Insight into Mental Illness

Today is Tuesday the 25th and it's 3:51 a.m. It was a positive day now that all is well in the universe. I'm excited and optimistic. I found a true form of forgiveness. Without the meds. I've realized that my struggle has come to an end and it is time to move to a better life. You must become a survivor. Come to the realization that no one can make you feel upset unless you allow them to. Get therapy. Also surrender yourself to God. Try to learn how to become more positive in the way you can cope. For depression coping method is being grateful for anything and everything. For anger coping is false expectations for that is the only reason someone gets upset. For self esteem coping method is haircut and shave or for the ladies make over or manicure and a new outfit including shoes. For anxiety coping method is focusing on your breathing which dictates the pace mind. Thought process if you will. And use it in a form of studying something that interests you. Also set objectives in a check list both small or complex and begin accomplishing them. Once you get a taste of sense of accomplishment. You will begin to chase it for it will help you become motivated. Start small and work your way up to complex. And for fear coping method is surrender yourself completely to a higher power. For negativity coping method is as this “if you surround yourself with positive intelligent people. Good things will happen”. Further most you must introduce discipline in different forms. After the first form, the next will become much easier. I Hope this helps. This blog is meant to show people that there can be happy endings to a terrible beginning. If my life can inspire despite my disadvantages of diplomatic status and multiple traumas with my wife of 18 years by my side. Then my purpose in this Earth has been fulfilled. The book of Job in real life. So of course all Glory goes to God in the name of Jesus Christ for giving me the strength and guidance for triumphing over all the obstacles my trauma has caused over the years in order to remain Vigilant on the road to Righteousness in the strive for Progress for all who have no ill will towards anyone. For we are the ones who struggle and suffer the most yet we are the ones who become the strongest. AMEN. I quote from the bible “ Did I not tell you to have courage?Did I not tell you to have strength? Did I not tell you to do the moral right thing?” It's in that order for a reason. Courage will lead to Strength which leads to the right moral standpoint. Despite your lack of understanding. If you are a good person at heart with a good conscious then you will be alright. No matter what trauma you have suffered. Remember MIND over BODY, SOUL over MIND, HEART OVER ALL! If you are weak at heart this cold world will surely corrupt you. Love will always shed any disbelief.