I disagree with the dismissal of my case 202208-17865210 Castillo/ Bianchini Inc. D.B.A Bivalve Dairy. The reason being that I just sent the evidence that I was informed was the reason for dismissal due to insufficient Evidence. I have sent a link of a video of a screen recording of text transcripts between Karen Taylor and myself so as to be sure I did everything necessary to earn justice. I sent the link to, ( appeals@calcivilrights.ca.gov) from my email of ProgressIsGod@ProtonMail.com. As well as two pictures. 1) First one is of my doctors diagnosis of Schizoafective and Bipolar Disorder on 10/08/2021 stating the I was pending psychiatry consultation in an upcoming visit on 10/12/2021. 2) Second piece of evidence is a document titled “ Housing Term Agreement” handed to my by Karen Taylor as soon I arrived on 10/08/2021.