Why Do People Love The Braun Hand Blender?

For many reasons, the Braun hand blender is liked and cherished by millions of users from all around the globe. Here are just 7 of these reasons for the popularity of this delightful appliance.

1. Quick and Easy to Puree

The Braun hand blender makes is quick and easy to puree, blend and whip food into sauces and salsas. An immersion blender is typically used to quickly blend puree for cooking.

When your hand blender has a powerful motor (and the Braun hand blender does), it will effortlessly shred and crush food into a smooth pulp. The motor drives a shaft which connects to the blender blades.

As it rotates rapidly, the blades set up a vortex that sucks food and passes it through the blades. The force crushes it into a silky smooth paste quickly.

2. Simple to Operate

An immersion blender is generally designed to be easy to operate single handed. If you're holding a pot or vessel in one hand and must blend with the other, a Braun hand blender makes it easy and comfortable.

The ergonomic design has placed buttons and controls in a place where they are easy to reach even if your hands a tiny or your fingers short. So you can whip and blend with one hand, reaching the various buttons without straining or stretching.

Another nice design element is how the handle fits comfortably into smaller hands. It is light enough to be wielded without fatigue or struggle.

3. It's Wand Can Be Detached

The Braun hand blender has a wand that can be detached from the hand held unit. This makes it easy to clean up after you've finished blending.

In few other models of immersion blenders, the wand is permanently fixed to the handle. To clean the wand, you are forced to immerse it into water. If you're careless and plunge it in too deep, you could damage the motor.

Most parts of the Braun hand blender are dishwasher friendly. Cleaning up after use involves simply popping the blender into the washer. Other parts may be wiped down conveniently with a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

4. It's Durable

When it comes to manufacturing hand held blenders, the models made from sturdy materials like stainless steel are better. This is because they are heat resistant and can withstand rigorous use and handling. Also, they are light and easier to handle.

Plastic components may be cheaper to make. However, they may warp under heat and are more prone to breakage. In the long term, the cost you save by getting a cheaper plastic hand blender will be lost by repairs and replacement expenses.

5. Splatter-Free

Hand blending is messy. That's because there is a greater chance of your hand slipping to spray food all around. Cheaper hand blenders have large spaces in between the cage bars, allowing food to splatter while blending.

The Braun hand blender is beautifully designed to be practically splatter-free. This benefit becomes obvious when blending hot foods. You'll save plenty of time in cleaning your kitchen after using the blender.

6. Range of Attachments

Many hand blenders offer an array of specialized attachments that are designed to make specific jobs easier. A chopping or whisking attachment that comes with the Braun hand blender are nice add-ons for those buyers who have diverse blending needs.

However, for regular use these attachments might seem unnecessary. A few publishers of a Braun hand blender review barely ever use them. Whisks are generally more handy, but chopper attachments may not always have a role unless you regularly make icing and want fluffier pastries.

7. Speed Settings

When your hand blender has a range of speed settings, you can run it at a speed suitable to whatever blending task you want to perform. You can also start slow and build up speed, which ensures better pulping of food.

For most everyday blending tasks, you only have to run the Braun hand blender on a low speed setting.

So there you have it. 7 reasons why the Braun hand blender is a popular favorite among users around the world.