Today is Monday May 20th and it's 2:27 a.m. I'm struggling in the everyday battle in ones mind and ones life in the War of living fully successful life. So this is my current perception of the plain of existence we perceive as life on Earth.

The world has gone shit. Cuz those in power are full of shit. It's a bull shit. No one shoots the shit anymore. It's all about buy/ sell treating each other like whores. Once finished, kicking us out the door. Greed is rotting this world to the core. Money is what they adore. Hit the dance floor. Throwing hundreds acting like they cool looking like a bunch of fools. Money can be tool, to save others. I guess mankind forgot that at one time we were all brothers. Looking out for each other's mother's and Fathers. Shit now and days no one even bothers. To do the moral right things. Rest in peace GEORGE FLOYD. Then everyone wonders why black and brown walk around annoyed. Causing prejudice in others getting all paranoid. It's a subject you can't avoid. It's left a void in all the sad crying mother's that can never be filled. It's unfathomable. Segregation laws, so your responsible, for being irresponsible for your actions. For the lack of compassion . All talk but no action. Say you want to go toe to toe. Yet you lack passion, you can't match my reaction. If you wanna ruin each other's lives, let's ruin each other's lives right. There is no such thing as a fair right. You better not pass out first, if you do? Your gonna wish you never woke up. Maybe then you might start giving a fuck! Why? Because your shit out of luck. Stuck like Chuck. Maybe then you'll stop worshipping a buck.

This is a letter I write to the mother's and father's who abandoned their sons and daughters. Along with the ungrateful children who have forgotten those who have brought them into life. For those that like to beat on their wives. Hold on quick Props to the East Coast! They call it “Shyfe Life”. It's just another label for the struggle.

Only to realize pain as a reminder of sacrifice in the lesson of compromise which necessary to not just survive but to thrive for not just one self but for loved ones and strangers alike so keys try keep em alive. Stop sending dead soldiers home in box. Destroying the wives, and families life's. All fighting

For the ones who believe in chaos and disorder and imply those ideals in others spreading across minds as a plague, for that is exactly what it is. Due to all the lies spreading like venom poisoning our lives. Or what ever little life we have left. We just haven't realized until it's maybe to late. just fate? or should I say all fake. Now they are no longer alive, still angry we survived. Hopefully My time may soon arrive. I look forward to it. Death is beautiful. I've seen the other side if you'd like I could describe. Never around those who are willing take a bribe. Choose your circle wisely. For there will always be a Judas of Iscarriot. For the lack of courage. . For self interest and self preservation is always their main concern. So they remain worried which they disguised with misplaced animosity in the form of prejudice, racism and hate. So then the Devil rules over them because they took the bait. Hopefully they realize Devil is weakness before it's to late. It’s all their fault for they chose that fate. A difference we can make but not without faith.

May WE ALL REST IN PEACE BY CBC. MIND OVER BODY, representing mental illness impulsive control over my body, SOUL OVER MIND, representing my new found personal relationship with ALL MIGHT, and HEART OVER OVER ALL. representing Courage is key. For if you are weak at Heart life on this world will surely corrupt you. So I will have learn how light can help restain the the dark matter that will always be apart of my life.