Come veccio per ti? Mi star più veccio di ti. Quanto più veccio? Diciassette anni. Veccio! Muchachu!

This is a small dialogue I have written in Mediterranean Lingua Franca or Sabir which is quite possibly not perfect. As well as the Wikipedia page, another excellent resource is A Glossary of Lingua Franca published by Alan D. Corré from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

For those interested, the following is the translation as I understand it (though as I said, it may not be perfect).

Lingua Franca English
Come veccio per ti? How old are you?
Mi star più veccio di ti. I am older than you.
Quanto più veccio? How much older?
Diciassette anni. Seventeen years.
Veccio! Old man!
Muchachu! Child!