Not the ick

She was in Logan's room. They were watching videos on the tiny television of people trying ridiculous stunts, their bodies flying through the air, the film cut before impact so you never saw any broken bones or blood, no faces in pain, just anticipation.

Meghan looked at her phone, sad emoji face arrived

What's wrong chica


Oh no old man make jane sad


She paused, it wasn't like Cindy to let her make jokes about his age.

I need to deal with this, are you guys good to start without me?

She had leaned forward, curled over her phone, and Logan and Jeff made eye contact. Logan looked extremely stoned and Jeff was working on the bottle of vodka.


We can wait

Take your time, Jeff took a sip of his vodka.

Cool, I'll try to make this quick, she scooched herself out of his bed, dragging her ass by bending her knees, pushing off with her hands, so she went straight toward the television and stepped onto the messy floor, she heard something crunch and looked down, corn nuts and a pretzel stick.

In the bathroom she wrote back, what's going on

I don't know this is getting to me

She shared a photo, it was a cropped section of a picture Jere had sent, his forehead and the corner of his eye, lots of lines and wrinkles, looking very red, bad lighting, hair frizzy like he just got out of the shower or the end of a long day.

What am I looking at

He's fifty


She waited for a reply and looked around the dirty bathroom. Strands of hair from different people clung to everything, wet at one point and now like a strange cobweb stretched over the grime. It smelled like shaving cream.

She opened her note app and wrote, what are you shaving, Logan?

Cindy replied, I can't get it out of my head, every time I think about him I see it in my mind, he sends me photos and it is so obvious, he is so much older, then she sent a string of characters before the end of the message.

Yeah but he knows gossip girl


And he nutted

We both did

In you

A smiling emoji. Still bugs me. Sad eyes emoji.

So what do you want to do

I don't know but it kind of feels like ick

Not the ick

Maeghan returned to the room and they were staring at their phones.

Sorry, phone is off now

She pulled off her shirt and stood there in her bra, they continued to peck away at their phones.

Hello, ready to fuck here

Logan looked up and his smile melted, his face grew serious as his eyes went from her cleavage down her legs and then back up to her eyes and then her hair and shoulders, settling back on her chest.


Jeff pressed the sleep button on his phone and looked at Logan then over to Maeghan who was within arm's reach, she was undoing her pants now, shifting casually from foot to foot as she stepped out of her shoes.

Oh hi, he said

She put her hands on either side of his body, her face close to his, she could smell the vodka. She pulled one leg up and over so she didn't have to put her sock foot on the floor.

She straddled Jeff and looked at Logan, get my socks.

He put his phone on the dresser and began to crawl around and prepare for the task.

And put them on your phone, I don't want them on the floor they're nice.

They are nice, he said.

Foot fetish much

He ignored her and began pawing at her foot.

She leaned in and kissed Jeff on the mouth, began working at his lips until she had his tongue in her mouth and his hands were on her breasts.

Logan was tugging at her underpants when they stopped kissing and she lay down between them, they helped her take them off.

She pointed at Logan, get naked and put on the condom.

Jeff was kneeling by the bed, once his shirt was off he leaned over to kiss her hips and began working his way lower, his hands between her thighs.