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The Bedrock Project is Facilitating Funding of Peer to Peer Projects

Bedrock has introduced a DeFi token that facilitates peer-to-peer funding via smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain. The platform offers an avenue for users to present their business projects (experiments) to like-minded folks who can invest their funds to help the ventures take flight.

The Bedrock team realizes that banks and credit cards cannot meet every startup’s needs. Therefore, they devised a different way for businesses to source funds while allowing people to inject their extra cash in profitable short-term or long-term endeavors.

The project backers seek to offer opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors alike to choose which experiments to invest their money into for a chance to earn lucrative returns. 

The experienced and passionate Bedrock team draws their inspiration from various projects at the forefront of development and growth for intuitive business ventures, including Shark Tank, Personal Friend and Family Loan Structures, and Hex staking.

How does the Bedrock DeFi Project Work? Bedrock delivers functionality over hype by deploying smart contracts to facilitate users to perform coin/token swaps, create or join peer-to-peer experiments, and much more.

The functionalities will be released on The project’s DApp is designed to offer users an unprecedented way to invest in the most promising business projects and earn interest in BUSD.

Bedrock’s DApp empowers experiment owners, operators or representatives to raise the funds they need to bring their business ideas to life. The protocol allows these entrepreneurs to build successful projects while rewarding investors who put their money on the line to fund their experiments.

Upon completing the pre-agreed term, smart contracts release the users’ investments back to them in BUSD. Business owners can build their reputation and trust score within the ecosystem and subsequent communities by starting and completing multiple profitable Bedrock experiments.

Established and aspiring operators looking to debut a project, scale their business, or launch a new product on Bedrock are required to purchase $ROCK tokens. They must also deposit 50% of the experiment amount to serve as collateral and interest for investors.

Owners are then required to publish important info such as their business name, website name, certificates, target for success, and timeline to fill the experiment. 

The experienced Bedrock admins review each experiment and collateral to root out any illegal/immoral business plans and ensure only legit projects make it to the public. At this point, anyone can join approved ventures by depositing crypto toward the desired investment total and earn BUSD throughout the length of the project. The funds are converted to BUSD and released to the developers to finance their ambitions.

Earn $ROCK by Providing Liquidity to the Protocol $ROCK is the Bedrock platform’s utility token that allows users to earn up to 50% APY for staking. Holders can lock their coins on Bedrockswap and earn $ROCK depending on the length of the stake.

Staked tokens are committed to the platform’s Dapp for a fixed period, creating less volatility and a more stable price floor that allows $ROCK to gain more value over time. 

Users who prove their confidence in the functionality and moonshot potential of the native token by providing liquidity to the Bedrock pool get to share 350,000,000 $ROCK in staking rewards. The liquidity is added to Pancakeswap to facilitate seamless trading, create a stable market, and provide liquidity for investors and crypto users. 

Buy and stake $ROCK, an amazing utility token that offers investors incredible yield and the highest return and be part of the project’s journey to rock the boat in the crypto world.

About Bedrock Bedrock brings a revolutionary way for project operators in multiple sectors to access BUSD to fund their business experiments. The platform also gives users a way to invest extra money into upcoming projects and rewards for providing liquidity and staking.

Bedrock is a sleeping giant that offers investors daily passive income while empowering them to contribute to the most transformational business ideas in the world.

Users can get in early on the $ROCK ground floor and bag free tokens for each new wallet they bring to the community by joining the social pages below:

Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter:

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LocoMeta Introduces a Metaverse Game Centered around NFTs

LocoMeta is excited to announce its blockchain-based business Metaverse game centered around NFTs, staking, and farming. This feature-rich mint-to-earn game allows users to earn LOCO Tokens (in the LocoMeta Universe) by buying various NFTs. Notably, the game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is compatible with Web3 wallets, such as Trust Wallet, which users can leverage for transactions and gas fees settlements.

LocoMeta aspires to be the most creative Metaverse game on the blockchain. It allows its users to enjoy being a part of an infinite universe, the thrill of strategic gameplay, and the opportunity to earn LOCO tokens.

Mint to Earn According to the website, LocoMeta is a game that involves a train that goes around the Metaverse Universe to the end of the world. The team plans to complete this in the years 2024 to 2025.

In the LocoMeta universe, NFT tokens are incredibly dynamic, practical, and functional. Unlike many NFTs in the crypto space today, strictly collectibles or “artwork,” the NFTs in the LocoMetaNFT Framework have multiple uses.

NFT tokens can be transferred out of the game universe and sold or exchanged on third-party sites. The LOCO NFTs, on the other hand, serve practical purposes in the LocoMeta Universe.

LocoMeta NFTs While the NFTs in LocoMeta are cool to look at, they are also fully functional and beneficial to your character in-game. 

Each NFT has a distinct level and feature. The wagon NFT comes with a multiplier value. It determines the number of tickets printed, the time it takes to produce each seat, and the time for the machinist to distribute them.

Your daily production amount is indicated by the ticket NFT. Purchasing a ticket will allow you to start production on your wagon. Seats NFT, on the other hand, show your distribution day. In this case, your distribution day begins at 60 days if you are not a seat owner. In addition, you can reduce your distribution time by purchasing a seat.

Finally, the machinist NFT is the most vital component of a train. LocoMeta wanted to give the machinist's NFT a nice meaning here. The faster you go, the better your machinist. It allows you to cut the number of days and produce LOCO more quickly.

The LocoMeta Token The LocoMeta token is connected to and synchronized with the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, one wallet can quickly, easily, and cheaply send funds to another on the network. Users can also send it into and out of the LocoMeta.

In-game and outside the game world, players will use the LocoMeta token to buy and trade NFTs. The team sees it as one of the token's primary applications. Players will list their NFTs for sale and exchange them for the LocoMeta token via the in-game auction houses. They can also fix the damage, buy items, and buy fuel, among other things.

Furthermore, the LocoMeta token can be staked and used for farming outside of the game universe. Users will get rewarded when they stake or use the token to farm.

About LocoMeta LocoMeta is a blockchain-based business Metaverse game focused on staking, farming, NFTs, and other features. LocoMeta aims to become the most creative Metaverse game on the blockchain. Hence, the mint-to-earn game provides users with a fun experience by purchasing NFTs to earn LOCO tokens. 

The NFTs are earning models, but they will prioritize making the first avatar in the in-game universe and participating in the beta version, which they expect to be completed by 2025. Notably, the game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is compatible with Web3 wallets.

The LocoMeta project will slowly adopt more DAO-like features, giving the community the ability to decide on certain aspects of the project’s growth.

Token Information Token Name: LocoMeta Token Symbol: LOCO Token Type: BEP-20 Total Supply: 150,000,000 Smart Contract Address: 0x458a55951D7974ADE50c2A53827E9144c7fe804b Initial Circulation Supply (Quantity of unlocked at TGE): 1,300,000 Initial Circulation Supply Percentage: 0.86 Initial Market Cap: 156,000 USD TGE (Token Generate Event) Time: Instantly

About the Campaign Various campaigns are being held to celebrate the announcement of LocoMeta.

Private Sale Anybody can book a place and be one of the first to step into the LocoMeta Universe. Visit the Private Sale page to see and research all the attractive offers.

Whitelist Starting January 28th, LocoMeta is running a $40,000 Whitelist Campaign, and if you enter by February 12th, you will be entitled to purchase up to $200 worth of token at private sale price. Join LocoMeta whitelist campaign.

Social Media Handles: Website: Twitter: Github: Telegram: Medium:

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Everything You Need to Know About Solidproof’s Audit Processes

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the most promising technologies already reshaping the financial sectors. Countless new projects using them appear every day. However, not all of them run on risk-free protocols. Solidproof is a Germany-based company employing innovative auditing solutions to make this environment safer for everyone.

Solidproof Delivers New and Efficient Auditing Solutions Auditing is among the most effective ways of keeping checks and balances in any organization. However, with the entire financial landscape shifting, the future of audits depends on a few key technological trends. Solidproof provides a comprehensive auditing process, automation of many recurring tasks, and service execution. In 2021, the company’s three founders saw an uncertain future for blockchain-based projects. This was primarily due to the scarcity of proper audit tools and numerous faulty protocols.

Nevertheless, they continued to invest their efforts into creating a more secure environment through extensive auditing solutions. Today, Solidproof has over 350 projects that range in size from industry-leading protocols to up-and-coming applications.

Additionally, the team behind has worked hard to improve its services. To this end, they fine-tuned their business and continuously adapted to the market's changing needs. Just recently, they also announced the integration of marketing services to help the project further with their goals. Now, Solidproof plans to introduce its first smart contact automation, which should change the industry for the better.

The Solidproof Audit Process Solidproof generates audit transparent and thorough reports that identify any problems or vulnerabilities within a protocol’s code. Next, they classify and list these errors depending on their severity level – critical, medium, and low.

Additionally, Solidproof uses built-in KYC (Know Your Customer) standards. The company uses them to establish the users’ identities and determine whether they pose money laundering risks. Furthermore, it helps protocols understand if potential investors get their funds from legitimate sources. Lastly, Solidproof addresses privacy concerns by storing clients’ data on high-encriptyon servers. This way, it ensures maximum security for potentially sensitive information. As a result, up-and-coming projects can rely on its safe approach to optimizing data storage.

The future looks bright for Solidproof. The company already becoming an industry leader in auditing solutions and expanding its services worldwide. Also, it is working tirelessly to achieve higher efficiency in audit and KYC to change the blockchain landscape forever.

Besides smart contact audit automation, the company team aims to increase security and ensure optimal privacy for its customers. While blockchain auditing may be challenging, Solidproof is off to an impressive start and will soon dominate the industry.


NowMeta is Looking to Carve Out its Own Path in the Metaverse

NowMeta is excited to unveil its latest features as it advances towards its quest to revolutionize the metaverse. The NowMeta gaming studios will develop games available on mobile and multi-platform devices, including PCs. Training modules will also focus on web 3.0 development, game development, NFT development, and Metaverse 101 learning and development for all ages.

Meanwhile, NowMeta's charity will provide grant programs to assist students within the community. These characteristics focus on the project's principal purpose of bringing varied entrepreneurship opportunities and developing a fire trading market for NowMeta investors by utilizing other industry professionals.

Opening the Metaverse As Metaverse coin holders gain access to staking opportunities, liquidity, and diversified returns, NowMeta plans to enrich their experiences. In addition, investors on NowMeta will access online networking portals and see measurable changes in their lives. NowMeta Games have built-in features to allow players to earn money while playing. As a result, investors and consumers gain incentives. NowMeta will also allow staking for holders to earn passive income.

The project provides possibilities for holders to receive high-level training. They will also grow from specialists in their particular fields when we establish this unique network. Entrepreneurs, angel investors, innovators, and individuals from various industries will network on NowMeta. The project will develop solutions in our communities by innovating together in the metaverse.

The project will now feature the community's avatar clothing on Meta Runway. This move will open up opportunities for artists to earn money while working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NowMeta Impact Award Show will recognize the NowMeta community's most brilliant and influential creators in all industries. It is where the team expresses gratitude and appreciation for the success of our initiative. It will include companies and persons from both the metaverse and the real world.

Tokenomics Details NowMeta's blockchain-based transactions are speedy, secure, and transparent owing to Binance Smart Chain. The NowMeta Future Vault will receive 4% of transaction fees in tokenomics. It will offer loans and grants to help the bright minds of the NowMeta community advance in and out of the metaverse.

NowMeta will contribute 5% of each transaction to charity, creating a healthier and safer world while enhancing the metaverse. Despite the lack of an auto-burn feature, the project will buy back and burn about 5% of each transaction. With the anti-rug pull-proof mechanisms in place, the project can pull only 1% of the current supply at a time. 4% of transaction fees will go to marketing and development.

NowMeta is currently developing MetaSwap, a cross-chain platform, and exchange. Hence, it will enable cross-metaverse coin swapping across all major metaverse platforms. It will result in the most potent Meta-Ecosystem, powered by Binance and Ethereum.

What's Next for the Project? The project is almost done with the first stage of its roadmap. Its activities include website making, the presale, Pancakeswap Listing, whitepaper release, and audit. The last remaining are influencer partnerships, building NowMeta NFT lab, and base marketing push. 

Stage two will feature virtual real estate acquisition, user perks and rewards, CoinGecko and CMC listing, burn token initiative meeting, and smart contract audit. Stage 3 will see more partnerships, merch, youth education stations, and strategic campaigns. After this, the fourth stage will feature a NowMeta wallet, reward game, more exchange listings, NFTs drop, complete app development, among others. 

About NowMeta NowMeta investors are making investments in the future of the metaverse. It applies to all platforms, including Decentraland, Blocktopia, Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, and any future worlds. Join the metaverse's most extensive digital real estate investment holding fund.

The goal of NowMetas is to help holders understand the metaverse. Find out more about NowMeta via the social media handles below:





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Arkverse Metaverse Ecosystem for Animal Lovers Prepares for Launch

Arkverse, a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem, is excited to announce that it will release its meta-bus game. The project was founded in 2022 with a unique play-to-earn model to build a metaverse ecosystem that focuses on animals. It also has a touch of adventure, ownership, and rewards.

More than Play-to-Earn Arkverse is created by animal lovers, for animal lovers. A primary objective is to create a world-first ecosystem that allows users to explore, design, and share content related to animals. Its open-world environment has a theme around animals, and participants will interact with it. The Arkverse model incorporates play-to-earn games that allow individuals to earn real money.

Arkverse is more than just a play-to-earn metaverse. Notably, it extends into developing the world's premiere virtual ecosystem. Users may immerse themselves in an exciting open world of creatures. In addition, they can learn about many environmental challenges. The initiative plans to empower people by contributing to animal rights organizations.

ARK Animal-based NFT Arkverse seeks to create a close-knit community of animal lovers. To accomplish this, it intends to allow users to cooperate and share user-created material, hence supporting the metaverse's organic growth. The ecosystem integrates NFTs, governance tokens, and in-game economics to provide users with a structured, sustainable, and rewarding gaming loop.

Before introducing their Metaverse, Arkverse will launch a series of ARK NFTs. Each NFT series will have its tokenomics, which will be linked to its IDO and Metaverse. Arkverse will introduce the first Arkverse NFT series, consisting of 2,022 Tigers with considerable holder benefits, on February 1st, 2022. Further down the road, Arkverse intends to launch a 3D NFT.

Arkverse Tokenomics The Arkverse is a multi-coin system with two separate tokens – $ARK and $Haven. The project will determine the exchange rate for the two tokens before the launch of their metaverse. 

$ARK is the governance token for the Arkverse Treasury and DAO. On the other hand, $Haven is an in-game currency used in the metaverse for in-game transactions.

About $ARK token distribution, 30% of the total token supply goes to ecosystem rewards. 20% will go to the token sales, where the project will distribute tokens in purchase according to the lock-up schedule.

Metaverse development will take over 20% of the $ARK tokens. The amount allocated as a reward for team members who contributed to the early stage of the project is 10% of the total token supply. Meanwhile, the amount set aside for the animal monetary foundation is 5%. DAO's governance will determine both the donation method and amount. Meanwhile, advisors, partnerships, and marketing will all receive 5% and liquidity.

What is Next for Arkverse? For the first quarter of 2022, the project plans to launch the pre-seed sale and a DEX listing. From there, the first NFT minting will go live involving the 12 Zodiac Animals series, followed by the opening of an NFT marketplace. There will then be a second and third minting of the 12 Zodiac Animal series, respectively. 

The first minting for the ARK NFT Animal Lives Matter series will be for the second quarter. Then, there will be the revelation of concept art and core gameplay elements. Finally, the ARK NFT Animal Lives Matter series will be the second minting.

The third and fourth quarters will release the Arkverse Alpha version and governance, respectively. Finally, there will be an Arkverse open beta in 2023.

About Arkverse Arkverse is a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem built by and for animal lovers. Everyone in Arkverse is free to produce, distribute, and trade content to receive economic incentives. The project aims to become a leading P2E metaverse ecosystem for exploring, creating, and sharing animal-related content.

Official Links







Press release: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.

Okane Academy Educates the Masses on How to Navigate the Crypto Space

A new e-learning project dubbed the Okane Academy is looking to educate people on the requisite tools they need to achieve their objectives in the fast-evolving world of blockchain and crypto. The project, named after the Japanese word for money, aims to impart the basic mathematical and financial knowledge required to make sound decisions when investing in crypto.

The importance of mathematics to crypto investors is that concepts like percentages and simple and compound interest are often used to calculate profits when investing in crypto. As such, a thorough understanding of those principles will help investors make better decisions before committing their resources to a project.

Most of the terms used in the blockchain space are derived from traditional finance. Therefore, having sound financial knowledge will make it easier for investors to navigate the crypto world and analyze their investments more critically.

The Okane Academy will also strive to show the many potential uses of blockchain in everyday life and hopefully increase the number of people interested in using the technology. Important content on the Okane platform will be available for free, but learners will have the option to upgrade to premium content for a relatively low fee.

The OKANE Token As is customary with any crypto ecosystem, Okane Academy is powered by its native token, OKANE. This token plays four roles on the Okane Academy platform: financing, investment, education, and payment.

The Okane Academy will rely on the capital derived from the presale of OKANE tokens to finance the building of its website and e-learning platform and to compensate the personnel responsible for developing the academy’s learning materials.

As an investment tool, profits made from activities on the Okane platform will be distributed to investors in OKANE tokens. E-learning is a lucrative business model, and a head start in the crypto education niche will ensure that Okane Academy makes healthy profits shared among investors. Besides that, holders of the token also stand to profit from any increase in the value of OKANE and receive a share of taxes imposed on transactions carried out using the token.

Learners on the Okane platform will use the token to practice crypto trading in real-world cases as an educational tool. Holding a certain amount of OKANE will also give learners access to premium content without additional costs. 

And finally, as a payment tool, the token will be the primary medium of exchange on the Okane Academy platform and its affiliates.

Tokenomics OKANE has a total supply of 30 million units. Of that amount, 18.4 million tokens will be offered at a presale on Unicrypt, while 9,737,280 tokens will be locked up in a liquidity pool. 1,494,720 tokens will be left in the project wallet, and the remaining 368,000 tokens will be used as payment for the Unicrypt presale process.

Any trade using the OKANE token will attract a 10% transactional tax, which will be distributed in the following manner:

4% will go back into the project wallet to cover the cost of developing quality materials and compensating Okane Academy personnel. 3% will be used to reward OKANE holders in proportion to the number of tokens they own and the length of time they have held them. 3% will be locked up in a liquidity pool to protect the long-term stability of the OKANE token. Project Roadmap Okane academy’s detailed roadmap starts with the project’s smart contract launch, followed by a presale of its native token on Unicrypt. To participate in the presale whitelist, potential investors will have to fill an application form and follow Okane Academy’s social media handles. The main advantage of being on the whitelist is that when those whitelisted buy 2BNB worth of OKANE, they will receive 5% more tokens than those purchased in the regular presale.

The third step in the first phase of this roadmap was a smart contract audit, and a know your customer (KYC) verification process on the project team. The smart contract audit was carried out by SolidProof, a German-based crypto security auditing firm with a stellar reputation in the industry. The project passed the audit, and no high or medium criticality issues were found in the smart contract.

The second phase of the Okane Academy roadmap will begin with launching its native token on PancakeSwap, followed by concerted media engagements to popularize the project. A listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, two of the most referenced websites for analyzing and tracking the price of crypto assets, will soon follow.

The third stage of the roadmap, slated to begin sometime in February 2022, will see the commencement of web development for the project and planning for the educational content to be used on the platform. The project team will endeavor to use its blog to provide frequent updates on the developments taking place on the Okane platform. This phase will also see the academy forging partnerships with various blockchain platforms to grow its footprint and improve its infrastructure.

The final stage of the Okane roadmap will see the project officially launched and the platform expanded into other languages to bring even more learners onboard. The Okane team also plans to extensively market and publicize the project to reach a global audience during this phase. Okane Academy will also look to form partnerships and alliances with traditional educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Conclusion A lack of information about blockchain and its applications has made it difficult for more people to get involved with this new technology. The same lack of knowledge has made it easy for people to be duped into investing in fake projects where they have lost a lot of money.

Okane Academy is a timely and much-needed project which, if successful, will see more people investing in crypto and fewer of them losing good money to bad actors.

E-learning is convenient, cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable. It is the best and least costly method of teaching people about crypto. And by entering the crypto education niche early, Okane Academy will have already established itself in that space by the time similar projects emerge.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision.

Step into the Aidiverse and Experience GameFi in New Ways

The creative minds at Aidi Finance seek to shake things up in 2022 with their unique DeFi gaming, NFT, analytics, and educational ecosystem, Aidiverse (AIDI). This all-inclusive blockchain environment will support all the latest features including NFTs (non-fungible tokens), staking, minting assets, and more. The protocol combines a custom-built network, cryptocurrency (AIDI), responsive DEX, gaming ecosystem, merchandising options, and an educational format. As such, Aidiverse continues to raise eyebrows across the market.

What Advantages Does Aidiverse Bring to the Market? Aidiverse seeks to simplify blockchain adoptions in a variety of different ways. For one, the network introduces an easy-to-navigate interface that assists new users with taking advantage of the protocol's features and services. Additionally, the Aidiverse community is a highly interactive group that spans the full spectrum of the crypto market from experienced developers to newbies.

Anyone can utilize the feature set provided by Aidiverse to secure returns, create new digital assets, and trade cryptos in a peer-to-peer manner. The network provides a private DeFi experience for users. There are no KYC or AML requirements to meet. You simply need to connect your wallet to gain access to the network's services instantly.

Deflationary Another major benefit Aidiverse brings to the market is its store of value characteristics. The protocol is set up to be deflationary at its core. To accomplish this task, the system automatically reserves 1% from all fees to be burnt. This strategy helps to reduce the supply and drive demand for AIDI tokens. Notably, the developers sent 50% of the total tokens to burn following the crowdsale event.

Passive Income There are a bunch of different ways to build wealth using the Aidiverse. Users can secure passive income simply by holding the token. The system takes 1% of all transaction fees and redistributes them to AIDI, ETH, and BSC token holders. To date, the network has burnt 9 quadrillion tokens. 

You can also farm your tokens to gain rewards without the need to give up ownership of your assets. Best of all, since your rewards are paid automatically in AIDI, by simply holding your tokens in your non-custodial wallet. The more you hold, the larger the reflection.

Aidiverse Features & Systems The Aidiverse has a lot of features that make it a smart option for traders and gamers alike. For one, the network was built from the ground up to remain secure. The networks structure supports users’ privacy as well. For example, the DEX is non-custodial by design. Your digital assets remain in your wallet until the moment of trade. This approach reduces hacks since there are no large group wallets for hackers to attack. Here are some other critical components to the Aidiverse.

AidiPLAYFi The AidiPLAYFi engine is what powers the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Play-to-earn gaming is one of the most celebrated blockchain technologies to hit the market recently. It simply means that players have the ability to secure real world profits through gameplay. 

The AidiPLAYFi system was designed to empower the GameFi revolution. GameFi is the merger of cryptocurrencies and gaming. To accomplish this goal, the network provides a safe and autonomous development environment that helps to streamline the creation of immersive gaming experiences. The system improves the user experience by enabling provable fair gameplay, more transparency, true ownership of digital assets, and the support of a highly responsive marketplace.

AidiCRAFT AidiCRAFT operates as the NFT creation, issuance, and marketplace protocol. Users can collect, trade, create, and issue NFTS using this system. Notably, the AIdiCRAFT NFT maker currently supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 assets. Users can create and share their NFTs with the world using this system. Interestingly, it also enables direct publishing to OpenSea which is one of the largest NFT markets in the world.

The AidiCRAFT marketplace provides users with a direct way to sell their NFTs. The platform has a LAzy Minting feature that has zero gas fees for sellers and no listing fees when using VERSE. You can offer your creations via a fixed price or auction format. Additionally, you can trade, sell, or purchase NFTs alone, or in sets. During the listing process, you can specify payment options such as VERSE, ETH, USDT, or wETH.

AidiSwap The AidiSwap is a high-performance DEX that makes it easy for people to trade assets. The protocol was built leveraging the UNISWAP V3 SDK. As such, it’s secure, scalable, and offers some cool features. For example, you can trade both ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens using the exchange. This strategy improves liquidity and provides users with more flexibility.

AidiCONNECT The AidiCONNECT feature is a user-friendly portfolio manager and crypto-asset tracker. The system functions as an open Software as a Service (SaaS). Users can leverage this protocol to research metrics and relevant data on digital assets such as rare NFTs and more. Interestingly, this system also simplifies DeFi investing as it provides you with DeFi ROI tracking systems.

Automated Reward Farming (ARF)  Another cool feature of the Aidiverse is its ARF systems. Farming is similar to staking in that you will provide liquidity to a network smart contract and in return, you receive rewards in the form of crypto. Farming does have some key differences versus staking. For example, there are no lockup periods or preset APYs. As such, the advantage is more freedom for users.

AIDI AIDI is the primary utility token for the network. It’s an ERC-20 and BEP-20 standard token that enjoys complete interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s used to pay fees, invest, trade, and collateralize the minting of new digital assets. There's a total of 100 Quadrillion AIDI slated for release throughout the life of the project. Notably, 9 quadrillion were burnt directly following the crowdsale to bolster prices further. 

VERSE VERSE is Aidicraft's reward and utility token.  This diverse digital asset plays multiple roles within the system. Uniquely, every VERSE transaction fee gets broken down. The protocol earmarks 3% of these funds to conduct buybacks and burns of AIDI and ETH. The tokens that are removed from the liquidity are replaced by ETH. This process drives up the value of the pool over time which improves VERSE's value. Also, those who hold 500 VERSE tokens can opt-in to receive 4% ETH Rewards on every transaction. These rewards are paid up to 24 times a day depending on volume.

Step into The Aidiverse and Prosper The Aidiverse concept is a great example of how far the merger of DeFi and gaming has come over the last 2 years. This network provides users with a variety of ways to earn rewards, secure a financial future, and enjoy some fun-filled gaming. For these reasons, you can expect the Aidiverse to continue to be a topic of discussion moving forward.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision. 

Silicon Finance Review: The First Decentralized IDO from Africa

While crypto projects continue to mushroom unabated, potential investors in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space have become increasingly wary of bad-faith actors taking advantage of the relatively unregulated nature of crypto to pilfer funds from unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts. Silicon Finance is a new startup that seeks to rejuvenate investors’ confidence by bringing them closer to a safer crypto experience. 

Founded by Michael Obekpa and Moses Akula, Silicon Finance is Africa's first initial DEX offering (IDO) platform. Crypto has taken the world by storm, but few projects have emerged from the African tech space. Silicon Finance is seeking to not only encourage other African developers to follow suit, but it is also looking to be the perfect launching pad for them.

With scams and rug pulls blighting the initial coin offering (ICO) market, Silicon Finance will create a decentralized, permissionless, crowdfunding platform offering better and immediate liquidity at every price level for projects looking to launch tokens and access funds immediately.

Apart from being more susceptible to scams, initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings (IEOs), and security token offerings (STOs) are usually hampered by a lack of control and investor protection, without which project developers cannot be subjected to due diligence. Silicon Finance is the first crypto project to combine a launching pad, a swap decentralized exchange (DEX), a charting platform, and a mobile wallet, all aimed at providing liquidity for new projects without the debilitating issues affecting the more traditional crypto funding methods.

Core Features of the Silicon Finance Ecosystem The Silicon Finance ecosystem is anchored on the following four primary features:

SiliconPad This decentralized IDO platform will allow holders of Silicon Finance’s native token to jump on exclusive crypto offerings at an early stage. SiliconPad will send presale tokens and accrued BNB to PancakeSwap to create a liquidity pool using its smart contracts. This feature is Silicon Finance’s attempt to minimize scams and rug pulls to ensure a better experience for crypto investors.

SiliconChart This is the second feature of the Silicon Finance platform, and it will function as a livestreaming dApp for the transactions and price actions of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens.  BNB and Silicon Finance's native token holders will also enjoy exclusive functional capabilities.

SiliconSwap The third pillar of Silicon Finance, SiliconSwap, was built to enable users to manage liquidity pool holdings and to instantly swap one crypto asset for another from networks like Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC. Going forward, there are plans to integrate even more networks into SiliconSwap, and even to add a function that will allow users to buy crypto using a fiat currency of their choosing.

Silicon Mobile App Available on both Android and iOS devices, the Silicon Finance mobile app will seek to bridge the gap between traditional business models and decentralized finance. The app will also feature an in-built wallet that will allow users to manage their holdings and carry out microtransactions using different cryptocurrencies.

KYC and Smart Contract Audit In keeping with what has now become standard practice in the crypto space, a know your customer (KYC) process was carried out on the Silicon Finance team by a German-based audit firm, SolidProof, on December 15, 2021. The ownership was verified and all team members checked out. An audit on the project’s smart contract was also performed by QuillAudits, giving it a clean bill of health.

$SLK Token  The $SLK token will power the Silicone Finance Platform. $SLK is a BEP-20 membership utility token, meaning it will have endless use cases across the Silicon Finance ecosystem.

Token Allocation $SLK has a total supply of 100 million units, with the initial supply pegged at 40 million tokens. $SLK is currently valued at $0.09, while 1 BNB is worth 6,777 $SLK. 

The initial $SLK supply was distributed in the following manner:

8% was put into a private sale where applicants received $SLK at highly discounted rates. 10% was put into a seed sale.  10% went into the public sale on Unicrypt 4% is earmarked for the future development of the Silicon Finance project. 8.8% was given to the team behind the Silicon Finance project. 7% went to the project’s strategic partners. 5% was awarded to the project’s advisors. 6% will be used to finance marketing activities and for listings on centralized exchanges. 41.2% will be used for staking emissions. The 8.8% of $SLK’s initial supply allocated to the Silicon Finance team will be locked in a liquidity pool for at least two months before being vested over 12 months. The share of the circulating supply going to the project’s partners and advisors will also be locked in a liquidity pool for four weeks and vested for 14 months thereafter.

Once the soft cap target is reached, 3% of BNB raised in the public and private offerings will be split equally between the project team’s address and the platform’s staking contract to  reward  $SLK holders.

Currently the team is holding their Token Presale through Unicrypt. 

Roadmap Silicon Finance has so far successfully accomplished most of the targets laid out in the initial phase of its roadmap. A public sale was carried out on January 9th, 2022, on Unicrypt, with other public presales scheduled to be carried out on the platform’s own SiliconPad.

Silicon Finance is currently in the middle of an awareness and marketing campaign aimed at growing its community and attracting more investors. 

The next phase of the Silicon Finance roadmap will begin with  opening staking pools and  listing of $SLK on major crypto exchanges. The project will also endeavor to forge more strategic partnerships, especially with venture capitalist organizations and media platforms. SiliconChart is also scheduled to go live during this phase of the roadmap.

In the final stage of the Silicon Finance roadmap, the team will look to integrate the project with more decentralized exchanges besides launching SiliconSwap. They will also continue building more partnerships and spread even more awareness about the project. In this phase, the Silicon Finance team will also look to launch their mobile app in tandem with a trading platform. Finally, the team will also try to make even more innovations around the Silicon Finance ecosystem  to increase the project’s utility and value.

Final Thoughts Silicon Finance is not only banking on revolutionizing the crypto crowdfunding space, but its own success and the system it is building could hopefully encourage other African developers to take the next step in their crypto journeys.

Initial offerings in the crypto space are risky for investors because there are no guarantees that their funds will be available, but Silicon Finance’s two key features, the provision of an easy and transparent presale process and the automatic locking of liquidity after the presale, could potentially go a long way in addressing the concerns of crypto investors and bringing back a level of trust in the DeFi space.

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Rematic Tokens LLC Remains Strong Despite Falling Victim to Sophisticated Scam

Just a week ago, Rematic Tokens LLC revealed that it fell for a sophisticated scam during its recent AMA. According to the project's team, the scammers walked away with 20 trillion $RMTX token worth $300,000 USD. Fortunately, the project recovered quickly and continues to grow even stronger thanks to its strong foundation and high community trust.

At the time of writing, Rematic hasn’t been able recovered the stolen funds, however, the U.S. authorities have been notified of the attack. Nevertheless, the company’s CEO, Mike Pazuki, announced that several new measures have been put in place to tighten security and avoid future incidents like this.

How It Happened

Last year, Rematic announced it would host an AMA Session in early January. The event represented an excellent chance for the project to solidify its trust and transparency. Also, it would give investors a sneak peek into the platform’s development status, budgetary updates, and how their voting service will work.

The AMA Session kicked off on January 2 with overwhelming community support. Unfortunately, it also brought some unwanted attention as the unidentified scammers saw an up and coming project as an opportunity to defraud them.

Rematic CEO commented on the incident:

“RMTX was scammed out of 20 Trillion RMTX, which was valued at $300k at the time this happened. This was done through a reverted transaction of over 7 BTC during the transfer of RMTX to and the supposed investors.“ 

Allegedly, a group of so-called investors expressed their interest in RMTX tokens. They provided verifiable LinkedIn accounts and credentials, appearing as reliable, well-intended investors. Therefore, the core team did not have a reason to suspect any malicious actions.

The well-planned scam played out over several days after the initial contact. During this period, both parties engaged in several conversations about the company, future objectives, various investment options. After an agreement was struck, the two parties conducted small transactions involving negligible amounts to confirm wallets. After that was completed, the imposters sent over 7 BTC in exchange for 20 trillion $RMTX. During the large transfer, the scammers reverted the BTC deposit. They then quickly liquidated the received RMTX, thus allowing them to keep their 7 BTC and cashing in on selling all of the RMTX they just received.

After notifying the authorities, Rematic immediately informed its community about the incident, sticking to the team's mantra, “Transparency Above All Else.”

This is not the first time an up-and-coming project has fallen victim to this kind of crypto scam. There are at least two other communities victimized by the same attack, however, Rematic has been hit the hardest so far. 

How Rematic Tokens LLC is Rectifying the Incident

The ongoing issues could taint Rematic’s credibility with the public. Nevertheless, the platform is working to regain its members’ trust. Also, the team expressed their gratitude to the community, which is continually offering its support publicly through multiple AMA sessions. 

The core team encouraged users to express their opinions on the issue freely and openly called for stricter security measures:

“While other tokens were scammed for smaller amounts, they have not yet been able to recover from this as RMTX has. We credit this to our amazing community, which has rallied around this incident, and because of their support, we are stronger than ever before. We are extremely fortunate to have a community like this.” – CEO, Mike Pazuki

Now, Rematic is working with attorneys and accounting professionals to implement better policies and practices in regard to organizational financial management. This will ensure the project remains true to its mission of making the crypto space better and safer for everyone.

About Rematic Tokens LLC

The $RMTX token reflects EGC on the Binance Smart Chain allowing users to hold $RMTX to earn $EGC. On top of that, having $EGC will enable you to earn $BUSD.

The project launched on December 3, 2021, and has grown steadily since its debut. During the token launch, it garnered 1000 BNB in less than 3 hours, further proving its impressive potential. Currently, the team believes that $RMTX is still just in its infancy with some much potential for growth. Its community now has over 5000 members and growing by several hundred per day. With the decentralized blockchain-based voting platform due for release towards the end of Q2 2022, the best is yet to come for this new project.

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Curtis Sword Becomes the First Blockchain-based Large-Scale 3D ARPG

Curtis Sword, a 3D NFT ARPG mobile game on the blockchain, is excited to announce that it has fully launched on both Android and iOS. The project is the first GameFi-built game designed by the original “The Rise of Dragon” mobile game team. The game is the first large-scale 3D ARPG on the blockchain.

Players can now explore fun blockchain games, interactive social networks, and a wide range of products and services with complete autonomy. Curtis Sword also offers union members a brand new opportunity to discover their self-worth and dedicate themselves to this new “Meta Universe.”

Curtis Sword Assets Economy You will find three types of assets on the blockchain: Curtis Sword Coin (CSC), GOL (Gold), and NFT props. CSC is mainly used for on-chain activities, including NFT equipment purchase, upgrades, transactions, and character items. Pledge mining, etc.

GOL (Gold) is the game's token. On the map, it is accessible to all players. It can take many different forms. The main goal is to invest in the treasure mine by trading with NPCs like blacksmiths and merchants. GOL is primarily used for in-game activities such as the majority of gold output income, the purchase of copy tickets, and so on.

NFT is the game's third-largest economy. You can directly exchange CSC tokens from ordinary blind boxes and mysterious blind boxes for unknown NFT items. Simultaneously, you can sell your NFT items or buy other items in the NFT market. NFT items, which means that you can get calculable income during the battle and unexpected NFT item income. These items will yield high returns because of their rarity and combat power value.

Tokenomics In the world of Curtis Sword, there are two digital currencies: Curtis Sword Coin (CSC) and Gold (GOL). As a result, to ensure the scalability of the Curtis Sword game, the platform requires some physical token group allocation.

The total number of CSC tokens available is 210,000,000. The maximum daily output is 120,000. The production reduction mechanism will be activated when the output reaches 105,000,000, and Sword Coin will reduce the daily production to 60,000. The platform will trigger the production reduction mechanism again if the output reaches 157,500,000, and the daily output will drop to 30,000, and so on.

GOL tokens have a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000. GOL is an online currency that can be explored, bought, traded, and exchanged in the Curtis Sword universe. It also entails more significant risks and economic fluctuations, necessitating an ample supply to ensure that each player has enough to use in the Curtis Sword universe.

The total maximum supply of GOL tokens in the game is capped at 100,000,000,000 GOL, making them easier to obtain and more practical than CSC.

Join to Play Curtis Sword! Everyone has the same opportunity, and by starting with the same fundamentals, you can develop your own game style by selecting the props you equip to increase game fun and revenue efficiency.

Each section of the off-chain game terminal is based on the role played: battle through levels, copy drawing, tower of ash (survival mode), ladder competition (ranking mode), and treasure mine (pledge mining). The rank and combat power calculation formula can yield the corresponding gold profit. The initial investment cost's payback period is currently 10 to 15 days.

About Curtis Swords Curtis Sword is the first 3D NFT ARPG game on the blockchain, seeking to redefine metaverse gaming. The game is available on mobile phones, in both the IOS and Android versions. It is a P2E gaming ecosystem, where players battle tough bosses and earn NFTs that are worth lucrative profits. The collection of NFTs yields rewards that are backed by digital currency-asset returns.

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