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GroveToken – Planting the Seeds of a Greener Crypto Economy

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and many countries are adapting to these challenges. Several ways exist to create a greener future – from investing in sustainable solutions to using renewable energy sources.

One such initiative that is helping make this possible is GroveToken. This is a crypto-based project ambitiously planning for a greener world. With their token launch and listings on multiple exchanges, they have already made great strides toward achieving their goal.

This article will examine their accomplishments and future plans as they gradually plant the seeds of a greener crypto economy. Specifically, we'll review all the features that compose GroveToken's ecosystem. This analysis will consider everything, from their GRV Network and DEXs to their farming and staking solutions.

Inside GroveToken GroveToken is a new force in the cryptocurrency space. The team is pioneering a hybrid blockchain ecosystem that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of traditional mining. This platform employs a robust consensus protocol QBFT-Proof of Authority (PoA), a more secure version of Proof-of-Stake, to ensure an energy-efficient, sustainable system.

The project has recently received royal approval. His Highness Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum's Private Office extended a support letter to GroveToken CEO John Ghemrawi.

The platform is not just limited to coins though – an entire ecosystem of digital finance utilities built into GroveToken. We'll have time to review each feature in greater detail shortly.

Recently, GroveToken has made strides toward creating a greener future for all by partnering with WA Energy. This agreement will give users access to renewable energy resources and bridge the gap between digital finance and sustainable technology.

The Team's Motivation The Grove team wants to create sustainable change in the world by using blockchain technology and the power of cryptocurrencies. Through their Green Plan, they are creating a platform that allows users to invest in eco-friendly initiatives. Moreover, the project’s founders are also helping educate people on the benefits of renewable energy sources.

The Future Farming Solutions program is live and plans to help reduce global food scarcity. The team continues to work on renewable energy solutions such as solar farming technologies.

Additionally, GroveCoin has a strong commitment to environmental preservation, making it an investment model that can benefit everyone involved. The UAE-based headquarters will represent a testing field and showroom for the project.

Ultimately, GroveCoin is paving the way for a healthier and wealthier future in which everyone can participate. The team focuses on achieving this goal through its innovative technologies and products.

What Has the Team Achieved So Far? A look at the project's roadmap helps us understand the amount of work accomplished in a short period. The Grove team has achieved many milestones since its inception. First of all, we should mention the launch of the BEP-20 and ERC-20 versions of its native GRV token.

Moreover, the successful completion of a smart contract audit further demonstrated the team's commitment to security and transparency.

The launch of GroveSwap, the decentralized exchange (DEX), represented an important step toward achieving the project's mission. Additionally, the project appeared on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, two of the most popular cryptocurrency data aggregators.

The team created different staking and farming utilities to expand its presence on the crypto market. Grove also partnered with members of the Dubai Royal Family, and its native token went live on multiple top exchanges.

A Look Toward the Future While looking at the project's past is fundamental, investors generally prefer to consider its future in their due diligence activity. Therefore, here is a quick look into what this team added to its 2023-2024 roadmap:

Residential AeroPonics and Solar farming, as an online store GroveM, a Non-Fungible Token marketplace Crypto Launchpad for launching new digital coins and tokens GroveVillas will integrate the project's ecosystem Virtual solar farming will represent a new approach to building a sustainable world The GroveFranchise stores will extend the team's reach to new markets and sectors The team expects at least 100+ projects to run on GroveBlockchain by 2024 GroveIT services will provide an alternative method of payment for transactions Commercial Solar Farming initiatives could take the project to a new level. The combination of these milestones paints a clear future for the project. While predicting what will happen in two years is difficult, this team is transparently confident in their timeline. The project's social media pages will inform investors about any updates.

The Launch of the $GRV and $GRVG Tokens The GroveCoin project proposes a dual token system comprising the GRV and GRVG tokens. These two tokens have different features and utilities, as we explain below.

$GRV GroveCoin is a digital currency focused on creating the platform for the future of digital finance. It has a total net supply of 100 million tokens and is available in two distinct network versions: BEP20 and ERC20. Once the GRV network is live, the token will also rely on its native protocol: the GRV20.

In addition, the $GRV design does not include any other taxes than the underlying network fees. As a result, DeFi initiatives have the incentive to expand within the GroveCoin ecosystem without incurring any unnecessary tax burdens.

Investors who hold GroveCoin tokens can engage within the community and play an important role in the ecosystem's future development. The tokens are easy to find on, Huobi, MEXC, and other leading exchange platforms.

$GRVG The $GRVG stablecoin allows investors to experience the stability of gold in a digital form. Investors can off-ramp their crypto holdings into physical gold bullion if they own at least the corresponding amount in $GRVG. This gives an edge over fiat pairs, as gold has historically appreciated, with no influence coming from the fiat markets.

Each $GRVG token will be equivalent to the current commodity market value of 20 milligrams of gold. The system relies on a backing mechanism linked to vaulted reserves of physical gold.

By leveraging the $GRVG, investors can benefit from both the digital world and traditional commodity markets.

$GRVG presents itself as an opportunity for GroveCoin ecosystem users to gain access to a wide range of services. Through this technology, users can unlock the potential of their investments and experience the security that comes with gold-backed tokens.

What Else Can We Find in the Project's Ecosystem? This project goes beyond the mere idea of issuing tokens. Specifically, the team offers its users a comprehensive ecosystem that provides access to a large ecosystem. The team has developed its blockchain network, a decentralized exchange (DEX), centralized exchange (CEX), wallet, and passive income opportunities.

Let us look more closely at each of these features.

The GRV Network The GRV Network is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate the development of innovative projects and dApps. This technology relies on a QBFT-Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. The network aims to offer enhanced security and validator transparency while maintaining the energy efficiency of proof-of-stake protocols.

In simple terms, the system represents an ETH fork, as this architecture is already quite familiar to many blockchain developers. As such, developers can easily cross-chain their existing projects, aligning themselves with Grove's “Build With Grove” messaging campaign.

Furthermore, “New Era Metaverse,” owned by Her Highness Shaikha Dubai Al Maktoum, will utilize $GRV as its virtual currency. This operation presents itself as a testament to its potential for facilitating innovative projects and dApps.

GroveSwap DEX The project's swap utility, GroveSwap DEX, enables users to buy, sell, swap, and trade various cryptocurrencies across three blockchains. With this platform, investors can access low network fees on each transaction.

The team has worked hard to keep fees as low as possible. The idea is to allow users to benefit from their investments without compromising the security of their funds.

The platform is already live, and you can check it out by pressing the “Invest” button on the project's homepage. GroveSwap DEX was compatible with 12 popular crypto wallets at the time of writing.

GroveX CEX The GroveX CEX intends to simplify trading cryptocurrencies for new and experienced users. The CEX offers a variety of features, including low fees, quick executions, and access to the latest market data.

Additionally, developers and crypto projects will benefit from the tokenomics support GroverX provides. This should ensure the community is consistently engaged, boosting user utility.

GroveKeeper Digital Wallet GroveKeeper is another utility that will go live soon as part of Grove's plan to facilitate digital assets trade. The wallet gives investors a secure way to store and use their digital assets with the highest standards in cybersecurity.

Several insurance layers connect it to the GroveSwap DEX and farming platforms through a DApps browser. With minimal possible transaction fees, lower energy wastage, and no mining, GroveKeeper ensures investors can confidently use their assets.

Passive Income through Farming and Staking There are several ways in which the community can collect passive income on this platform.

First of all, nodes are available for purchase on the Grove blockchain. If you own a node, you will receive GRV tokens generated proportionally to your node's network traffic.

Additionally, staking offers opportunities for investment earnings. Stakers can receive up to 15% APY rewards according to their stakes without any lock-in period. In addition, stakers who will lock their tokens to stake the APY is as follows:

25% for 30 Days 40% for 90 Days 50% for 180 Days 60% for 360 Days Finally, yield farming is also available with a variable APR. This means that GRV holders can get rewards based on the amount they invest in the pool.

Wrapping Up – A Greener Future Ahead In conclusion, Grove aims to change how people interact with blockchain technology. Grove is creating a greener digital asset ecosystem with its cheap transaction fees, clear user experience, and ecological initiatives.

The project also incentivizes using hydroponic farming units and solar power solutions. This technology can produce clean energy with zero environmental damage to foster economic growth based on renewable resources.

This initiative strives to be a bold step forward for the blockchain industry. Grove's website: and social media profiles let you learn more about the project’s ambitious goals. Telegram: Instagram: Discord: Twitter:

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Global Digital City Announces VRT Token Listing on LBank Exchange

Global Digital City (GDC) aims to revolutionize the gaming and virtual world experience with its utility token, VRT. The platform leverages Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to enable players and creators to live a new digital experience.

VRT (virtual ride token) will be listed on LBank at 08:00 on April 4, 2023 (UTC). This listing operation marks an important step for the GDC project. The initiative will gain visibility and increase its digital assets market presence.

The Importance of the Listing Operation The listing of VRT on LBank has significant advantages for GDC. In the long term, the project will be able to reach a higher share of the vast crypto market.

The community will also have access to a larger selection of digital assets to have a customized virtual experience. The listing on LBank makes trading the project’s digital assets more secure, increasing the potential reward for creators and players.

LBank represents an important centralized exchange in the crypto world. GDC's presence on this platform will enable the team to further its mission of providing a unique virtual world experience.

A Look at VRT in the GDC Ecosystem The VRT token is at the heart of the Global Digital City ecosystem. This asset provides the backbone for all transactions and purchases made in the virtual world.

Users can earn VRT to purchase land assets and in-game items by playing games and participating in various events. In this digital experience, gamers can create and customize an avatar with multiple traits.

VRT is also used for staking, allowing anyone to earn rewards by locking up their tokens. As more and more users buy VRTs, their demand increases, leading to a possible appreciation in their value.

Furthermore, when people buy land with VRTs, the project’s smart contracts will burn these tokens. The operation helps keep the token's value stable in the long run.

Overall, VRT is an essential part of the GDC platform. It provides users with a secure and reliable way to transact in the virtual world. With its utility, participants can fully immerse themselves in Global Digital City and have a unique virtual experience.

About GDC GDC is a metaverse platform relying on blockchain technology to enable users to create, monetize and own their gaming experiences. The platform’s utility token, VRT, allows players to purchase in-game items, build customized worlds, and transact within the project’s ecosystem.

In Global Digital City, users can purchase virtual land, known as parcels. These parcels can help build and create digital worlds of their own. Unique digital assets, such as wearables and collectibles, are available for trading in this digital world.

GDC's official website: and the social media pages below provide more information about the project and its features.

Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: Facebook:

Olympian INU – A Project Allowing Digital Art Access Through NFTs on Arbitrum

Olympian INU plans to allow web3 artists to access a platform to create and share art with collectors worldwide. Through its tokenomics, dynamic events, and roadmap for growth, Olympian INU offers an exciting opportunity for creators and enthusiasts alike. In today's review, let us look more closely at the project's features.

What Is Olympian INU? Olympian INU seeks to bring web3 artists to Arbitrum, creating a thriving NFT market for collectors and artists alike. By burning $OPI tokens and enjoying exclusive NFTs, Olympian INU strives to make acquiring digital art easier and more accessible.

This team's mission is to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and highly curated platform while supporting and empowering artists worldwide. By forming connections with web3 native artists, Olympian INU also plans to commission unique art for its holders.

The Project's Tokenomics After a V1 launch, the project revamped its tokenomics for a V2 phase on the market. The new tokenomics feature the same total of 100 million $OPI tokens, with the elimination of all transaction taxes.

In terms of token allocation, here is the team's strategy:

40% of the tokens allocated for Liquidity Providers (LP)

30% of the tokens allocated for a V1 Airdrop

20% of the tokens allocated as staking rewards

5% of the tokens allocated to partnerships

5% of the tokens allocated to team members.

This distribution aims at creating a fair and balanced division of the project's tokens to maintain high liquidity. The strategy also intends to reward early adopters and contributors and ensure long-term sustainability.

Anyone wishing to buy $OPI tokens can do so through a Metamask wallet on a computer or mobile device. Once the wallet is ready, transfer ETH into your Metamask wallet to interact with the system.

In order to buy $OPI tokens, click the 'buy' link at the top of the page. Connect your wallet with Uniswap, press 'Select Token,' and enter the token address in the FAQ section. Finally, click 'buy $OPI' to purchase.

How Does Olympian INU Work? Olympian INU offers a new project that allows users to showcase their creativity and earn rewards. Through four simple steps, users can participate in this innovative platform:

Buy: Users can follow the instructions to purchase $OPI tokens.

Mint: These tokens let anyone obtain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The team expects to release a new art piece each week for users to claim with their $OPI tokens.

Stake: Users can stake their digital artworks through the popular NFT staking mechanism.

Rewards: After staking the NFTs, users can earn $OPI tokens as a reward for their participation.

This project is working to provide an experience that allows everyone to show creativity and earn rewards simultaneously. These steps sum up the easy-to-use philosophy that Olympian INU intends to propose.

A Look at the Project's Roadmap The $OPI project has seen significant progress throughout its development. The team has completed two phases of development and is now working on a third. Phase one saw their token's launch and listing applications for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Additionally, marketing campaigns enabled the team to grow their community, with several events held for $OPI holders.

Phase featured a Lottery App, NFT whitelist marketplace, staking utilities, and updates to tokenomics. The third phase includes CEX listings, on-chain governance, $OPI merchandise, initiating a digital cult, and releasing a “Pray2Earn” Dapp.

The team's evolution ambitions will keep the project progressing, with further updates coming soon. $OPI holders should stay tuned for more exciting developments in the project's future.

Art Contests and Burning Events At the end of 2022, the team launched an art contest through Twitter to engage with its growing community.

The selection criteria were strict and considered different coloring, texture, consistency, and composition skills. Although the drawing style was not decisive in judgment, rewards were high for participating in this event.

In addition to this art contest, back in 2022, the team held a “Meme Contest” with similarly generous rewards. These events intend to keep the community engaged and inspired.

Moreover, through its Twitter page, the team has recently asked its community whether it was ready to burn tokens. This indicates that further initiatives may be in store as the project approaches its Arbitrum re-launch.

Final Thoughts – A Project Bringing Together Web3 Artists The Olympian INU project has come a long way since its launch in 2022. With an ambitious roadmap, this team intends to innovate and make significant progress over time.

Art contests, burning events, staking, and more, represent different ways to appeal to the web3 art community. These initiatives indicate that Olympian INU looks forward to becoming a new player in web3 culture by uniting artists worldwide.

The project’s website: is a valuable source of information for anyone interested. You can follow the team on social media to learn more about $OPI or stay up-to-date with their latest developments.

Telegram: Twitter:

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ArtHouse Spirits DAO Announces Membership NFT Sale with Exclusive Holder Perks

ArtHouse Spirits DAO, a closed community of luxury consumers, announced the imminent sale of Membership NFTs with exclusive access and rare perks for buyers and holders. The series will feature a maximum of 20,000 NFTs and give access to a physical treasury already worth $1.5 million and with considerable growth potential.

ArtHouse Spirits DAO (AHSD) describes itself as “the world's first-ever closed community of high-net-worth individuals.” The upcoming Membership NFTs give buyers exclusive access to this luxury club, VIP events, and physical perks. Furthermore, Membership NFT holders can easily participate in real-life events and communication channels with VIPs and industry experts from top brands.

Following the minting, all the NFTs will be staked for ERC-20 tokens. These tokens will give holders real yield and voting rights within the DAO. This way, they can have their say on proposals impacting the organization’s development. The DAO will repurchase the ERC-20 tokens after liquid events and burn them.

NFT enthusiasts and collectors can purchase Membership NFTs by going to ArtHouse Spirits DAO, tapping the BUY button, and connecting their MetaMask wallets. Here, they can pay for the NFT with ETH.

Holding Membership NFTs enables ArtHouse Spirits DAO members to buy an NFT Treasury, of which only 1,000 will be available. Treasury NFT holders can redeem their non-fungible tokens for physical bottles of spirits from the AHSD Treasury. This DAO will implement this feature two years after the NFTs' minting. Also, it will impose a 5% limit on the bottles available for yearly redemption.

The AHSD Treasury will be a physical storage facility located in a duty-free zone in the Netherlands, containing expensive bottles of rare alcoholic spirits. The revenue from NFT minting should grow the Treasury, positively impacting the NFTs' value. Currently, the Treasury already holds over $1,5 million worth of these goods. Its creators believe the project has massive growth potential.

About ArtHouse Spirits DAO ArtHouse Spirits DAO started from a genuine appreciation of a luxury Colombian rum brand, Dictador. The brand dates back to 1913, and it is based on a safely guarded recipe by the Parra family, the third generation of master blenders of Dictador. Its strong reputation among luxury consumers urged the brand to explore the web3 space under the AHSD image.

The Membership NFTs will depict Dictador bottles with the topography of significant cities like Paris, New York, and London. You can buy a Membership NFT and enter the ArtHouse Spirits DAO here.

You can learn more about ArtHouse Spirits DAO at these links: Website: Twitter: Medium: Discord:

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Exordium to launch AI GameToEarn – a Web3 Gaming Platform powered by AI

Exordium, an experienced game development team, is proud to announce the launch of its new gaming platform: AI GameToEarn. This Web3 Mobile and PC platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and promises to introduce a new way gamers play, learn and earn.

The team at Exordium consists of 20 game developers & other experts with almost ten years of experience in game development. Their portfolio includes more than 15 hyper-casual games and over 100 prototypes. Their most notable success has seen a game downloaded more than 20 million times. Their track record shows how well-positioned they are to create a great gaming platform. They have also worked with many noted companies in the gaming industry, most notably with Voodoo, Supersonic, Lion, Rollic/Zynga & Homa!

To do this, Exordium has developed its AI for gaming. This technology will help players become faster, improve their skills, avoid mistakes, and earn more money while playing games on the platform. As their CEO says:

We are excited to be able to offer our players a unique gaming experience that combines both fun and rewards.

AI GameToEarn will have 5 games available on launch day with plans to add 2 new games each month. One of the first 5 games on the platform will be Evertwine, a blockchain trading card game where you can collect cards, explore, battle, and trade.

Make sure you play games with platform NFTs to win better prizes! AI GameToEarn with its combination of fun gameplay and rewarding prizes powered by artificial intelligence technology has a great initiative to keep gamers coming back for more. Experience the future of casual gaming with the new Web3 gaming platform – AI GameToEarn!

About Exordium Games – The team has over ten years of experience in game development

  • Five games will be ready to play on launch day, including Evertwine

  • They are going to be adding two new games each month

  • Developed their AI for gaming

  • Their AI will help players improve, be faster, avoid mistakes, and earn better rewards

  • Play games with NFTs to win better prizes

Social Channels Website: Twitter: Discord: Youtube: Telegram:

Press release: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.

Why Owning Your Digital Identity is Crucial in a Digitized World: The Role of Avatars, Assets, and Interoperability

Interoperability is an essential aspect of owning your digital identity. This means that you should be able to move your avatars and assets between different platforms, allowing you to maintain your digital identity across multiple platforms and ensuring that your investments in virtual worlds and social networks are not lost if you decide to switch platforms.

The New Frontier Presents (NFP) Store is a great example of a platform that offers interoperable assets. They accept thousands of different tokens across multiple blockchains, making it easier than ever to purchase goods with the cryptocurrency of your choice. With a focus on education and the adoption of web3 payments the NFP Store also accepts credit cards as a way to onboard new users to the space. This means the digital assets can be purchased with a credit card as well as cryptocurrency and deployed on blockchain.

The NFP Store offers access to a wide range of digital goods and services, including gaming items, collectibles, and even virtual real estate. These products are securely stored on the blockchain, allowing for easy transfer, selling, and trading with other users. The NFP Store also offers physical products that are verified on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and transparency in every transaction.

NFP Co Founder, Jeff Buesing, said:

As our lives become increasingly digitized, owning our digital identity is becoming more and more important. Avatars, assets, and interoperability all play a crucial role in maintaining our digital identity across multiple platforms. The NFP Store is an excellent example of a platform that offers interoperable assets, making it easier for users to take control of their digital identity.

Owning your digital identity is essential because it allows you to take control of your online presence and be aware of how your information is being used. By owning your avatars and assets, you can ensure that your virtual identity is accurate and up-to-date, and that you have control over how they are used. Interoperability ensures that you can maintain your digital identity and investments across multiple platforms.

NFP Store: Virtual Experience (

NFP Store: Traditional Ecommerce (

About New Frontier Presents New Frontier Presents (NFP) is a company focused on blockchain and extended reality. NFP provides a platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets and virtual goods using blockchain technology. The NFP Store, which is part of the NFP ecosystem, accepts thousands of different tokens across multiple blockchains, making it easy to purchase goods with the cryptocurrency of your choice. The NFP Store offers a wide range of digital and physical products, including gaming items, collectibles, virtual real estate, and verified physical products. The company is working towards the adoption of web3 payments and the integration of blockchain technology into everyday transactions.

To contact New Frontier Presents: open ticket on Discord for a prompt response – email the public relationship department: or fill out the contact form here if your issue is not urgent.

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ArtHouse Spirits DAO – A Project Combining Tokenized Rum with Real Benefits

We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement, with the potential to combine traditional industries with new digital technologies. ArtHouse Spirits DAO is a project combining tokenized rum with real benefits while leveraging the Dictador brand and artistic collaborations.

By appealing to an élite group of high-net-worth individuals, this project aims to create a luxurious community. Here, members can benefit from exclusive events, investments, and more.

Today's article will explore the project’s potential and its team's roadmap, giving you the details needed to understand its mission. The project merges several components to create its offering, so we'll dive in and discover each of the team's pillars.

What Is ArtHouse Spirits DAO? ArtHouse Spirits DAO is an exclusive community comprising high-net-worth individuals, investors, and luxury consumers. They put the same ideologies and visions at the project's core, brought together through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In order to join this DAO, one needs to possess a Dictador Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This token is not only a mere picture but also holds its value. The funds raised via the NFT sale go into creating the DAO Treasury, on which we'll share more details soon.

This project envisions creating a system allowing members to collect rewards from this élite industry in exchange for their investments.

There are at least three aspects that one must understand when looking at ArtHouse Spirits DAO:

The market's growth potential

The relevance of the Dictador brand

The project's artistic backgrounds.

Therefore, let us look into each of those in more detail to better understand what this project is all about.

The Market's Growth Potential The project's team dedicated an entire Medium article to analyze the current market's potential.

As they mentioned, the market for collecting and investing in alcoholic drinks, such as rum, has been growing steadily. This is due to its potential to produce high returns and its lack of correlation with other asset classes. As a result, it can offer more stability compared to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

However, it is important to consider the long-term horizon when engaging in this activity. The bottle prices can increase due to limited supply and because some of the alcohol produced yearly goes to consumption. Moreover, the taste can improve with time, making it more valuable.

Finally, the team mentioned several case studies to sustain their point. Specifically, they mentioned the 1943 Bacardi, Appleton Estate 50-year-old, and Black Tot Royal Navy Rum from the 1950s. All of these have seen remarkable price growth in the past years.

Dictador rum bottles, for example, had a 17-fold increase in value since 2012, with an ROI of almost 60%. These results highlight a promising future for investing in alcoholic drinks such as rum, as the project's founders explained.

Leveraging the Dictador Brand ArtHouse Spirits DAO chose to follow the popularity of the Dictador brand in the luxury rum market. This brand has a strong reputation, and the Parra family has been perfecting the recipe for over 100 years.

The project's team sold a single Dictador rum bottle for $100k, setting a record in the industry. The value of this brand has exceeded expectations and become an attractive member option among spirit connoisseurs.

The ArtHouse Spirits DAO team is developing strategies to leverage the Dictador brand. The project aims to connect enthusiasts to unlock the value of luxury spirits while celebrating the culture around them.

An Artistic Collaboration ArtHouse Spirits DAO's idea to boost its vision with NFTs came to life thanks to artistic collaborations. The team has partnered with M-City, a world-renowned street art artist whose work has appeared in galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

M-City is a Polish street artist, graphic artist, and designer born in 1978 in Gdynia. He studied at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and completed hundreds of murals.

M-City created 20,000 unique NFTs, which consist of maps of cities and districts all around the world. Membership NFTs represent the access key to this new project, merging traditional art and digital technology.

Appealing to an Elite Group ArtHouse Spirits DAO is an exclusive club for those passionate about the spirits industry. It offers an opportunity to join an elite group where everyone has a say in shaping the project’s future.

Collectors can access discounted bottles, exclusive VIP events, masterclasses, and conversations with experts, artists, and blend masters. Additionally, NFT holders can redeem their tokens for a physical bottle from the Treasury. They May also receive ERC-20 token rewards from the liquidation events.

The team designed a 6% royalty for all NFTs sold on the secondary market. The tax receipt will equally divide between the Treasury and the organization of new events. This strategy allows spirits collectors to build wealth in the industry while joining something new in the sector.

Understanding the Importance of the Project's Treasury The ArtHouse Spirits Treasury is critical to the DAO, providing the foundation for NFT asset-backed value. This value currently stands at 1.5 million USD and consists of carefully selected luxury assets with a track record of consistently appreciating. The team holds these assets in a duty-free zone in the Netherlands to ensure they remain safe and secure.

The Treasury plays an important role for DAO members. Specifically, the value of these assets provides them with a real value and potential.

Through the project's minting operations, the team will have the funds to put more bottles into this Treasury. As time passes, these experts anticipate that these assets will become even more valuable, providing additional benefit for the holders.

This is why it's so important that the Treasury remains safe and secure. It is a key factor in guaranteeing investors a return on their investments.

What Does the Team's Roadmap Anticipate? The project shared a general roadmap and a detailed list of milestones. From a high-level perspective, the team divided its activities into three phases:

The Black Milestone: During this phase, the team focused on launching the Treasury and Membership NFTs.

The Emerald Milestone: The team will build an exclusive VIP community of like-minded individuals.

The Pink Crystal Milestone: Lastly, the team will focus on providing exclusive events, investments, and more. These activities will represent the project's go-to-market strategy and help drive adoption.

Overall, the team wants to use these milestones to create a world-class product that meets the expectations of its users. The detailed roadmap will give the community details about upcoming events, such as AMAs and more.

The team will update the roadmap as it progresses so that the community can stay up-to-date on development efforts.

Final Thoughts – Building a Closed Community of High-Net-Worth Individuals Through the product's Treasury and Membership NFTs, ArtHouse Spirits DAO establishes a closed community of like-minded individuals. This allows members to participate in conversations and events only available to them.

With multiple events and an NFT asset-backed strategy, this team intends to create an all-inclusive platform for a passionate community. The project's sales will open on April 13th. Moreover, the team will soon share an update with the details of its whitelisting process.

ArtHouse Spirits DAO's website: and social media pages are the best sources for the progress of the project.

Discord: Medium: Twitter:

LATOKEN, a Leading Global Crypto Exchange, Acted as IEO and Listing Partner for the Upcoming Spread Wisdom Project

SPREAD WISDOM (SWIM) Launching IEO on Latoken Exchange on March 28, 2023.

SWIM-Spread Wisdom is revolutionizing the way toddlers learn and grow with the world's first NFT app on blockchain for toddlers – “WISE-ME”. At SWIM, we believe in creating a future generation of wiser, environmentally conscious entrepreneurs through our 'WISEME' SWIM Toddlers gaming app and other innovative solutions. Our goal is to incubate ideas that help toddlers attain well-being and wisdom about nature through daily wisdom task rewards in the form of ZooNFT on a decentralized platform.

With SWIM's “Wise-Me” NFT app, toddlers can have fun while learning about financial literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through completing daily tasks, toddlers can earn NFT and learn about the value of transactions and how to make smart financial decisions. Games involving simple math problems and puzzles related to healthy living values and nature help toddlers develop valuable skills like counting, self-health, and environmental awareness.

As parents, we understand the challenge of balancing screen time for children. With WiseMe, parents can monitor their child's usage and set limits on screen time. The rewards earned by toddlers can be saved and used to purchase items in the game, turning screen time into a wise use of time and encouraging children to engage in meaningful activities.

But that's not all! WiseMe is introducing the first-ever kids NFT to digital asset commodity conversion on the safest blockchain network protocols. This provides secure and wise security for parents who want to secure their children's future. We're also passionate about nurturing the environment and provide extra rewards for parents who spend time with their children in nature and use recyclable, environmentally friendly products for kids. We believe in instilling a sense of responsibility and care for the environment in our children and reward families who do the same. For more details, please visit

In conclusion, WiseMe's NFT TODDLERS/PARENTS Gaming app is an innovative and exciting way for toddlers to learn about financial literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It promotes healthy living values and environmental awareness while providing a fun and interactive experience for toddlers. With WiseMe's NFT app on blockchain for toddlers, the possibilities for learning and fun are endless. Join us in unlocking the power of wisdom for a healthier Earth and humanity with “WISE ME,” the revolutionary NFT Play-To-Earn game for toddlers and parents that combines Gaming-Earning-Learning.

For further details about SPREAD WISDOM IEO, visit the official website of LATOKEN at follow us on our social media platforms.

Telegram : Twitter : Linkedin : Facebook : Instagram : About LATOKEN Ranked #2 worldwide in the startup tokens primary market with 300+ IEOs since 2017.

Has over 3.1 million registered users, and over 1 million Android app installations.

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Toshi Tools: The Future of DeFi Trading

Toshi Tools is ready to provide the crypto industry with a comprehensive tool to help anyone make informed investment decisions. With its intuitive design and unique features, Toshi Tools will empower users to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency markets.

Tier 1 wallet holders will get the app first, followed by everyone else. Toshi Tools' goal is to provide an easy-to-use app focusing on user experience. This team intends to offer a solution to the information overload that has become common in the crypto industry.

Proposing a Solution to Information Overload in the Crypto Industry The crypto industry has seen a massive influx of participants over the past few years, leading to significant information overload. Toshi Tools is introducing a real-time wallet-tracking app to help users solve this problem.

This app displays the top crypto market performers by wallet ID, sorted daily. Artificial intelligence (AI) will further enhance the application, with Open AI's GPT-3 machine learning integrated into the platform.

This integration allows users to efficiently extract information from the blockchain. GPT-3 technology will let users analyze bulk data and create a model customized to their specific configurations and metrics.

Toshi Tools reduces information overload for crypto enthusiasts by using the AI-driven GPT-3 machine learning system.

This project's ecosystem also features the $TOSHI native token. The long-term goal is a transaction fee of 3%, determined by Toshi Tools' market cap, project growth, and development completion.

A key part of the Toshi Tool's ecosystem is its token utility. The system allows users to access the full functionality of the application with a wallet Tier 1. Alternatively, burning $100 worth of $TOSHI tokens will grant one month's access.

Wallet Tier 1 holders need 0.4 percent of the $TOSHI supply, while future tiers will accommodate users with lower holdings.

Burning $TOSHI tokens to access different app levels creates a deflationary structure for the project. This burning process makes existing tokens more valuable as more and more users participate in Toshi Tool's utility ecosystem.

Appealing to a Large Audience Crypto partnerships are fundamental to Toshi Tools' mission to bring accessible crypto investment tracking and decision-making to a larger audience. Toshi Tools partners with SolidProof, NOWAI, and others to provide greater integration within the industry.

This is why Toshi Tools strives for more collaborations and partnerships, as every new project brings something unique. The March 25 Binance AMA will allow newcomers to learn about the project.

The team's appearance at Binance's meet-up in Frankfurt, Germany, at the end of January has piqued interest in the project. While the market awaits the AMA, this team is attracting attention to its crypto ecosystem.

About Toshi Tools Toshi Tools aims to provide users with an easy-to-read and customizable chart that helps track their crypto investments. With GPT-3 integrated into the system, it can perform on-chain analysis around the clock without human intervention.

Information overload is a common issue with blockchain and the sheer amount of data available. This makes it difficult to determine which information is useful, thus making it hard for users to make informed decisions. With its advanced technology, Toshi Tools can help users make sense of the data, providing valuable insight into cryptocurrency markets.

Toshi Tools' March 25 Binance AMA will introduce new people to the project. Toshi Tools is promoting its ecosystem through collaborations and partnerships as the beta release approaches.

Anyone interested in discovering this new project can visit Toshi Tools' website: and the social media channels below.

Telegram: Twitter: Medium:

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NuriFlex Group to Introduce AI-embedded chat GPT on NuriTopia Metaverse Platform

NuriFlex Group announced that it will introduce Artificial Intelligence(AI) chat GPT on its NuriTopia metaverse platform. With this introduction, NuriTopia is expected to provide a new dating experience by allowing users to engage in conversation and form relationships with AI avatars in the dating metaverse field. This is the second case of AI adoption by NuriFlex Group, following the implementation of AI in an electricity anti-theft AMI systems.

NuriTopia is a social dating metaverse platform where people around the world can build and engage in various networks using unique avatars. It allows users to share their interests in various ways and form a global community by applying gamified experience and event elements.

NuriTopia's partners include;

Neopin, a global c-DeFi platform of NeoWiz Group,

Talken, an NFT marketplace platform,

Colligence, a developer of digital asset wallets and De-Fi platforms,

300 Fit & Lillius, a sports blockchain specialist,

GESIA, a carbon emission trading platform,

WaffleStay, a travel rewards platform,

FanBridge, a K-culture service platform,

Atlantic Bridge Development & SkyFox Media, global animation production company,

Tricycle Cinema Production, a movie production company,

Medical networks in Korea including Aseptic, and more.

Additionally, NuriTopia's native token, $NBLU, will be listed on GATE.IO, a global coin exchange, at 11 a.m. KST on March 24th, 2023.

About Nuritopia Nuritopia is a boundless metaverse that brings together people with similar hobbies and common interests under its service “FRIENDS & HANGOUTS.” Nuritopia fuses the virtual and the real to facilitate the process of authentically forging social connections and offers an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities. In Nuritopia, users will interact through avatars, and create and trade their own content, all while having fun. Additional services will be included to shape an ecosystem with unique characteristics.

Nuritopia’s website: and the social media pages listed below are the best sources for additional information on this new development.

Twitter: Telegram: Instagram: Kakao:

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