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We recently published an official roadmap for new features and developments coming up in the second half of 2021, across all of our products. Here’s a peek at what’s coming next for us!


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Write.as has teamed up with Coil to give their Coil Blogs authors a comfortable, permanent home for their writing, as they sunset their content platform and move toward their exciting next phase. We’re excited to welcome everyone to our community!


Periods of creative output can change over time. A day or week or year might be filled with words overflowing from your mind, while the next might only see a trickle. We might feel more social and public at one point, and more introspective and reclusive at another.

As a home for your writing, we think broadly about how your creative output changes over time, and how we can evolve and flow with it. From this long view, we know that we don’t need to bug you with “retention” emails after you’ve signed up; you’ll write when you want to. We know you you may want to take your work elsewhere (even just to keep a personal copy), so we make exporting your data a cinch. And we know you might not want to keep your work on the web anymore — so starting today, you can finally delete your Write.as account on your own.


February 2nd, 2021 marked six years since Write.as first launched! 🎉

To celebrate how far we've come over the years — from 0 to 175,000 blogs, from side project to sustainable business — we're offering a deal on our five-year Pro plan throughout the month of February.

Read more about how far we've come, and how to get 25% off our five-year plan, in our latest Write.as Deals post.

As you can see, with this promotion, we're also launching a newsletter for sales and deals in the Write.as suite! Going forward, we'll publish promotions there exclusively, and keep the official blog you're reading this on limited to product updates and announcements. So if you're interested in discounts, free features, and exclusive sales, you can subscribe now to Write.as Deals.

Thanks for celebrating six years with us, and here's to many more!

In our nearly six years, we've strived to create a platform that helps you get your words out to the world, no matter what drives you to create them. Today on Write.as, writers publish everything from anonymous flash fiction to professional newsletters like Monday Kickoff. Many write for the pure joy of it; others write to further ends.

We've long thought about how we can help support our most avid writers. Like our bootstrapped company, they too need a sustainable way to create their work. They need flexible tools to help them create what they want. They need digital platforms that enable them to be free and independent.

After several months of development, today we're happy to announce our first step toward such a platform, with the launch of our first monetization features on Write.as.


As we approach the end of the year, today only we're offering a discount on a few Write.as features to help you share your NaNoWriMo novel and prepare for more writing in 2021.

Read more on our Write.as Deals blog.

At Write.as, we're guided by a few core principles above all. They're not only based on what we personally want to see in the world. They also form the foundation for great products, with a respect for everyone's freedom, time, and ability to own what they produce online.

Today, we're excited to advance these ideals by launching a collaboration with our first trusted hosting provider for WriteFreely, Cloud68.co!


We're starting this month off with an old habit we dropped for a while — monthly updates! April saw a ton of improvements to the platform, new releases, and new aspects to Write.as that we're excited to share with you here.


Since late 2018, we've been quietly working away on a large open source software project. It's called WriteFreely, and it powers the entire Write.as platform. Today we're excited to release version 0.12, and launch some brand new services around our software.

Screenshot of pencil.writefree.ly, our demo instance


At Write.as, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to strip away the unnecessary. We craft pared-down writing tools for people who want a reprieve from the digital cacophony. We build these tools with ❤️, for the artists and makers striving for less in a world that only wants them to consume more.

We've pushed the boundaries over the past five years, and worked tirelessly to distill blogging down to its purest form and most necessary function. Finally, after all this time, our work is done. What we've arrived at is nothing short of perfection.

Now we're taking Write.as into the future (with a nod to the past), beyond the traditions of minimalism that have grown to restrict our true artistic tendencies. Today we're excited to reveal a revolutionary new façade for Write.as, the “weblog,” and indeed the web itself.


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