Thursday 19th November day 15 lockdown #2 At work today we were told the trust is introducing twice weekly PCR covid testing for patient facing staff. This is the testing where the result comes back in 30 minutes – like has been done in Liverpool with their mass testing. The idea is we do the test at home, before leaving for work, on a Monday and Thursday. A +ve result means we should get a proper covid swab test to confirm the result but isolate at home until this comes back. If neg, can go back to work. Its not being rolled out to bank staff (me) – there was no specific reason given – probably cost. It doesn't affect me personally, I've got nothing to lose or gain either way. For regular bank staff, seems bonkers from a logic point of view, as its about protecting patients. They (whoever they are) might change their minds. I've watched another 2 episodes of my current favourite Danish thriller DNA – still excellent, and only one episode left. That's my treat for tomorrow evening. I lead such an exciting life – I might buy a bottle of red on my way home as a secondary treat