When choosing a free standing roll top bath from a UK based bathroom supplier it is important to know what you will be getting for your hard earned money. This article will give you an insight into how the bathroom industry works. When buying bathroom suites, taps, free standing roll top baths or anything to do with the bathroom, the salesperson has the same objective. The bathroom showroom sales staff will have been trained to sell you the products that they buy best, the bathroom products that they can make the largest profit margin from. When choosing a free standing roll top bath don't be fooled by the salesman into buying a bath just because it's made by a certain manufacturer ie: Clearwater, Victoria and Albert etc. Showrooms get a bigger discount for displaying products from these manufacturers and therefore they make more money from the sale. Both of the companies that are mentioned in this article ask retailers to sell at RRP and not to advertise discounts of more than 10%, in effect they are trying to price fix and protect their brand image. The only winners when buying these baths are the manufacturers and the retailers. Not You!