Monday 23 November day 19 lockdown #2 Continuing with the alternating good and bad nights – last night was OK though morning came too quick and I didn't want to wake up for work. I don't mind being at work once I'm there – its the getting up and getting there which it urgggg My list was horrific today, and I wasn't the only one. Other people also said about their lists being bad. I got through it only by going like the clappers and 'being quick'. Driving all over the place – I did 27 miles today. One visit I left my face mask and gloves in the car and had to traipse back which was annoying, but I did get the blood despite the patient saying he was difficult to bleed. Later I saw another lady and she had no veins I could get anything out of – nothing palpable – so when you put the tounique on and tickle the veins, they should 'pop' out – at least a bit and that is the one to use. Then I arrived at a nursing home for an INR blood test to find the patient was covid +. She absolutely needed the blood test so no choice but to go in but I was fully covered. She thought I was 'staff' and wanted me to get her a clean glass for her water and find her nail scissors for her. They asked me to take off my contaminated PPE, but there was no bin and no new clean face mask so I had to yell out for someone to come and help me. Stupid stupid. Then to finish me off, I checked pressure areas for a 94 year old lady we give daily injection to – to find I couldn't see properly as she'd 'been incontinent' – I had to help her upstairs and help clean her up. I then found all sorts of unpleasant dirty underwear and other stuff – dumped it all by the washing machine and even cleaned up the worst of unmentionable stuff of the carpet with some wipes I had. I did however find her some nice clean spotty pyjamas from the airing cupboard which she was very happy with. I didn't check her bed – probably just as well as else I'd have been changing the sheets too! Got her back downstairs safely. I got most of my lunchbreak and only finished 10 minutes late. House update: My estate agent rang and said my buyers are having a homebuyers survey – surprise – and they're coming on Thursday. Not sure why this has come at this late stage – but hey – I'm hardly going to say no. Weirdly the same day as mine is being done in Teignmouth