The Aspiring Curmudgeon

I've decided that I'm a shit writer. I did a tonne of writing as a kid, and then as an adult at university. So I have confidence that I COULD be a writer. But I'm not any longer. Writers “go off”. Especially if you're not a particularly prolific reader (like me). So I've decided I need to start writing again.

There are a lot of things I'd like to write about. I work in an industry, where honestly, there's a huge disparity in skills, experience, and what-not – but invariably the ones who rule the roost are the ones who are the most outgoing. I really hate that. Mostly for the selfish reason that this has never been me. I'm pretty introverted, and still deal with social anxiety daily – although nowhere near as much as I did as a teen. I've lost out on jobs and promotions for not being outgoing enough.

I'd also like to write about gaming. I am a huge gamer. But, I am not good at games in the slightest. I want to share some experiences as a “filthy casual”. You can't really do that on the modern internet without getting shouted down for being wrong. And I'm not sure it's compatible with the kind of followers I have on Social Media. Who knows, if I enjoy doing that bit, maybe I'll start a non-anonymous blog.

Ramble ramble ramble.

So! My plan is to write a post a day at least. And see how it goes. I'm hoping an anonymous blog is a good trade-off. Write about things I care about publically, whilst still pandering to my social anxiety a little.

Anyway peace out. And fingers crossed I read the notification when my habit tracking app tells me to do this again tomorrow.

EDIT: Just discovered there's that 100 Days to Offload thing. That sounds pretty well aligned with what I'm trying to do. So I'll give that a go.