Is a Blender/Food Processor Combo a Good Deal?

The Cuisinart combo blender and food processor is a great kitchen appliance. But before buying one, here are some important factors to consider. Maximizing the value of each of them can deliver the most effective blending experience.

1. Motor Power

A blender that is driven by a powerful motor has several advantages over others. The strong blade action will make blending simpler, faster and easier. It doesn't matter if you use the blender/food processor to knead dough, blend produce or crush ice. A stronger motor will help do this better.

The Cuisinart combo blender and food processor features a motor with 700 watts power. This is adequate for most blending tasks. Weak motors have to work harder to achieve the same outcome. It leads to earlier burn out and reduced machine life.

2. Strong Blades

Dull or weak blades in a blender could lead to less effective pulping of produce. Durability is an important factor in choosing a blender. So in addition to motor power, having sturdy and sharp blades is a desirable thing. The Cuisinart food processor plus blender is equipped with very good quality blades.

Another problem is that blades might become stuck midway while blending. This is a nuisance, because you'll have to scoop out the contents before clearing chunks of food and then restart the process. These situations are rare with the Cuisinart blender.

3. Speed Options

A blender or food processor with a choice of different speed settings and blending functions is helpful. Pre-programmed functions help you quickly and easily deal with blending tasks without having to adjust settings each time.

The good food processor / blenders have at least 4 speed settings. This is adequate to manage most kitchen tasks like chopping, shredding, slicking and mixing. The Cuisinart blender / food processor offers 4 options for adjusting speed, and comes with pre-programmed functions for speedy operation.

4. Size

Big blenders and food processors crowd the limited space on smaller kitchen countertops. This forces you to store it away in a cupboard or closet. When you need to use the blender, you'll have to get it out each time.

The Cuisinart blender food processor, being compact and small, is convenient to keep outside.

5. Accessories

Add-ons make it quick and convenient to tackle specific blending tasks. However, even the best accessories won't matter if the blender itself isn't of good quality. The Cuisinart blender food processor has a couple of extras that make blending more fun.

6. Safety

There's always the danger of accidents involving spillage or injury when you use a blender and food processor. The Cuisinart blender food processor is a very safe device and comes with several built-in protective features to lower the risk of accidents.