I believe they point Reyes is not what it seems. Allot of practitioners of ritual offerings to false idols and practioners of dark arts to which Everytime i Triumph over evil in mind in soul all for the strive of making God proud of me through Christ. Which i feel his Devine light for i was convinced in a ill manner in a dark ritual to inherited the dark gift which i want no part of to begin with. To which many practitioners of dark arts begin to feed of my opening of third eye through Christ. I feel it draining our holy energy to where we can i can barley breath and cramp up when it's gone. My wife and I we were very happy. Now she is practicing dark arts in false idols. “Oshh—ooua” the evil goddess of hoodoo. The one that caused another servant to cut off her ears? I don't recognize her anymore. Found a book work words as “ more sin more forgiveness” and “forth way”. Mocking Bible verses like” the Bible is groovy” for old folks”. Now my wife Lorena is gone and i don't see her when I stare in her godless eyes as she mocks the Bible. I founda bingo lotto ticket in hey Bible ass book mark. She is now in a very negative tone and sentiment. My name is Cesar, I'm Not at the vineyards past up the hill At 12800 hwy 1 point Reyes station California house on the right #4. The landlord is a narcissistic sociopath whom I've declared war on. Didn't realize they warship the pyramid with the eye. Fuck the Illuminati Fuck what do I do when I can't trust anyone. This 2 jobs have gas lite us twice. Never experienced that before. Second time my wife and I got job offers on the same week and the following week were cancelled on the same day at the same time in separate job locations. I don't know how to defend against whatever this is S.O.S i know that book was filled with sinister spirits. Because when i burned it they attacked me in my dreams, and in my mind