An index of sorts

Last updated March 2, 2024


virusStory one

Real love lives

Real love lives 2

Why did he do it mama

Too new to hurt

Fit together

Their proudest artworks – Includes That sad frog look, Cecil Clean

The Quincy and Lucy experience

The before times

Forgotten one night stands

the hole

the first confrontation

Second confrontation

See how she dances in

Lucy encounter

with eyes like bullet holes

she said fuck the planet

He is loving Lacy

Who is Wendy

Vanilla Logan

Tender cargo

A wad of wet pulpy paper

Clerking and jerking

The encounter continues

A okay

Second date jitters

Donate it to the world

You’re gonna die alone

Vanessa picks up David

Remembered one night stands

How to keep it moving

One love it is you

Why don’t you just ask her

Jenny the smartass

No you can not have her number

A strange plastic obsession (out of order)

A review of the song Sex Dwarf

They who know that this is the way to Helheim

A fun night that left her limping

those videos recorded before introduction of the virus

I smell meat

Room for more murder

You could do both

Clean it up

No, not the friend zone

Eat your hashbrowns


Stainless steel and despair

Not real life ready

The ghost of cloud nine


He wears them to avoid cross contaminants

Make me your crime scene

See you boys in the pasture

Thoughts for miles in early April

Looking good

The puppy gets a bath

A man has got to grunt

Your face has healed nicely

The one where daddy dies

Are you up for it

He was looking at the menu

I want to play in your blood

You could help me find your number

He turned the key and smiled

A well is a hole in your back

The day it stopped moving

Life as a cymbal pad

carving out the memories one conversation at a time

Not the ick

Eight names with Phil and Evelyn


noFriendZone part 1

Taillight Shitepoke

happy moves

noFriendZone part 2

Evelyn said oof

mint mouthwash

Andy candy sandy dandy brandy Randy

Fogged and shriveled in a barrel

He pulled until he was sure she had ended

A pair of lobster emoji

She rolled out the towel in the moonlight

She unboxed the black metal records

But can you forgive bad sex

He found the strength to become a handful of powder

He traced the stonework with his finger

The monogamy pill

Expression of my formless love

Alcoholism and suicide

Why I am eager to die – Part 1

The acamprosate days are over – Part 2


Old lovers



Consumed 2024

How to get him back

Mania and Depression


Reviews of venues

Gasoline people [South of the Border South Carolina, Buc-ee's South Carolina]

datingFiction – Kenna Part 1 [The Witches Ball at the Wicked Witch]

2023 Krampusnacht walk [Surf Club, MotorCo]

instagramScam [Goth Night at the Wicked Witch]

First date in sixteen years – Kenna Part 2 [Hi Poke in Cary North Carolina]

I drew an Accordion Club [MotorCo]

On the beach – Kenna Part 3 [Wilmington North Carolina, Indochine Far East Cuisine, Reggie's, Barbary Coast]

Yonder one and two – Tonya [Yonder in Hillsborough, Hinge and Instagram, Accordion Club]

Goldmine changes – New Year's Eve [Goth Scene, Goth Underground, Surf Club, Arcana, Accordion Club, Hunky Dory Raleigh, The Fenton, 206 Rot, Moon Dog Meadery, Doomsday Ball]

Sealed storage unit [Bond Brothers Beer Company, Boxcar Bar and Arcade]

Accidents and I am skipping goth night [Slim's Downtown Distillery in Raleigh]

Pain and pageantry [Arcana, Goth Prom]

Kiss of the Vampire Soirée

disintegration dance party two [Yonder Bar in Hillsborough]

house party karaoke house party [Yonder Bar in Hillsborough]

- an update on the strange cast of characters [2/19/2024]

fitForConsumption [The Optimist, Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh]

First time at Sharky's

Vacuum and Meetup [Side Quest Raleigh]

Dating apps and scams

An actual necromancer [Turn up, necromancy]

Why I am eager to die – Eevie part 1

Living in a hollow log – Eevie part 2

Carbon monoxide and hydrocide – Eevie part 3

Alexia on snapchat

A proposition for sex work

Why I am eager to revisit the past [Tinder, Discord, catfish, Shaw finale]

Twenty one days sober [Caylin's Cut and Color, Hinge, Tinder, and Turn Up]

Horror stories

They're on the same side

Movie reviews

As good as it gets

- An update on the strange cast of characters [1/17/2024] Fast times

It is not going to stop [Magnolia]


Sparks of anguish

Villains and bad people

The diagnosis

The first colonoscopy

Some kind of strange or sad title

An exercise March third of twenty twenty three

The first death

Her voicemail

You have earned the five star rider badge

A little update

The long pale finger points


Not all who walk the road of Helheim are doomed

That's gotta be the worst place to get bit

The dao de shein

Skibidi toilet story

The Baker

Technology and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence services and the movie industry

Wouldn't it be nice

Thinking about the pace of machine learning

Hey computer how do people learn to process information

AI and sexual education