Journal #15: Tired but not Surrendering

Take 2

Ok, so admittedly I've failed to follow this ritual but I'm not giving up in the midst of failure. I'm sure we've all had our downfalls but it's never about going down but IF we're going to get up, not how, not when, but if we are going to.

Partner's Officemates

Apparently my boyfriend has someone in his office that's getting touchy of him. Arms and what might be to the butt. Now I'm all for glorifying him, but to touch him is a pretty much no-no for me. I'm not sure whether to be happy that he's happy about it or pissed that he's enjoying being touched by others. Either way, I don't want to make it a big deal since I can't control it. The only thing I can do is to remind him that it's the compounding small actions that creates big mistakes.


So far, it's twice today that I was able to wake up early. It's always great to wake up in a time before work as it creates such a buffer for me to be able to focus on myself and love myself more. The only thing is that it all feels hazy and dreamlike, not that I hate it but I don't like it either. Usually, I take a nap at the afternoon to nullify it when things get tough. I'd love to keep this up even on weekends.

Boardgame Nights

I just started a boardgame night at the office yesterday, they used to have sports night and for some that aren't that active, I thought “Hey, why not have an alternative bonding experience?” So the thought began. We played my favorite game “Unstable Unicorns.” Un/fortunately, we laster almost three hours trying to finish it. It was fun to see the team having so much camaraderie and healthy conflict with each other, I wish this could translate more into work

Cars, Options and Repairs

I'm a man that like my properties uncommon, and I'm currently weighing some options of buying my dad's car. There's word that he's about to sell it to someone with cheap and very generous options and I might intervene just to purchase that idea.

Some people are advising me it's a good deal, I'm not good with cars. But our family friend and mechanic is totally vouching for the idea. I just might do it, but from a sedan to an SUV sounds like a big bump that's not an easy move. I'll have to adjust to the parking and height.

Cold Brewing

Oh, I'm also doing cold brew coffee now. I just a package from a kickstarter project I backed last 2017 exactly for this purpose. Strangely, Starbucks also has a new product for cold brew that places ground coffee beans in a tea bag. It was a wonderful experience, I've always loved their cold brew drink so it was nice to have it at home.

Meanwhile the Kickstarter cold brew pitcher is being tested out today, I started out last night, so the best time for the brew will be tomorrow morning. Hopefully it turns out to be my staple! I'm still using Starbucks beans for this brew!


I've also decided that I should be more active in Instagram than just having a pretty account. So, yeah. Less influencer, more posting. I realized in the end I got to that level anyway by not advertising just my face but my life, I got lost there but now I'm hoping to be back on track.

Here's to a better future everyone! 🥂