Character a Day 2021: Ashen Stars – Day 1

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My other option for my transhuman game is Gumshoe. I'm going to have to hack a lot if I choose this option, but I figured I'd make up a character in the baseline systems that I plan to hack first. This one is using Ashen Stars. It has a lot of the sci-fi elements I'm looking for, though it couldn't really be considered transhumanist. It does, however, have uplifts, so it touches on the themes.

Name: Kira Ivanov Race: Human


Kira grew up in a mixed-race household – her mother was Balla and her father Human. They seemed to have the perfect marriage, and she was raised in an environment of love and understanding, learning about both sides of her heritage. That was, until 7 years ago. Her father was called up to the local militia, dying in the conflict. After the war, mixed-race pairings became verboten, and being on a human planet, her mother suffered discrimination. She lost not just her husband, but her community. As Kira appeared for the most part human, her mother sent her off as soon as possible so she wouldn't be touched by it. Though she understood why, this still hurt her deeply, and the love and acceptance that she'd grown up with was buried underneath a hard exterior she developed as a mean of surviving the pain.

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