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CoinsDo to Unveil Proprietary Solution Disrupting USD$1 billion Crypto Asset Management Market at Paris Blockchain Week

CoinsDo, a leading Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider for institutional crypto asset management, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Paris Blockchain Week from 9-11 April before heading off to Token 2049 in Dubai after.

With the crypto asset management market expected to surge from USD0.4 billion in 2021 to an estimated USD1.2 billion by 2026, growing at a compounded annual rate of 21.5%, this convention is the perfect venue for CoinsDo to showcase its comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize how businesses manage digital assets.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the power of CoinGet, CoinSend, and CoinSign – their flagship products that streamline digital asset deposits, enable automated payouts, and ensure secure transactions, respectively. Cumulatively, their solutions have generated over 60 million unique wallet addresses and processed more than USD2b in transactions since 2017, notably without a single security breach during that time.

“Powered by cutting-edge MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, our solutions remain secure and scalable even as the market grows at an extraordinary pace. We're proud to showcase how CoinsDo is setting new standards for institutional crypto asset management, and we look forward to forming meaningful relationships as we enter the web3 future,” said Weh Ming, Business Development Manager at CoinsDo.

All Paris Blockchain Week attendees can visit booth 72, where their team will be available to discuss how CoinsDo's solutions can benefit your business, answer any questions, and explore potential collaborations.

About CoinsDo

CoinsDo is a leading Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider for institutional crypto asset management based in Singapore. With a focus on security and scalability, CoinsDo provides the financial infrastructure that companies and individuals alike require to enter and thrive in the web3 space.

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MoneyBagTrading Launches MoneyBagToken – A Gateway to Exclusive Trading Analytics

The MoneyBagTrading team has announced the launch of its highly anticipated MoneyBagToken. This new cryptocurrency will grant holders access to the innovative MoneyBagTrading platform, offering exclusive trading analytics in a user-friendly format.

The project foresees a private beta launching later this year and a public release planned for 2025. MoneyBagToken intends to give traders an edge in the crypto market. The project has already partnered with top industry players and has a clear roadmap for future developments.

The Launch of MoneyBagToken The launch of MoneyBagToken ($MNYBG) has the main appeal as a utility token that grants access to the MoneyBagTrading platform. This platform contains actionable data for traders, presented in a useful way.

An automated system will determine price action and identify good entry zones.

To buy $MNYBG, traders can get an AVAX wallet from and swap $AVAX for $MNYBG. The token maximum supply will be 100M, with a 10% allocation for the development team and no presale or ICO.

The project will lock liquidity and implement a 1.5% trade tax to support the token's growth and stability.

During the beta stage, token holders will have exclusive access to the platform. This is the immediate benefit and incentive for buying $MNYBG in the short term. The platform plans to attract more traders and increase demand for $MNYBG in the long run.

Future Projects The project's roadmap has four phases. The first phase, which is already over, involved releasing the $MNYBG token.

Currently, the project is in phase two, focused on marketing efforts to gain more exposure for the token. In 2024-2025, phase three will see the release of the MoneyBagTrading platform. This will represent the project's core, offering users a platform to trade and utilize their $MNYBG tokens.

Phase four will take place in 2025. At this point, the team plans to continue developing trading tools and releasing the $MNYBG token on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

About MoneyBagTrading MoneyBagTrading is an upcoming platform aiming to assist users in making smarter trading decisions by providing actionable data in crypto. The platform will launch in 2025, starting with a private beta for selected token holders and then a public release. MoneyBagTrading has partnered with notable platforms like,, and

The platform will provide instant indications of bearish or bullish trends through collected data from the cryptocurrency market. This will give users the advantage of making informed decisions without needing a deep understanding of raw data.

With MoneyBagTrading, users can expect a user-friendly experience in navigating the complexities of the crypto realm. Furthermore, the platform's partnership with established platforms ensures larger adoption and popularity for the project.

Anyone curious to follow the developments of MoneyBagTrading can stay updated through its social media pages and official website:

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NOWPayments Reveals The Dynamics in Stablecoin Use in Its Crypto Payment Gateway

NOWPayments, a leading gateway for cryptocurrency payments, is proud to announce recent trends in stablecoin usage on its platform. A recent study conducted by the NOWPayments team of analysts has revealed the dynamics of stablecoin payments. The investigation conducted by the analytical team has shown that stablecoins on TRON and Ethereum are the usual front-runners; however, it is interesting to note which stablecoins on other networks follow them.

What are stablecoins? Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies tied to stable assets like fiat currencies, ensuring price stability in the volatile crypto market.

The Dynamics

According to NOWPayments analysis, USDTSOL leads in stablecoin payment transactions on NOWPayments, capturing an impressive 85.9% share, excluding stablecoins on TRON and Ethereum which are unquestionable leaders. This surge underscores the growing trust and preference for USDTSOL as a reliable payment method on our platform, reflecting its stability and efficiency. USDTARB took second place with a share of 10.28% of the stablecoin payment volume, demonstrating growing interest and use of this stablecoin among our clients. USDTARB stands out for its unique architecture and transaction security, making it an attractive choice for users. USDTOP, rounding out the three, showed a share of 3.82%. Despite a relatively smaller percentage of payments made on our platform, USDTOP demonstrates steady growth and potential as a reliable means of crypto payment on our platform. NOWPayments strives to provide its clients with the most modern and convenient crypto payment solutions. The results of their research not only highlight their commitment to innovation but also their ability to adapt to changing user preferences and market trends. They will continue to analyze the market and implement new technologies so that their clients can use the most efficient and secure crypto payment methods.

About NOWPayments is a leading payment gateway for instant cryptocurrency payments, offering support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies for the convenience and security of both online transactions. Aiming for innovation and convenience, NOWPayments provides solutions that meet the highest standards of security and efficiency. For additional information about NOWPayments and their services, please visit the official website or contact them directly via email

Disclaimer: This press release is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice, investment recommendation, or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Readers should conduct their own research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


Disclaimer: This press release is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice, investment recommendation, or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Readers should conduct their own research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Empowering the Digital Future: L7’s Revolutionary Upgrade Redefines Excellence in Web3 Asset Management

In a digital era characterized by rapid technological evolution and dynamic economic shifts, L7 stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, heralding a new age of digital asset management. As we edge closer to the anticipated bull market of 2024, L7 is undergoing a transformative upgrade, extending beyond mere enhancements to fundamentally redefining our platform. This overhaul encompasses our core services — DEX, CEX, Crypto Card, and L7 Labs —with an unwavering commitment to surpassing community expectations and empowering both investors and innovators in the burgeoning future of Web3 asset management.

In alignment with our vision for innovation and trust, L7 is thrilled to introduce our new logo, adorned in a vibrant shade of orange. This choice symbolizes our innovative spirit and the reliability of our platform, marking a new era where our external identity mirrors the revolutionary internal advancements.

L7 is dedicated to broadening the horizons for our users by offering unprecedented access to a diverse array of investment opportunities. With the introduction of state-of-the-art features such as Farms, 7 Pool, and an IDO platform, coupled with significant UI improvements and performance optimizations, we equip our users with the necessary tools to thrive in the upcoming bull market.

Moreover, the establishment of L7 Labs as an incubator underscores our commitment to being a catalyst for innovation. By providing a nurturing environment for potential projects, we aim to make a significant impact on the Web3 ecosystem and create a flourishing community that benefits all stakeholders.

L7: Elevating Investor Success in the Web3 Frontier

Investors who dream of a future filled with growth, diversity, and unwavering reliability will find their hearts aligning with L7. Our platform doesn’t just stand out; it shines brilliantly, offering a beacon of innovation through our unique Farms and 7 Pools. These aren’t just features; they’re gateways to a world of enhanced earning through our cherished native token, $LSD, nurturing our vibrant ecosystem. Imagine being at the forefront of Web3’s revolutionary projects, riding the wave of the next bull market with confidence and excitement. That’s the promise of L7.

But there’s more. The L7 Crypto Card, bridging the gap between the digital and traditional with Mastercard compatibility, ensures that your investments are not just profitable but also fluid and secure. This card isn’t just a tool; it’s your key to freedom in managing digital assets with ease and peace of mind.

Our heart beats in unison with our community. Driven by a passion for excellence and responsiveness, we’ve transformed our platform into an oasis of intuitive, engaging, and secure investment experiences. By listening and adapting to the voices of our users, we’ve crafted an investment journey that’s not just seamless but also deeply personal and empowering. Join us at L7, where your investment dreams become reality, wrapped in a community that cares deeply about your success.

L7: Fueling Innovation’s Flame with the Full Supports

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, achieving recognition, garnering support, and establishing meaningful partnerships are vital for a project’s triumph. Recognizing these necessities, L7 has carved out a space as a beacon of growth for budding projects with the establishment of L7 Labs. This initiative is passionately committed to nurturing startups with great potential, providing them with a rich environment in which they can flourish.

Eager to boost the progress of these promising initiatives further, we are thrilled to unveil our Grant Program. This initiative is meticulously designed to offer selective financial support complemented by a comprehensive array of support services. Among these are initiatives aimed at increasing brand visibility, building community ties, devising effective marketing strategies, and offering expert technical guidance.

L7 Labs links pioneering projects with the vital resources required for their success. By extending a variety of support mechanisms, L7 Labs enables these projects to tackle the distinct challenges presented by the Web3 domain. This collaborative model not only accelerates the development of projects but also integrates them into L7’s broad ecosystem, affording them visibility and engagement on a global scale.

L7’s Achievement Highlights

Since our brand upgrade, L7 has achieved significant milestones that reflect our dedication to innovation, community engagement, and technological excellence:

Successfully completed IDOs for two projects, Loserchick and NEO Fantasy, demonstrating our platform’s effectiveness in launching high-potential ventures. Helped accelerate our community’s growth to over 150,000 members, now across more than 100 countries, driven by engaging activities that foster a strong sense of belonging. L7’s journey is significantly propelled by the robust support of our community. As we continue to evolve, we attract more innovators and trailblazers, creating a dynamic ecosystem that enhances our impact within the Web3 space. Our L7 DEX CEO, James Lucas, emphasizes the instrumental role of our investor community and the emerging community of innovators in driving our growth, said “by serving as a bridge between investors and high-potential projects, L7 fosters a cycle of investment and innovation that propels the Web3 space forward. We invite innovators to join our Grant Program and collaborate with us in shaping the future of Web3.”

Together, we are poised to lead projects to unparalleled success, establishing L7 as a thought leader and pioneer in nurturing a comprehensive digital asset ecosystem.

About L7

L7 is a Web3 digital asset management and traffic aggregation platform. It committed to providing digital asset investment and allocation services to investors worldwide. Leveraging extensive industry resources and wide networks, L7 provides a broad range of solutions, including venture capital in digital assets, incubation of startup projects, and financial management services. L7’s portfolio includes a range of products and services such as Centralized Exchanges (CEX), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), Crypto Cards, Labs, and Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), among others. Our ecosystem is in active exploration of a wide array of applications.

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Experience the Future with Cloudnet AI: Elevating Web3 Infrastructure and API Services

Cloudnet AI plays a crucial role in bridging traditional cloud computing with the Web3 era's unique demands, employing AI and machine learning to enhance efficiency and security.

Cloudnet democratizes access to powerful computing resources, enabling innovation across various sectors without the high costs of advanced infrastructure. In the Web3 domain, Cloudnet AI supports decentralized applications, blockchain networks, and smart contracts, providing essential infrastructure for a more secure, transparent internet.

GPU Computing Empower your projects with unparalleled computational prowess through Cloudnet AI's GPU computing rental service. Whether you're delving into machine learning, data analysis, or high-performance computing tasks, our platform provides the ideal environment to accelerate your workflows and achieve remarkable results. Powerful Dedicated Server

Elevate your digital presence with Cloudnet AI's dedicated server service, designed to deliver uncompromising performance, reliability, and security for your mission-critical applications and workloads. Whether you're running high-traffic websites, complex databases, or resource-intensive applications, our dedicated servers provide the robust infrastructure you need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

Cloud Mining Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies effortlessly with Cloudnet AI's innovative cloud mining service. Whether you're a seasoned miner or new to the crypto space, our platform offers a convenient and efficient way to generate passive income and participate in blockchain networks without the hassle of hardware setup or maintenance.

Cloud Gaming Embark on a new era of gaming with Cloudnet AI's cutting-edge cloud gaming service. Designed for gamers who demand high-performance, low-latency gameplay, our platform offers unparalleled access to a vast library of games and immersive experiences, all powered by our advanced cloud infrastructure.

Private Node Empower your blockchain projects with Cloudnet AI's private node rental service, offering exclusive access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Solana networks. Our dedicated nodes provide the reliability, security, and performance you need to participate in these leading blockchain ecosystems with confidence and efficiency.

Api Service Take your applications to new heights with Cloudnet AI's powerful API service, designed to streamline development, enhance functionality, and accelerate innovation. Whether you're building web applications, mobile apps, or IoT solutions, our comprehensive API service offers the tools and resources you need to integrate seamlessly with our cloud infrastructure and unlock limitless possibilities.

About Cloudnet AI Cloudnet AI stands at the forefront of the transformative journey into the Web3 era, embodying the convergence of advanced cloud computing capabilities with the decentralized, user-centric principles of Web3. Through its comprehensive suite of services, including on-demand GPU computing, dedicated servers, cloud gaming, and specialized services for privacy and decentralized applications, Cloudnet AI is not just meeting the current needs of the digital landscape but also paving the way for future innovations.

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Wemade's Night Crows Achieves Record-Breaking $10 Million In Global Sales Within Three Days Of Launch

Over a million pre-registration sign-ups Among the top 10 free new RPG games by downloads in major gaming markets including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan More than 600 streamers joining the Streamer Supporting System

SINGAPORE – TUESDAY MARCH 19, 2024 – Leading global game developer Wemade, today announced that the blockbuster MMORPG NIGHT CROWS has surpassed $10 million in global sales within just three days of launch (March 12th). NIGHT CROWS has reached the same milestone ten times faster than the highly successful MIR4 Global launch in 2021, outpacing all previous game titles published by Wemade, and marking an unprecedented milestone in the company's history.

Rising demand from gamers worldwide Developed by MADNGINE, the game seamlessly integrates proven content with advanced blockchain technology, including multi-tokenomics, character NFTs, and the “unagi(x)” omnichain messaging protocol. NIGHT CROWS features Unreal Engine 5’s cutting-edge graphics including a fully dynamic global illumination and reflections solution, a thrilling blend of history and fantasy, and innovative features like the use of “Gliders”. Going beyond the simple flight using elevation differences, Gliders enable gliding, hovering, and various strategies for combat by utilizing updrafts, offering a three-dimensional action experience that breaks away from flat-surfaced battles.

This has contributed to a rapidly expanding user base with the average number of concurrent users exceeding 230,000 and reaching a peak of nearly 300,000 players. To accommodate this growth, Wemade has swiftly scaled server capacity, expanding from the initial 24 servers to a current count of 69 to meet the high demand.

Surging to the top of global app rankings in first 24 hours With over a million pre-registration sign-ups, NIGHT CROWS has shot to the top of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store app rankings worldwide within 24 hours after launching in 170 countries. NIGHT CROWS was among the top 10 free new RPG games by downloads on the App Store and/or Google Play Store in major gaming markets including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Streamer Supporting System see early success The unique “Streamer Supporting System” (SSS), which fosters a mutually beneficial ecosystem for streamers, supporters, and the game itself, is seeing early success with over 600 active streamers already signed up. Streamers including Kyrobell in the Philippines (86,500 Youtube followers) and Kyoinfinity (33,800 Twitch followers) are driving further user growth with more than 50 livestreams and video walkthroughs of the game already available on the SSS portal.

Discover the world of NIGHT CROWS and learn more at Streamers can join the Streamer Supporting System at

About Wemade Wemade is at the forefront of the next wave of Web3 game developers that are innovating with blockchain technology. Based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, the WEMIX PLAY blockchain game platform is the world’s biggest with millions of users and a wide range of game genres from card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games; to first-person shooters, battle royale, MOBA, MMORPG, SNG, sports games and more. Visit for more information.

SX Bet Takes a Giant Leap in Sports Betting Innovation with Zero Fees and Cross-Chain Expansion

The SX Bet team is excited to announce it has taken a leap forward in its mission to revolutionize the sports betting industry by eliminating fees. The move to zero commission has SX Bet positioned to be the lowest vig sports betting platform and have the best odds in the world. In tandem with this groundbreaking change, SX Bet is also pioneering the industry as the first cross-chain gambling application, starting with an imminent launch on Arbitrum.

This dual advancement not only redefines the economics of sports betting but also expands SX Bet's reach, welcoming a broader, crypto-native audience across multiple chains.

Elimination of Commission Fees In a landmark move, SX Bet has reduced commission rates to zero, meaning both makers and takers pay 0% commission on all bets, including parlay bets.“While exploring different monetization routes, SX has taken the step to cut commission rates to zero for the time being,” Andrew Young, Project Lead at SX explains, highlighting the platform's commitment to reducing vig in sports betting to zero while also drastically increasing fairness.

On top of paying no commission, SX rewards bettors weekly in its native governance token $SX for using the platform. This means the net commission paid on bets is actually negative; SX bettors are effectively being paid to bet.

SX Bet Launching on Arbitrum

The expansion onto Arbitrum on March 19th signifies SX Bet's entry as the first cross-chain betting application, a strategic move designed to capture the vast, untapped crypto-native audience across multiple chains.

The Arbitrum launch is accompanied by a series of exciting incentives and promotions, including an Airdrop and a $69,420 betting tournament, all aimed at celebrating the milestone and encouraging widespread participation.

About SX

SX Network blockchain combines smart contracts with an on-chain treasury and prediction market protocol. It offers low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus, making it ideal for developers with EVM compatibility. SX Network’s flagship platform, SX Bet, is the largest blockchain betting platform in the world, having processed over $437,000,000 in betting volume. The platform is non-custodial, all bets are peer-to-peer and settled transparently on-chain. SX Bet is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.

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Fandomdao Joins Top 5 Gainers on MEXC and and Offers Final Opportunity for Airdrop

After a strong debut, the Fandomdao's team is excited to announce new achievements and opportunities for the FAND token. Through its listing on MEXC, FAND has soared as one of the “24H Top 5 Gainers.” Through its second FandomdaoChallenge, the project built a community of over one million users. With a final opportunity for an exclusive airdrop and a strategic partnership with ICP, many are talking about this project.

Fandomdao's Spectacular Rise and Community Expansion Many crypto enthusiasts have been hearing about Fandomdao since its successful listing on MEXC on March 5th. And with good reason, as the project's token (FAND) has seen an impressive growth of +315.51%. Ever since its listing, the token continued to rise steadily.

With the recent 2nd FandomdaoChallenge, the project has gained over one million new users within just three weeks. Its high participation rate of 95.7% is a testament to the project's appeal and value. The challenge allows users to vote for their favorite musician. Moreover, it serves a noble cause by donating to the “Hear the World Foundation” and aiding deaf children worldwide.

Excitement builds for the 2024 Billboard Music Awards results, with a special surprise ready for fans supporting the top artist. The promise of an airdrop for voters of the first-place artist adds excitement for fans. The voting period opened on February 16th and will continue until March 18th, so there is still time to join. The results will be available on March 19th, and an airdrop event will occur on March 21st.

To participate in the challenge, users can register on Fandomdao and receive 300 FAO points. These points let users vote for their favorite artist. There is also a chance to earn additional points by sharing the event link on social media.

The New Strategic Partnership with ICP

Fandomdao's success is receiving validation from multiple sources. One of the latest news is the recognition by ICP.hub Korea (Internet Computer). This acknowledgment highlights Fandomdao's potential impact on web3 social platforms, which is gaining popularity and significance.

With ICP providing access to a decentralized blockchain network, Fandomdao can further enhance its user metrics and empower its community.

Integrating Web2 and Web3 marks a great shift for Fandomdao. The project has a fair reward system for decentralized engagement and participation. ICP's infinitely scalable architecture and advanced security protocols make it a strong partner for Fandomdao's ecosystem. This strategic partnership aims to reshape the internet and reduce the dominance of tech giants like Google or Facebook. Indeed, the team promotes an “open and free” Web3 industry.

About Fandomdao Fandomdao, a new Web3 social platform, unites artists and global fandoms. Users can engage without prior blockchain knowledge, accessing Fandomdao easily through existing social logins like Google. Anyone can join the FandomdaoChallenge to support this initiative, aiming for a positive impact on digital communities. For more details, it is possible tovisit the official website: or check the social media links below.

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SX Network Closes Successful Strategic Funding Round

SX Network is proud to announce the closure of a successful strategic funding round. Spearheaded by Draper Dragon, the round also saw participation from CMCC Global, CMS Holdings, and several angel investors. This pivotal financial milestone is a testament to SX Network's leading role in leveraging blockchain technology to redefine sports betting.

Unprecedented Growth and Market Leadership

At the heart of its mission, SX Network seeks to revolutionize the sports betting industry by eliminating vig and dramatically improving fairness and transparency with the innovative use of blockchain technology. Its flagship platform, SX Bet, has established itself as the world's largest on-chain GambleFi project, boasting over $437 million in total betting volume and outperforming its nearest competitor tenfold. Despite dominating the on-chain betting landscape and appealing to professional, non-crypto native bettors seeking superior odds, SX Bet has largely flown under the broader web3 radar. The recent strategic funding round and SX Bet's unparalleled market performance underscore the platform's readiness for explosive growth and expansion into the web3 ecosystem, signaling an exciting phase of increased visibility and influence.

Expanding Horizons with Cross-Chain Launch

In a groundbreaking initiative, SX Bet is set to expand its reach by launching on over five new blockchains in 2024, starting with its launch on Arbitrum in the upcoming days. This expansion positions SX Bet as the first-ever cross-chain betting application, aiming to attract a vast crypto-native audience across multiple blockchains. The platform plans to celebrate each blockchain launch with significant bet drops to both new and existing users, further driving platform adoption and engagement.

Andrew Young, Project Lead at SX Network, expressed his excitement about the upcoming expansions: “We're excited to bring on these new partners just as we're getting ready to launch the world's first-ever cross-chain betting platform. This influx of new funding and high-caliber investors perfectly positions SX to solidify its status as the global hub of sports betting liquidity and to extend our leadership in the web3 betting space.”

About SX

SX Network blockchain ( combines smart contracts with an on-chain treasury and prediction market protocol. It offers low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus, making it ideal for developers with EVM compatibility. SX Network’s flagship platform, SX Bet, is the largest blockchain betting platform in the world, having processed over 437,000,000 million in betting volume. The platform is non-custodial, all bets are peer-to-peer and settled transparently on-chain. SX Bet is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.

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Marine Moguls by MetFi Announces $5.9 Million ERC-404 Token and NFT Airdrop Running Until May

MetFi DAO is proud to announce its Marine Moguls $5.9 Million Token and NFT airdrop built on the cutting-edge ERC-404 protocol is live and running till May 21st, 2024. The airdrop campaign offers unique opportunities for participants to collect free airdrop points that convert into desirable $MOGUL tokens and NFTs.

The innovative ERC-404 protocol that Marine Moguls is built on is a hybrid of fungible and non-fungible tokens, providing NFT owners automatic and instant liquidity whilst giving token holders fractional NFT ownership – the best of both worlds.

Marine Moguls Airdrop Campaign: Opportunities and Rewards 3,000 Marine Mogul tokens and NFTs will be airdropped, representing 30% of the total supply of 10,000 Marine Mogul NFTs paired (bound) to 10,000 $MOGUL tokens on BNB Chain.

Participants generate points on the Marine Moguls Airdrop page. All accumulated points automatically convert into $MOGUL tokens and NFTs at the Token Generation Event (TGE) on May 25th, 2024.

2,500 NFTs (25% of the total supply) have provably random hidden prizes attached to them valued at approximately 2.9 Million USDT. Users can sell the NFTs on an NFT marketplace, sell the tokens instantly on decentralized exchanges (DEX), or merge and craft NFTs to increase their rarity and value.

3,900 $MOGUL tokens (39% of the total supply) will be distributed to users who stake their $MOGUL tokens. If 25% of $MOGULS are staked an estimated APY of 260% is forecast. APY will vary based on the number of $MOGULS that are staked in each 28-day staking cycle meaning the APY could be higher or lower.

$MOGUL stakers are further rewarded with exclusive access to Metbot the high-frequency trading bot that generated high double-digit returns in two months of live testing. MetBot will launch in late May, around the same time as the Marine Mogul TGE.

To participate in the Marine Moguls airdrop campaign, users need to own a MetFi NFT which anyone can purchase for just 10 USDT by connecting their wallet to the MetFi website. Owning one Plankton NFT is all that is required to accumulate airdrop points that will automatically convert to Marine Mogul tokens.

ERC-404 and Marine Moguls: The Secret Sauce Marine Moguls secret sauce is its innovative application of the revolutionary ERC-404 protocol. This new technology combines the fungibility of ERC-20 tokens with the non-fungibility of ERC-721 tokens into a single ERC-404 smart contract – creating a liquid and dynamic user experience previously unattainable in the NFT space.

When a wallet holds one whole $MOGUL token the ERC-404 smart contract automatically mints a unique Marine Mogul NFT to the wallet – holding both the token and the NFT simultaneously as one is bound to the other.

When the user sells or transfers some or all of the $MOGUL token and the balance becomes less than one whole $MOGUL token the NFT is burned and ownership rights are altered. When the balance is again one whole $MOGUL token a new, unique NFT is again minted to the wallet, reaffirming full ownership.

This innovation gives users the ability to instantly discard an NFT they don’t wish to hold by simply selling a fraction (or all) of a $MOGUL token and buying it back minutes later to get a newly minted NFT rather than waiting for someone to buy the NFT on a marketplace which has been standard practice before the advent of ERC-404, giving NFT owners instant NFT liquidity.

Each Marine Mogul NFT has a unique mix of provably random traits, rarities, and attributes with the ability to merge and craft NFTs into rarer, more desirable, and valuable NFTs.

Owning less than one whole $MOGUL token gives the user fractional ownership of the entire Marine Moguls NFT collection.

As a result, ERC-404 solves the common and painful challenges that come with an auction-based NFT trading system that prohibits instant and seamless NFT trading, making price discovery inefficient. On the other hand, users who wish to sell their NFT for more than the $MOGUL token price always have the option to sell it on an NFT marketplace.

This innovative new concept represents a more efficient way to interact with, trade, and experience NFTs.

About Marine Moguls Marine Moguls is developed and powered by MetFi DAO, a leading decentralized investor and incubator of early-stage Web3, AI, and gaming startups and the developer of proprietary product offerings including MetBot, Marine Moguls, and MetFi NFTs.

MetFi is radically changing the traditional angel investor and venture capital model through its innovative DAO venture model where the community votes on all important decisions affecting the DAO, including which Web3 projects to invest in and which products to develop and bring to market. By aligning the desires of the Web3 projects that MetFi invests in those of its community MetFi has created a synergistic and frictionless ecosystem where all parties benefit.

MetFi owns and controls its liquidity, giving MetFi DAO enormous flexibility to move swiftly on investment opportunities and adapt to prevailing market conditions. The community-driven and progressive decentralized ethos is evident in MetFi's early adoption of the ERC-404 standard, elevating NFTs beyond digital collectibles.

The ongoing Marine Moguls airdrop campaign is a prime example of MetFi's vision in action. The airdrop campaign will conclude on the 21st of May, 2024, and reward participants with $MOGUL tokens and NFTs.

You can learn more about MetFi DAO and Marine Moguls by visiting the MetFi: and Marine Moguls: websites and the social media pages below.

Visit airdrop website:

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