.

Updated MyIP tool

We have rolled out a new version of our MyIP tool. This version tells you when an IP address is an Arethusa IP.

The tool is now written in modern JavaScript. If you have an outdated browser (Internet Explorer for example) you will be redirected to a legacy version.


We have created a wiki and published our up-to-date documentation:

Everything on the wiki is available in English and French. Our goal is to have every bit of information about Arethusa on the wiki, fully translated.



We have added an Eastern Europe basic VPN server. This server is located in Moldova.

The traffic quota has also been increased. All basic servers now have at least 100 GB of monthly quota.



The Arethusa team wishes you a happy new year 2019.

New blog

Our news will now be posted here, instead of our forum. You can follow this blog with a feed reader, from Twitter, or from the fediverse: .

New status page

We also have a new status page. All incidents will be reported there, as well as all planned modifications.