Friday 13th November day 9 lockdown #2 Yesterday I woke up with a migraine – after Natalie had cooked me the wonderful dinner the night before. Rizatriptan again fortunately worked. But I just had a quiet day. I'd planned to see Ali for a walk outside but she wasn't feeling great so we've rescheduled for next week. Could not go to sleep again last night, awake at 1am – so tired this morning getting up for work. Always busy at work. I went into one of the care homes (a nice one) for 2 bloods and an INR – the last lady took some persuading to have the blood test, she agreed and I found a nice vein – got out the needle and she said – that's an enormous needle and she slapped my hand away. I haven't been slapped by a patient for ages – doesn't really happen often. It was only on my hand, but lack of cooperation and sharp needles don't go together so I packed up my stuff and moved on. I actually got a lunch break today and a little group of us were in the kitchen eating our lunch and having a natter, which was really nice. I've come home and my back is niggling me, general tiredness I think. House update: I've been told the ETA for my searches is 1 December. Chased the surveyors office – she said she will book in a date for me and send me the T&Cs to sign early next week. Not much more I can do. My hope is to exchange before Christmas and complete early in the New Year Just seen on the news the Mid Sussex covid infection rate is up again, to 125.5. My last patient was covid + and though I wore all my protective stuff, I might be the next victim. She was coughing all over me.