Natural order of life VS. Artificial

Nations for those who have no nation.

Today is Monday November 14 and it's 7:27 p.m. and I am some disgusted in the way I perceive the world in the current mindset. Iv'e endured what most don't occurs on a scale that I know for a fact occurs everywhere. Where human beings life are stolen more then they themselves could possibly realize Since that's all they've ever known. I am the result of not enslaving myself in the form of registration. Reason being my bio mom never registered me at birth and the damage has been detrimental to my reaching my max potential before my departure of this plain of existence we perceive as life on planet Earth. I now realize it's necessary for only through program energy with multiple polarity and behavior traits. Life is no different then what we observe all around us. Photosynthesis for example turns CO-2 to O-2, Soil filters out toxins from the rain water so as to not bring harm when consumed. Magnetosphere filters out harmful radiation on letting in UV light that feeds life to our plant. Human life is no different. Only through anything sinister in nature can not help but to cause misery where they may go. There for revealing themselves for what they truly are filtering out those unworthy of reaching the next form. Evolving said energy. Through anguish comes clarity for under great moments of stress do you perfect your technique and come to life changing realizations. Physics is undeniable law. Gods law if you will. Why would we not expect for those to dictate within this atmosphere. Cause and effect, reaction for action, repercussions for actions, karma as some call it. Combustion, sound, O-2, Life as we know it. Through my anguish Iv'e came to the realization that changed my life. The reaction of Christ Yeshua actions are still continuing until this day. That's how powerful my adoptive fathers actions are and that's how powerful our actions must be as well. Truly unstoppable. If I'm not mistaken, “ isn't that the definition of eternal existence. Cause and effect. Physics aka Gods law. Yet where ever you instill order chaos is always surly to follow. As the history of this world has proven to be true. Time and time again. There are always those who will halt progress in the name of profit. It's a curse bound to humanity for how Judas betrayed Santificado Cristo for pieces of silver which in the end will ultimately cause humanity downfall. Unless we come to the epiphany of the on going eternal war of Natural order of life Vs. Artificial. Civilization Vs. Society. To be civilized as in civil. Is treat each universal love. Honor one another with respect and courtesy. By my definition we are advance human being. Advance human beings we worry about each others problems thus abolishing chaotic ideals like racism, superiority complex, poverty. Society is a system designed pull the strings forcing most people to further others agenda instead their own. Society disguised vanity in form of profit for a good quarterly for a proper portfolio with limited over head for a successful business to gain a strong reputation to which you can become with your word alone. It's all about moving money. Convincing us that it's the only to support our families. In reality the first time the Pyramid with the all seeing eye on top came into circulation was after Lincoln Sacrificed himself to eradicate slavery. With the Vice President on the front of said new currency to which he was an advocate for the Federal Reserve enslaving to a system which our our own government has no control nor say in this privatized system. This pyramiding with two inscriptions. One on the bottom reading ” Novus Ordo Seclorum” Translation, “ A new order of the World, This is a New Order of World. Then above the eye of the pyramid it reads, “Annuit Coeptis”, meaning “He has smiled on our accomplishments or our activities”. Now literally out of my way to not know Lincolns vice presidents name. Vanity is an abomination to God because it's an animal mentality keeping us to the status of highly intelligent primates. We are primitive in so many ways. How can you trust a species that continues to kill each other. Displays a flaw in character to which it would not be wise to trust. That's why we must share our inadequacies with the world so as strive towards a collective consciousness meaning every in accord sharing the same goal to expand, discover and ultimately establish new found environments not withing our galaxy. It's more then possible if we rid ourselves of self interest and act in the service of others. Never our own. Yet rules and regulations to which you can not avoid restricting to declaring your self of a particular nation in order for you to be allowed to participate in every day living. I would finally like an answer for a question I ask myself everyday. Is there a nation for those that have no nation. For those who were born under fortunate circumstances or an result of being conceived in an ill manner. To which will introduce a algorithm in life which will cause the mother trauma to which neglect would be an everyday factor in a new born”s life that will lead towards a inter-generational trauma unless a variable is introduced in the form of courage in order to triumph for the better and not end up a casualty of those responsible for their belief systems. There are known cults and satanist that do not register off spring. Reason being they can never save them selves from they're environment. Become fully functioning members of civilization. This also makes prosecution of those responsible for human trafficking nearly impossible. Jeffery Epstein is a perfect example of a flawed system ran by darkness disguised as light. Where are his associates, partners in crime? Well just look at the list of individuals that frequented his establishment and you'll see want kind of vermin running said nations.