Notes from Recl[AI]m: on Cybernetics, Software, daddy vibes and the Universe

Today ended Recl[AI]m, the conference held at the Commons-Hub in Reichnau an der Rax, outside Vienna. We talked a lot about how to mobilize generative technologies and use them to help rebuild the Commons. What can be their purpose? How should we use them? What are empty narratives? How can we make these technologies compatible with the ongoing ecological collapse?

Like at any other conference, the value is not in what is discussed but in the relationships that are built. Therefore I’m not going to talk about the content of the event and instead share with you some notes, quotes and ruminations from the past 3 days.

  1. The dictatorship of the App must be abolished. There will be no apps in the New World. Quantized software is commoditized software that can be sold.

  2. The liberation of software will come from the societal and technical change that will make software unquantizable hence unsellable.

  3. Queer Theories have been appropriated by Capitalism. The future belongs to Vibes Theories.

  4. Flirting nowadays is just assessing the compatibility of each other's daddy issues. Also, never date people with mommy issues.

  5. If the Abrahamic religions told us that the Universe has daddy vibes and the white gaze told us that indigenous religions believe the Universe has mommy vibes, the New World should be grounded in a Universe with pixie manic cottagecore trad-wife chad non-binary person vibes.

  6. Philosophers shouldn't be left in charge of Philosophy. Never leave your Philosophy in a room alone with a Philosopher.

  7. Astrology is fascist magic.

  8. Metasturbation. Demonic OnlyFans Influencers. Long-termist robo-therapist.

  9. Most of the words we use in theory nowadays are empty signifiers. What does it say about the language of the intellectual class?

  10. Organizational Cybernetics is the science of peer pressure with a purpose.

  11. In Cybernetics there's no ontology, only process.

  12. LLMs proliferate where the variance of a process involving natural language is too high. Where LLMs are adopted by workers, better processes should be introduced instead.

  13. Cybernetics is a research aesthetic.

  14. Cybernetics is mostly vibes, with diagrams and numbers.

  15. The Doomsday was yesterday, but I overslept and I missed it.

  16. Genders are never musical genres, but in Berlin some musical genres are genders.

  17. Voter abstentionism is just a lack of adoption of liberal democratic technologies. The technology itself has to change, not the adopter.

  18. No more Left. From today, we are Up.

My words are not mine. My thoughts are not mine. I’m but a knot of flows.

The previous notes were taken by a human without any support from a transcription technology, and especially without using