Character a Day 2021: Altered Carbon

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Character creation in Altered Carbon took a bit to wrap my head around; there's way too many special cases for them not to have included an example. They did include their 'Expedited Character Creation' rules, but creating a character is one of my favorite parts of roleplaying. The little icons that they use for everything and the fact that the explanations are all spread out in the book are not really useful either. And it shows something that I'm still not sure if my character is legal.

That said, the character turned out pretty much how I figured, other than still having the Praetorian network... there is probably a way to get around that and have a more appropriate network, but I figured it could also fit, as he was still in the military, so military might be more inclined to still talk to him.

Final Character

Name: London Tian


Physically, London's sleeve is in good shape. He is tall with fair skin, blonde hair and green eyes. Though handsome, his face is cragged, and he looks older than his actual age. He has a tattooed sleeve up his right arm, going along his back- black roses, near death, intertwined with a lattice of thorns. Another on his left bicep depicts barbed wire wrapping up from the elbow to the armpit. Strangely there's nothing on his trunk, except a small cross above the place where the DHF is implanted.

His original sleeve was quite different, him being of mixed Asian-African heritage. His last memories of it was a wiry build with a dark cast to his skin, and blunt features. Not as perfect featured as his current sleeve, but still handsome in his own way.


Tian was born offworld on the frontier- a backworld planet Gui Xiu VI. He was recruited young, and trained into CTAC. He had an aptitude for getting into places he wasn't supposed to be, and more importantly getting out. In his relatively short life, he's inhabited many sleeves, casting anywhere they needed inside information. He was good at his job, and though he had no real long term aspirations, it was easy to see that his star was on the rise. On a pretty routine mission for the Protectorate, he was debriefed- then he doesn't know what happened. He woke up in a new sleeve on Earth in a re-sleeving facility. 50 years had passed since the last time he was spun up. He was cashiered out of the military, and he doesn't know why. For a re-sleeve, he was given a decent sleeve as his severance, so he was very suspicious of the circumstances. But with no contacts and no way of finding out what happened, he's done the best he could, taking odd jobs putting his skills to use as he tries to amass enough contacts and resources to find out what happened to his career, his life, and his own sleeve.

Archetype: Military, Infiltrator Wealth Lv. 1 Requisition 1 Tech Points 4 Network – The Protectorate Military DHF Age: 57 Stack Points: 30 Ego Points 39 Influence Points 5



Blade (concealed, monomolecular) Steyr M9-A1 Tool Kit – Stealth – Professional Grade, Tools Tool Kit – Survival – Tools Tool Kit – Weaponsmith – Professional Grade Flak Coat – Environmental Repulsor, Broadcast Blocker


Sleeve Attributes

Strength 41/50 Athletics – d8, Melee Combat – d8, Brawl – d8, Toughness – d12, Endurance – d10

Perception 30/50 Detection – d10, Search – d10, D. Energy Weapons – d8, Stealth – d8, Firearms – d6, Throw – d12

Stack Attributes

Empathy 30/50 Diplomacy – d12, Expression – d12, Read Person – d10

Willpower 40/50 Composure – d8, Discipline – d8, Intimidation – d10

Acuity 41/50 Data Analysis – d12, Mechanics – d12, Data Engineering – d12, Navigation – d10, Digital Networking – d12, Pilot – d10, Investigation – d8, Survival – d10

Intelligence 30/50 Bureaucracy – d12, History – d12, Cultures – d12, Science – d12, Engineering – d12, Medicine – d10, Geography – d12