Are you thinking of participating in National Novel Writing Month this November? Whether you regularly join in or you've always wanted to sit down and seriously pursue that novel, we want to help you clear your mind and get your words out to the world. So for the entire month of November we're making our best novel-writing features available to everyone, whether you're a paying user or not.

Higher character limits

First off, we're giving everyone room to write by lifting the 50,000-character limit on posts to 500,000.

A special NaNoWriMo blog

If you don't have a blog yet, now is a great time to start one for your novel. You'll enjoy a distraction-free space for your 50,000+ words.

For those who already have a blog on, let us know if you plan on doing NaNoWriMo this month. We'll give you an additional blog on your account that you can dedicate to your novel, with its own URL, title, and format. You'll be able to easily move existing posts to and from it, and to continue using that extra blog after the month is over!

Unlocking the Novel blog format

To go along with your dedicated NaNoWriMo site, we're opening up our Novel format to everyone for November. This will put your posts in chronological order, so if you create a new post for each chapter of your novel, your first will always be at the top of your blog, and readers can scroll through future chapters like they would a normal webpage.

You'll be able to change to the Novel format for the entire month of November, and any blog using it by the end of the month will keep it afterwards indefinitely — you just won't be able to switch away and then back again unless you upgrade to our Pro plan.

We hope opening these features to everyone will encourage more people to start writing this month. We wish we could join, but we'll definitely be reading as people share their progress publicly. If you feel inspired, feel free to share with our writing community over on Writing Exchange. And as you go, we'd love to hear how works out for you, so we can improve our novel-writing features in the future.