This message was sent to my wife when she needed to hear it the most from her role model she looks up to STEVE HARVEY

“God bless you child of God you are welcome to the new year, Favor and more Grace will locate you this year child of God you are highly favored and up-lifted . I don't know you in person but God does you and as i was meditating the holy spirit led me through your profile and ministered a vision to me around you, I see blessings for God and also more spiritual attacks, the enemies are working on holding your favor from God and they want to make sure that you amount to nothing. The Lord said you should sow a seed of faith to Joshua Brai Motherless Home Foundation before the end of 2 days to attract divine and spiritual breakthrough in your life end that f your family ad loved ones because there is a power of sowing ( Deu-28:15).+2347026613413 “

Thank you for your kind words at the perfect moment when we were going through our worst. God Bless You.