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WenLambo Adds More Services to the NFT Collectors Sector

The innovative team behind the WenLambo project seeks to provide the NFT sector with more options. The platform is unique because it’s one of the first NFT launch sites to cater specifically to celebrities and musicians. In the past, sports athletes have seen considerable success offering collectibles and memorable via NFTs. Now, WenLambo seeks to provide the same services to your favorite musicians and other influencers.

NFT Market on the Rise Anyone who has been following the NFT sector can attest to the fact that it’s in the midst of record growth. Notably, the demand for these tokens has increased exponentially since they first began popping up around 2012. Recent reports have shown that the market is more active than ever and expanding quickly. The market cap for global transactions of NFTs was $40.96 million in 2018, $141.56 million in 2019, and $338.04 million in 2020.

This growth has led to some surprising NFT sales in the millions. For example, the NFT market was awed when an NFT called “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” by an artist named Beeple was auctioned off for $69 million. Today there are NFTs that represent art, memorabilia, and even real property. Another well-publicized example of an NFT fetching millions occurred when the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorset auctioned off his first Tweet for $3 million.

Influencer-Based NFTs There are a lot of different types of NFTs in the market. WenLambo seeks to focus on influencer-centric NFTs. These NFTs will range from MP3s to Videos, and even actual physical property. The influencer will be able to connect with their fans on a whole new level via these digital assets.

For example, imagine going to watch the latest James Bond movie. Now, picture Daniel Craig (James Bond) offering you a chance to own a collectible NFT pulled straight from the movie's scenes. This rare NFT could also see an increase in value if it was previously owned by Craig directly.

That’s one of the coolest things about NFTs. Since they are not valued based on market cap like regular cryptocurrencies, there is a lot more room for ROI potential. NFTs are valued based on their scarcity and the person's connection to the token. That’s why some NFT art pieces have sold for over $50 million.

WenLambo NFTs WenLambo seeks to bring more celebrities and influencers into the market. The platform makes it easier for these individuals to issue NFTs directly to their fans. Celebrities are able to set up their own galleries and provide catered messages regarding the history and reasoning behind why a particular item is so important to them. In this way, users will be able to connect with their idols and even share in their rise to fame.

For example, imagine a new actress entering the scene. She issues a special NFT to collaborate her premier movie appearance. Fast forward a few years ahead and now the actress is considered one of the top earning professionals in the biz. Undoubtedly, the higher demand for her services will also translate into higher value for her NFTs. Now, you can auction or trade her rookie NFT and capture some significant value.

WenLambo Popularity The WenLambo concept has been met with excitement in the market. The project already has secured over 10.5k holders globally. These numbers are set to expand if the NFT up-trend continues as predicted by analysts moving forward.

It’s Not All About the Money One of the coolest aspects of WenLambo is its charitable perspective. The network takes a percentage of all transaction fees and sends the funds off to a community voted charitable organization. Users can easily track these donations and they can even suggest what organizations are deserving of the funds. WenLambo token holders can submit proposals via the community governance mechanism to get their charities listed.

WenLambo's charitable approach to the market provides one more reason why collectors should give WenLambo a chance. The protocol offers a secure and easily trackable alternative to the market. Its focus on celebrities and influencers is another perk that could attract attention in the market. Best of all, the WenLambo community is very strong with members exchanging ideas with developers on a daily basis via its social media channels.

Scalability One of the biggest benefits that WenLambo users enjoy is scalability. WenLambo was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BSC is an advanced blockchain that was designed to support all DeFi functionality. As such users can earn passive rewards by staking their tokens or providing liquidity to pools. In the WenLambo ecosystem, these features have not been activated yet but are available if developers ever decide to expand the network's functionality.

Where to Find WenLambo? You can find WenLambo listed on P2P, CoinGecko, and CMC. The token is also available on Pancake Swap, the largest DEX on the BSC. WenLambo traders enjoy a significant amount of liquidity thanks to all of the listings the developers secured during the project’s launch.

Investor Remain Secure Another vital aspect of WenLambo is its investor protections. Specifically, the developers have chosen to lock the network’s liquidity. Liquidity locks are used to provide investors with added protections against rug pulls. The WenLambo liquidity pool is locked for 180 days.

Rewards for All All WenLambo users enjoy access to Airdrops. Specifically, 4% of the 10% flat transaction fee is airdropped to all token holders. These Airdrops come in the form of weekly giveaways. Notably, this approach simplifies DeFi investing for users because it eliminates all the technical and financial barriers associated with staking your tokens.

WenLambo – Take Stake in Your Favorite Celebrity WenLambo is unique in that it allows regular users to take a stake in their favorite celebrities and influencer’s careers. Users can find talent early on and make potential ROIs as these personas take over the entertainment industry. Additionally, the platform adds a philanthropic twist to the DeFi equation that can’t be ignored. For these reasons, WenLambo has potential to help further NFT adoption moving forward.

Safe the Humanity Rewards All Token Holders via a Unique Rewards System

The developers behind the Safe the Humanity project have gathered together a variety of top features to entice new users. One of the biggest draws of this network is its unique rewards system. Rather than making its users go through the hassle of locking up their cryptocurrency in staking contracts, the network forgoes this formality and instead, directly issues rewards to user’s wallets.

These rewards are built directly into the fee structure of the platform. Every transaction carries a 4% fee when using Safe the Humanity. This fee is then broken down into smaller percentages and redistributed to the network's various functionalities. One percent of these fees are directly redistributed to all token holders as rewards. This strategy simplifies the rewards process for users and enables anyone to secure a passive income using the network.

This approach is better than staking for many reasons. For one, there is no need to learn the technical aspects of staking in a pool. These requirements may seem easy for experienced DeFi investors but for new users they can be frustrating. These technical barriers have long caused new users to stress out. Safe the Humanity users skip the headache and start earning rewards from day one.

A Better Crypto The goal behind the Safe the Humanity project is to create a better decentralized currency with a focus on charity. The project’s governance token, STH, is a BEP-20 token that can be traded on any BSC-compatible DEX, such as PancakeSwap. BEP-20 is the token standard of the Binance Smart Chain. You can think of it as Binance's version of the ERC-20 token protocol made famous by Ethereum. Unlike ERC-20 tokens, BEP-20 tokens are much cheaper to send and provide users with near-instant transactions.

The network fees are also lower for BEP-20 tokens. Since the Binance Smart Chain is a Proof-of-Stake network, it provides more scalability than Ethereum. The network can process thousands of transactions a second and there are fewer fees to contend with. Additionally, the Binance Smart Chain supports new DeFi features such as staking, farming, P2P lending, and liquidity pools.

Save the World Another awesome feature that makes Safe the Humanity a smart choice is its charitable aspects. The network incorporates a 1% fee that goes towards charitable organizations. This strategy provides an entirely new reason to conduct transactions on the network. These charities receive these funds automatically.

The integration of advanced smart contracts ensures there are never delays, fraud, or human errors in the process. Users can monitor the community charity chest to see the funds grow. They can also monitor these payments in real-time via any BSC blockchain explorer. Compared to traditional donation mechanisms, this system provides more efficiency and security.

All token holders can put forth potential charities to become part of the network. These charities are introduced via community proposals. The community votes on these proposals. To vote, you need to hold STH tokens. The more tokens you hold in your network wallet and the more weight your vote will hold. If the charity is voted in by the community, they are automatically selected for next month's payout.

This strategy adds another layer of value to the project that can’t be ignored. Early cryptocurrencies were based on providing people a better way to conduct business. However, they lacked a philanthropic aspect. Adding this strategy to a network is crucial. Imagine how different the Bitcoin energy debate would be today if the coin had also donated billions to charitable causes.

It Starts with the Fee Structure Safe the Humanity relies on a proprietary fee structure to provide all of its features to users and the community. The platform charges a flat 4% fee on all transactions. This fee is split up between charities, rewards, liquidity pools, and developers. Compared to other charitable-based DeFi networks, this fee rate is much lower.

DEX on the Way In the coming weeks, Safe the Humanity will launch a proprietary DEX. This decentralized exchange will provide users with an easy way to trade, buy, and sell assets. The DEX will focus on BEP-20 tokens and other Binance Smart Chain assets. As of late, DEXs have become a hot topic in the cryptomarket. These exchanges provide lower fees and less censorship than centralized exchanges.

Roadmap Safe the Humanity has a lot of exciting developments listed in its roadmap. The platform has already achieved multiple milestones. The STH token was listed on CMC/CG which has helped drive demand for the token higher. In Q3 the platform will undergo an advanced third-party audit to ensure all smart contracts are secure. Around the same time, the staking pools and charity voting program will go live. The HumanityDEX is slated for release following the launch of the charity pool.

Lottery As part of their strategy, the developers have decided to incorporate a lottery. Users can buy lottery tickets using STH tokens. The winners are broadcast on the blockchain. Best of all, the system automates the entire process so winnings are completely transparent.

Safe the Humanity – A New Approach You have to hand it to the developers for their ingenuity on the project. It’s nice to see crypto projects that seek to better the lives of everyone around the world. Safe the Humanity is sure to provide a new avenue of charitable donations for all groups that make the community’s cut. If successful, the platform would be a pioneer in the blockchain charity sector. In turn, this could usher in an era of copycats. In the end, the charities and users win out.

AstroKitten Eyes the Moon Following Successful Stealth Launch

The crypto world is experiencing a growth in meme coins that has in turn resulted in the emergence of animal-themed crypto projects. Within these is a subset of feline-themed token projects that are competing for market share. One such project seeking to upstage the rest is AstroKitten. The recently Stealth launched project is banking on its unique offering to get to the moon.

AstroKitten($KITTEN) is a community-based deflationary ERC 20 token project running on the Binance Smart Chain. The project has a lifetime supply of 1 Quadrillion $KITTEN. This figure guarantees you enough supply of the token.

$KITTEN Coin Burns The project has burned 65% of its total token supply to shore up the token's value. AstroKitten will carry out additional coin burns from time to time hence strengthening the coin further. Besides, eliminating developer tokens and whales will assure that your $KITTEN holding will continue growing in value.

$KITTEN maintains a 10% tax on all of its transactions. It will use the funds collected to reward its holders and also fund its locked liquidity pool. Of these, 7.5 % goes to all the token holders. On the other hand, the remaining 2.5 % goes to the liquidity pool to help in stabilizing the price.

$KITTEN's Reflectionary Mechanism The project has an inbuilt Reflection Mechanism to give you the incentive to Hodl $KITTEN. As stated, a percentage of the transaction fees goes back to every holder building your staked volumes. Thus, increased compounding incentivizes further Hodling assuring you of higher


Again the project's tax mechanism deters price manipulation. The reflection mechanism applies to all buys and sells. This way, it is punitive to swing traders who would attempt to influence the prices artificially.

Anti-Manipulation Feature The anti-manipulation feature is highly essential as it checks the impact of celebrity activity on price movements. For example, recently, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has come under fire for his tweets and actions regarding Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Critics insist that his negative comments on BTC and Tesla's change of tune on BTC payments have contributed to its price plunging. His open admiration for DOGE, on the other hand, has influenced its price positively. However, Mr Musk denies intentionally influencing the crypto market.

$KITTEN again rewards you with a fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Most crypto projects pull investors with high initial APYs. However, they are not able to absorb the selling pressure resulting from the APYs dropping profitability compared to the market. AstroKitten's self-sustaining reflection mechanism protects you against such scenarios.

Upcoming Events $KITTEN has planned several exciting events to enhance its current offering. First among these is the launch of an NFT marketplace where you and other users can acquire and exchange digital collectables. To complement the NFT marketplace, the platform will soon run an NFT airdrop for top tier $KITTEN holders.

Moreover, AstroKitten will roll out a 24/7 live streaming platform. On this, you get to catch all the live events broadcasted on the platform. One event to look forward to is its planned live stream of a real kitten on a spacex mission. You can capture every moment of the kitten's journey to the planet.

The Coin Wars The rising popularity of the meme coin market has seen a mushrooming of animal-themed cryptos. Within the space, there has been further differentiation of the projects based on a particular theme.

Prominent in this separation is the emergence of stiff rivalry between the cat-themed, and dog-themed crypto projects. The cat-themed projects seem to take the fight a notch higher by targeting Elon Musk in particular.

Mr Musk is the visible face behind the prominent dog-themed crypto, Dogecoin. One project the Orange Cat Token (OCAT) is running a Twitter campaign under the hashtag #STOPELON. It has also suggested that time is ripe for a real Cat Vs Dog war.

AstraKitten went ahead and teased that it's not only dogs that can go to space! It is running meme content on Tiktok. Most of the content parody Donald Trump and Elon Musk's stances on Bitcoin and the latter's infamous space adventure. The clips also take potshots at DOGE while announcing the token's features and listing on PancakeSwap.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.

SafeTheHumanity Token Sales Going Live on June 11

SafeTheHumanity is pleased to announce its private token sale launch that will begin on June 11. Soon after, the public sale will go live on June 18. The protocol is a global DeFi project leveraging next-generation, community-oriented static rewards, and automatic liquidity. SafeTheHumanity's prime focus is on charity donations. Token Sale Participation During the public sale, participants stand a chance to get an extra token by these two features; Bonuses can go up to 13.5% just for buying the STH on the first day. Users can earn extra tokens for referral bonuses once their referral buys tokens after registering via a referral link. After all, they have allocated 42,500,000,000,000 STH just for rewards. SafeTheHumanity Metrics and Tokenomics Here is a rundown of the token sale: Total sale: $1.175M total raise (gathered token: BNB) Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 STH Public Sale @ 1 BNB = 100,000,000,000 STH | 2600 BNB hard cap Private Sale @ 1 BNB = 115,000,000,000 STH | 500 BNB hard cap Listing @ PancakeSwap (10 % higher listing price) Liquidity on launch: 15% from presale (max 150,000 USD) + equivalent amount of STH tokens Vesting Schedule: No vesting! Conditions: Min 0.1 BNB / max 40 BNB Detailed Tokenomics Burned on launch: 400,000,000,000,000 STH (40.00 %) Fundraise + liquidity: 357,500,000,000,000 STH (35.75 %) Rewards: 42,500,000,000,000 STH (4.25 %) Marketing: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %) Foundation: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %) The marketing & foundation tokens are vested 5 % over 20 months to show the team's and project's long-term dedication. Before the token sale, interested folks can own SafeTheHumanity tokens by visiting the platform's website and acquire them at a 10% discount. Why You Should Participate in the Token Sale SafeTheHumanity uses a static farming system and an auto-generating liquidity protocol to allow users to hold STH while also helping humanity through an open and transparent donation system. The project's smart contract generates liquidity automatically to establish a price floor for the native STH token. It then charges a 1% fee on all transactions to automatically replenish the liquidity pool, boosting the price floor on each PancakeSwap trade. An additional 1% is added to all transactions, culminating in funds that reward STH token holders just for having them. SafeTheHumanity does not require you to stake or supply liquidity to gain static benefits. Every stakeholder will gain! Another 1% of fees collected on each transaction builds the project's foundation, maintains it, and promotes it. Subsequently, a 1% transaction fee will go into a donation pool for charities chosen by the community through governance voting. The fund brings out SafeTheHumanity's goal of making the world a better place by promoting peace and equality. What SafeTheHumanity Has Scheduled Ahead For the second quarter of 2021, SafeTheHumanity had scheduled community building, fundraising and token launch, LP token lock, listing on CMC, launch on Pancakeswap, and preliminary audit. The list can show you how close enough they are to accomplish their second-quarter goals. More announcements such as a lottery platform, staking pools, humanityDEX launch, among others, will come up soon. In addition, for the first quarter of 2022, it is exciting that the platform is considering launching a SafeTheHumanity application. About SafeTheHumanity SafeTheHumanity has a promising future ahead of it, with several new features planned. The project's devoted staff is prepared to make flexible changes to realize the roadmap's ambitions. With their strong work ethic and four years of expertise, they remain committed to producing the best results possible. To participate in the project, you can either join the private token sale or the public token sale. After filling out a form, the team will contact you with their BSC BNB payment address. Find more info on the SafeTheHumanity website or by joining their communities.

GraphLinq: Leading the Way in Staking and Crypto Automation Services

What platform allows you to automate every single blockchain-centered process at an affordable gas fee? GraphLinq protocol! This platform was introduced when the blockchain and smart contract world was increasingly becoming more complex.

For instance, for a user to enjoy the services of autonomous platforms like trading and mining bots, they need to do a lot of coding. Moreover, these platforms are centred on specific or single automation and charge very high costs for their services. Generally, this complexity makes it hard to tread in the crypto world.

However, GraphLinq protocol is on a mission to help in providing a better solution for its users. What exactly is GraphLinq? How does it work? Keep reading to understand the technology and features of the GraphLinq network.

GraphLinq in a Nutshell Graphlinq set up shop in 2021 as a platform that enables users to bridge blockchain networks and blockchain activities without any coding skills.

The project team aims to provide users with a developer's experience and make the processes relatively easy. Graphlinq monitors blockchain and Defi data, automates it, then helps users execute them in multiple chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Crypto enthusiasts can use live Graphlinq plugins to copy DEX and CEX data and monitor Uniswap and Binance platforms among others. Moreover, using this platform, users can automate any blockchain-based project.

The Technology Behind GraphLinq Currently, Graphlinq is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain by leveraging Ethereum smart contracts. Already, the platform will prove highly efficient because of the Ethereum blockchain's long-term reliability.

However, according to the developers, by the end of 2021, GraphLinq will introduce its proof of stake chain to bolster efficiency and convenience.

Graphlinq works with engine and IDE tools capable of interacting with each other and multiple blockchains apart from the blockchain base. An engine is a software capable of creating and executing Graphlinq graphs.

The engine is designed with two layers; a test net, and the main net.

Testnet- primarily used for testing graphs Mainnet- more comprehensive platform that allows users to run graphs at a small gas fee The engine uses a C# language thus can execute and interact with chains at a fast speed.

Graphlinq also has multiple template graphs that a developer can use in creating their graphs. There is a 'drag and drop plugin' allowing the user to utilize the templates provided easily.

The GLQ Token GraphLinq introduces its native ERC-20 token, GLQ. The purpose of the token is to secure the network by helping in the following areas;

Payment of Gas- GLQ will be the main currency for payment of services like graph execution. Marketplace- Graphlinq will use the token in purchasing graph templates within the Graphlinq ecosystem. Staking- Users will have the freedom of staking GLQ tokens and earning passive income with excellent APYs. Governance- By the end of 2021, Graphlinq will introduce a DAO governance system leveraging GLQ. Therefore, GLQ token holders will participate in making decisions about the platform's future. To ensure the token maintains long-term viability, GraphLinq will burn the tokens used for GAS payment. Therefore, there will be a perpetual reduction of the coins in circulation, translating to deflationary GLQ tokens.

GraphLinq(GLQ) Staking GraphLinq just recently introduced a new excellent way for users to increase their incomes vastly, GLQ staking. This staking option provides excellent rewards for the users, with the APY hitting about 50%. However, the allocation of the rewards relies on the choice of tier. Here are the tiers and the benefits involved;

The initial 15% of the people staking will fit into tier 1, where they earn 50% APY. The next group of 40% of stakers will go to tier 2, where they will enjoy a 25% APY All the other stakers will go into the third tier, where they will earn APY worth 12.5% Features of the GraphLinq Network Ultimate Simplicity This platform makes the user's journey ultimately easy. A new user can choose to leverage available templates in the platform to start their journey. Moreover, it's possible to leverage the online IDE to create custom graphs.

System Automation The system is highly autonomous, thus leaving you with ample time to focus on other vital issues of the day. For instance, you can choose multiple events and leave the graphs running the services autonomously.

Real-Time Analytics Once you use the Graphlinq platform, you can easily monitor your graphs' real-time analysis on the platform's interface. Moreover, it's possible to check your personal information on the interface, making your work ultimately easy.

Top Database Security The main net helps a user follow through with all of the database information. Moreover, they can leverage the platform's secure data storage to ensure that personal data remains private.

Integration The platform can easily integrate with other servers. Leveraging it helps a user store, monitor, and access data from their graphs and centralized servers. Due to its integration, the platform will be providing highly advanced services.

Final Word Although the Crypto world introduces automation services, they come with massive gas fees, thus unfavourable for users. Graphlinq is pioneering a platform that helps users automate services at favourable charges. Even more interesting is the idea of automation without coding, thus attracting investors of all calibres.

The technology deployed by this platform is state of the art, leveraging blockchain and unique coding language. Another vital aspect of the Graphlinq network is the GLQ token. This token will help secure the network while assisting holders in earning passive income through staking. The recently introduced staking option allows users to earn up to 50% as APY. GraphLinq’s website is currently operational and is created with utter user-friendliness and reliability. Visit the page and enjoy the staking and other services provided.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.

What Does the future hold for MDEX after the Halving?

On June 5, MDEX officially started its first halving. What changes will the halving bring? And what does it mean for MDX holders?

Before answering these questions, we can take a look at a typical example of cryptocurrency halving.

In 2012, Bitcoin halved for the first time, and its price skyrocketed over 84 times afterward; in 2016, Bitcoin halved for the second time, and rose 29 times afterward; Bitcoin's most recent halving occurred in 2020, and the price peaked near $65,000 after that, which was also over 7 times higher than the $8,700 at the time of the halving. Investors have reached the consensus that havling means skyrocketing prices. Based on bitcoin's halving history, we can try to predict how MDX will perform after halving.

MDEX currently produces 80 MDX per block, and each three seconds a new block is generated, which makes MDX's daily output is 4.6 million (including both BSC and HECO chains). After the first halving, the output per block is reduced to 40 MDX, making MDX's daily output reduced to 2.3 million.

MDEX adopts a “double mining mechanism” that combines liquidity mining and transaction mining. The advantage of this approach is that it can attract users to actively participate in transactions at the early stage of the project launch and thereby empower the platform with funds and traffic. However, there is also this problem that its token MDX has been facing increasing selling pressure in the secondary market, which is one of the reasons why the price of MDX's tokens has been sluggish. The most direct effect of this halving is to reduce the selling pressure, making it easier to push up prices. In addition, it will also stimulate demand for MDX purchases.

Similarly, in the early days, Bitcoin production was high and mining difficulty was low, so users could easily obtain a large amount of Bitcoin, resulting in low purchase demand and low price. However, with the halving of Bitcoin, its production decreased, and the rising hash kept pushing up the mining difficulty, making it difficult for users to obtain more Bitcoin from mining. Users then started to choose to buy directly from the secondary market, thus driving up the price of bitcoin.

By the same token, on the one hand, with the halving of MDX, when the accelerated release period of MDX is over, it will become more and more difficult for users to obtain MDX through mining. While on the other hand, the IMO and community governance scenarios of MDEX will continue to expand the application scenarios of MDX. Users will have to buy MDX from the secondary market if they want to participate in MDEX activities, which also gives MDX another potential upward momentum.

The halving of MDX is based on the same logic as Bitcoin, but with a higher frequency— once every six months. Its daily production is reduced by half after each halving. In this way, in the first quarter of 2023 year, basically 80% of MDX will be mined out; with the reduction of production, the growth rate of MDX circulation will further decrease. The official MDEX repurchase and burn mechanism as well as the enhancement of community consensus, MDX will enter a new round of upward price change.

Intrinsic Mechanism Drives Up MDX's Value In addition to the halving, MDEX also uses other intrinsic mechanisms to drive up the value of MDX.

According to relevant rules, MDEX injects 30% of the daily platform revenue into the pending repurchase pool and automatically executes repurchase and burn when the smart contract is triggered by the repurchase price (72-hour MDX average price). From MDEX's official website, MDEX has burned more than 6.4 million MDX on BSC and more than 42 million MDX on HECO, and the total repurchase amount is over $115 million according to the latest price of MDX.

MDEX's “Burning Black Hole” campaign is another supplementary mechanism to accelerate the MDX deflation and further empower the value of MDX. In the Burning Black Hole campaign, MDEX will set aside 300,000 USDT per round to build a burning prize pool, and the rest pool is investments from MDEX users. There are three prizes set up in the campaign, the first prize Jupiler rewards users with 10% MDX from the prize pool; the second prize Saturn rewards users with 100,000 USDT, and the remaining users will share the 200,000 USDT remaining MDX in the prize pool. 90% of the MDX invested by users in the campaign will be burned.

As there are more transactions on MDEX, the transaction fee may also continue to increase, which means an increased number of MDXs will be burned; according to the data on MDEX's official website, the first round of the Burning Black Hole capaign has burned a total of over 400,000 MDXs. If the campagin took place on a daily basis, the average daily MDX burn would be doubled. Along with the regular repurchase and burn mechanism. it will enable MDX to enter the deflationary stage in advance. That is, the daily MDX output wil be less than the daily MDX burned. This deflation will in turn increase the speed of MDX appreciation.

A horizontal comparison with DEXs Let us now horizontally compare MDEX with other mainstream DEX:

As per the DeBank website, it can be seen that, at present, the lock-up volume of MDEX is about ½ of Pancake, 2/3 of Uniswap, and basically at the same level as Sushiswap. But its average daily transaction volume of $2.5 billion is far ahead of the other three DEXs, and even higher than their sum. However, in terms of the market cap of MDX in circulation, it is only 1/11 of UNI and less than ½ of CAKE. Therefore, if the valuation logic is similar, then MDEX is just beginning to discover its value.

The above comparison of mainstream DEX shows that, in terms of total liquidity, MDEX is still somewhat lagging behind the current DEX leaders. But considering that MDEX has been online for the shortest time, its growth history is not comparable to Uniswap that has been in the DEX mark for years, or to Sushiswap and Pancake that have experienced DeFi hot and a bull market. In this sense, MDEX's achievements in lockup volume and market capitalization are worth celebrating.

The highlight of MDEX is its transaction volume. With the support of transaction mining, its daily transaction volume has been far ahead of other head DEXs, and its growth is even more breathtaking. With the help of the upcoming halving, MDEX will give full play to the virtuous cycle of the repurchase and burn mechanism and dual-mining mechanism, which will bring MDEX a much broader future.

From the development history of DEX, it took Uniswap 840 days to increase the cumulative transaction volume from 0 to 100 billion, while MDEX accomplished the same result in just 50 days. If MDEX continues its current momentum, it will maintain a steady growth in locked positions with the development of the DeFi market, and enhance its transaction volume with the help of the dual-mining mechanism. The existence of repurchase and burn mechanism and the forthcoming having will further empower MDEX to secure a unique place in leading exchanges. Correspondingly, the value of its token MDX is still estimated to have the potential of more than several times of growth.

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5 Cryptocurrency Wallets to try out in 2021 One of the most important steps you will need to make as a cryptocurrency investor is figuring out how to secure your coins. Today, there are endless options to consider. Of course, not every wallet is created equal. You will only want to keep your coins in reputable wallets to avoid scams or other losses.

Depending on your overall investment strategy, you may find one or more of the wallets listed below better suited to fit your overall goals. Notably, every wallet has its own features and fee structure you need to consider. Getting familiar with these differences can help you to make the right choice in terms of your long-term storage strategy.

Unfortunately, it would take weeks to go through all the current wallets available to the public. Sadly, most of the wallets are copycats that don’t bring anything new to the market. Luckily, you can save yourself the research as each of the platforms listed below has earned a reputation for security and reliability. Here are the top 5 crypto wallets to consider in 2021.

Swirl Wallet The Swirl Wallet is a newcomer to the market that features an intuitive interface. This multi-currency crypto wallet provides custodial services to users from a secure platform. Keenly, this wallet was specifically designed to simplify the core functionalities of most crypto users. You can easily send, receive, and manage your digital assets from one convenient location.

The Swirl Wallet makes the top of the list due to its low fees and excellent customer support. The platform includes a healthy selection of popular coins such as BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, ETH, DOGE, and XMR. This combination of coins is rare in the market. Most wallets don’t list BTC, XMR, and Dogecoin on one platform.

Interestingly, the wallet doesn’t require you to download an intrusive app on your mobile devices to take advantage of its features. You can leverage the Swirl Wallet ecosystem via the platform's online interface. It’s free to download and you only pay fees on your sends. In the coming weeks, the network will integrate an exchange option as well.

Samurai Wallet The Samurai Wallet is unique in many ways. For one, it’s packed with privacy features not found on the competition. These innovative features include an auto-mixing protocol. This system takes your holdings and mixes your coins with other wallet user's assets automatically. These coins are sent through a variety of transactions and wallets to obfuscate their origins.

Notably, the Samurai wallet only supports Bitcoin at this time. If you are looking for a secure and private Bitcoin-only wallet, the Samurai Wallet is an ideal option to consider. The platform is currently available as a free download on the Google Play store. Setting up the wallet takes less than five minutes and requires no previous technical experience.

Éclair The éclair Wallet was the first official mobile Lightning Network-enabled wallet to enter the market. As such, it provides users complete access to advanced features, fast transaction times, and the low fees provided by this off-chain protocol. Notably, éclair enables users to select their fees for each transaction. The wallet recommends a fee to ensure that your payments execute quickly. However, if you want to wait a little longer, you can save even more on your transactions.

The Lightning Network continues to be one of Bitcoin's top scalability technologies. As of late, more exchanges have added support for this revolutionary secondary chain. LN-supported exchanges provide users with the lowest fees possible when making Bitcoin transactions.

For example, it cost less than a penny to complete a Bitcoin transaction on the Lightning Network. The same transaction would cost $14 on Bitcoin's blockchain. Consequently, there is now more demand for LN-enabled wallets than ever. Best of all, it’s free to download and use the éclair wallet.

Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet No top wallet list would be complete without at least one hardware wallet option. The Ledger Nano X provides users with unmatched security. This hardware wallet is extremely portable as it measures around the size of an average USB drive. Hardware wallets are the most secure storage option available to investors today. They keep your crypto securely stored offline in what's known as cold storage.

At a price point of $119, the Ledger Nano X is the most expensive option on the list. However, the added price is justified when you evaluate all the features the Nano X includes. The device is designed to operate in either standalone mode or in tandem with your PC utilizing the Ledger Live software suit.

The Ledger Nano X supports +1500 different coins at this time. Additionally, some of these projects enable you to stake your coins directly from your wallet. Hardware wallets, such as the Nano X, introduce physical buttons as a way to eliminate hacking threats. The theory is simple, no matter how good a hacker is, they will never be able to physically press the approval buttons on the device to drain your funds.

Jaxx Wallet The Jaxx Wallet is another multi-coin project that has momentum in the market. The wallet leverages a well-designed user interface to simplify your investment experience. Jaxx is a versatile platform that currently supports +90 cryptocurrencies at this time. The wallet also integrates some exchange features that enable you to trade your crypto directly from your wallet via the ShapeShifter protocol.

Jaxx is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, so you don’t have to entrust your coins to anyone. Additionally, it offers 2FA support. The Jaxxx interface also provides valuable news on the industry. Users can track developments and market movements all from one convenient location when they download and register for the Jaxx Wallet.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets for 2021 Now that you have a better understanding of your wallet options, you’re ready to make a decision. The great news is that you don’t have to choose just one wallet. You may find that one platform is ideal for some of your holdings, and another for other coins. The main thing to consider is how often you will need to access your coins and how much crypto you intend to hold in each wallet. All of these projects can provide you with the security and functions you expect from top-performing wallets.

Project Quantum – Decentralised AAA Gaming

Quantum Works is a newly formed studio producing a AAA crypto-powered game. Project Quantum (working title) is being designed as an exciting new platform for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. It aims to take AAA into the 21st century, guiding gamers into the decentralised world of Crypto and providing solid earning opportunities for even the most seasoned crypto investor. Both can earn while they play making Quantum Works a pioneer in this field. Never before has a game studio been funded using crypto, never before has a game rewarded its players by paying their avatar with a real tangible currency. When it comes to currency the gaming world is still lagging. Any money you put in immediately becomes a sunk cost, inaccessible and stuck inside the game space. Project Quantum will break down these barriers creating an economy where player and Avatar are symbiotically linked, able to exchange QBIT freely at any time. All of this paired with the technological advancements of unreal engine 5, Customisation is limited only by your imagination. Project Quantum will blur the lines of possibility, one QBIT at a time. The platform is working fast towards developing and expanding its services, collaborating with One Pixel Brush to create artwork for the final game that will be sold as limited edition NFT’s. A treasure any die hard gamer will covet! The Next Stepping Stone Quantum recently added an exciting new player to the squad, Jamie Magnus Stone, an expert in film production and animation. BAFTA award winner Jamie will bring not only experience but a keen eye for detail, ensuring by the time it goes gold Project Quantum will be captivating, visually stunning and a joy to play.Lead World Builder Jamie, bring unrivalled world building skills to the table from his accomplished television and film background, yet another edge for Project Quantum. One Pixel At A Time Consulting art director Shaddy Safadi is a Concept Artist and Art Director with 15 years of industry experience working with some of the most talented developers in the world on projects such as Uncharted 2,3,4, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us 1,2, Call of Duty and dozens of other AAA games. Shaddy is commonly featured in Imagine FX, Expose, and Kotaku, and spoken at the Game Developers Conference and workshops around the world. His team at One Pixel Brush will breathe life into Jamie’s vision using a painstakingly crafted story bible to produce immersive high-quality images. BSC Backing for Convenience and Security Project Quantum is based on the Binance smart chain to provide user-friendly, convenient, and reliable services. In the past few months problems in the Defi world have increased, especially with costs, speed, and scalability. Statistically speaking the major Defi host, Ethereum, has increased its gas charges by over 1000% in just the past year. The platform also hit 1TB storage, meaning the speed and efficiency of its service has declined significantly. In contrast, since its launch the Binance Smart Chain has expanded its scope rapidly while maintaining super low fees and blazingly fast transaction speed. Perfect for the gaming world. Since Project Quantum will have a perpetually expanding nature, the scalability of the Binance smart chain will ensure services are completed efficiently. Quantum has posted an audit report from CDTSEC, one of the most trusted blockchain auditors. Displaying this report on their official website shows Quantum's commitment to security and has instilled trust, a necessary asset in the crypto space to all of its users. QBIT Token – Powering Project Quantum QBIT is the BEP-20 smart token powering the game studio and the in-game ecosystem. This is not another copy and paste contract and has unique code written by two superstars in the coding space. Utilising unique tokenomics, QBIT is able to do a number of things. On launch the sales tax was 40%, reducing 1% each day for the first 30 days to incentivise people to hold the token, allowing the project to gain liquidity and stability unlike other BSC projects. Quantum Works benefits from 3.5% of every transaction to be swap and liquified into BNB, providing additional stability to the price of the coin unlike others which have to sell their coin on the open market, hitting the market price hard every time. The Game World Wallet also benefits from 3.5% of every translation, held in QBIT to be pumped into the game world on launch against item value or prize money for players. While the higher taxes are in play, the remaining tax is reflected to its holders, massively boosting their wallets, simply from holding the coin. In order to meet one of the many requirements to be a Unicrypt Incubator project, Project Quantum had to put more than 75% of the funds raised at ILO into the liquidity pool, which creates a solid floor to the tokens price, again further stabilising the token making it appealing to new and seasoned investors alike. Project Quantum has utilised many of the advanced security features offered to a project through launching on Unicrypt. Here they have secured personal developer wallets for a minimum of 2 years, and wallets held for varying time periods for external investment into the project where a large percentage of funds can be taken in BNB and wrapped with QBIT before being placed into the liquidity pool. This offers large external investors a number of different ways to come on board and support Quantum Works in pioneering and navigating this ground breaking project. Warping into The Future Project Quantum has a roadmap with two distinct avenues. On one hand they have created a crypto currency with a solid and unique use case, appealing to traders in the crypto market. Anyone involved in this type of trading knows the market can be a volatile space in a constant state of flux. This is where the second avenue comes into play, QBIT enjoys the decentralisation of crypto while also being firmly rooted in the gaming industry (worth more than the tv, film and music industry combined). Quantum have the opportunity to grow and expand in this industry which will help produce their AAA title no matter the colour of the chart. This will surely appeal to a large number of serious investors. After a successful ILO the project is making astonishing progress. Currently they are going through an intense hiring phase to bring on board talent at every turn in order to make their collective vision a reality. The coin was listed on Coin Gecko within 48 hrs and the listing for CoinMarketCap is imminent. They are already in talks with a number of exchanges and listings globally in order to pursue a larger audience. One of the unique aspects with this project is that the game will be onboarding gamers not used to the crypto space, using a medium which they are familiar with. With everything Project Quantum has to offer, it is arguably one of the most unique, exciting and genuine projects in the defi space, and definitely one for investors to follow closely.

Top 10 NFT marketplaces on BSC

NFT marketplaces are swiftly ascending to prominence this year and NFTs are becoming the new asset group to consider in the crypto space. Simply put, NFT marketplaces present a marketplace for NFT token buying, selling, and trading. And soon, they are going to be supported by the Binance Smart Chain. This will change things on a larger scale, as Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance said, “Crypto is a new tool that can increase the freedom of money all around the world.” Therefore, let us take a look at some of the best NFT marketplaces.

Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace The digital world welcomed Billion Happiness recently. All you need to gain access to the Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace is to create a Metamask account and link it to your Binance Smart Chain. BH NFT Marketplace is a new type of NFT marketplace, which extremely lower the NFT threshold for ordinary users and give higher possibilities to ordinary to increase their artwork value.



OpenSea OpenSea is the original and largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace for crypto goods. You can consider it as eBay on the blockchain. Articles available include game items, collectables and other virtual assets acquired by a blockchain.

Rarible Rarible is an NFT marketplace, comparable to sites like OpenSea. It’s additionally a platform for building NFTs. So users can head to Rarible with their content such as a motion graphic or digital image and generate an NFT.

SuperRare SuperRare is a social platform that supports the production and accumulation of crypto art. SuperRare has worked with artists from its inception and listens to the needs of the artist and collector.

Known Origin Known Origin enables designers and artists to design, find and own unique digital artwork. Every asset is assigned individual identifiers that can be traced.

Axie Marketplace Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe inspired by Pokemon where players apply their cute characters named Axies in different games. Players in the marketplace can take their Axies along and trade them in an auction.

Decentraland Marketplace Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform. Inside the Decentraland environment, users can design, practice, and monetize items they make and what they own.

Viv3 VIV3 is the original comprehensive marketplace established on the idea that the world is at the precipice of a transformation from material to digital ownership. Its vision is to empower people to design, sell and own the world’s most important works.

TreasureLand TreasureLand is the original and most extensive NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain that concedes for the purchasing and trading of BSC NFT tokens. It has a total NFT environment including NFT Mining, Casting, Auction, Crafting, Trading and more.

Arkane Market Arkane Market is a digital collectables marketplace created for general collectors and gamers where users are not required to settle with cryptocurrency. However, Arkane Market is still in its infancy, the platform lately started with a Battle Racers campaign to attract immediate attention.

NFT marketplaces are taking baby steps to revolutionize how art is traded in a digitalized world. BSC, and several other blockchains, are allowing for an easier way to trade NFTs, so the interest is gradually rising. If you’re looking to own a piece of this action, this guide can prove beneficial to you.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.

Bictory Finance- Deploys its Holistic Financial Products on Concordium Network

Bictory Finance is a crypto network instituted as a hybrid widely used exchange platform which has in addition a crowdfunding platform. The platform has been developing its exchange network to offer centralized and decentralized options to projects on the Concordium Blockchain and across other networks in future. The team would be launching the alpha version which has been in development for a while in 3 weeks time. This hybrid exchange is the pioneer platform leveraging Corncordium blockchain capabilities where the CEX and DEX will all interoperate. Apart from the Hybrid exchange network, Bictory offers a decentralized crypto launchpad platform to help upcoming crypto projects deploying on Concordium network to raise funds.
Concordium is a blockchain with smart contract layer for business with focus on low and stable transaction costs and ID-verified participation. The choice to build on the Concordium Network, apart from the robust tech, is because of the protocol-level ID layer. This simply means that, any person, company or entity with an identity can get an account on Concordium, which invariably gets access to the slew of financial products on Bictory Finance How does the Bitcory platform operate? What are the basic features and benefits of this new platform? Keep reading to find out more.
What makes up Bitcory Finance Ecosystem? Decentralized Exchange The Bictory network introduces a decentralized exchange platform leveraging Proactive Market Maker systems to complete trades, swaps, and exchanges. Bictory's DEX introduction provides a more affordable and faster trading and transaction completion mechanism. They leverage the technological framework of Concordium blockchain to offer transactions at very cheap charges. Its proactive market-making tool allows less slippage on trading; thus, making the DEX even more affordable.
Bictory's DEX will create bridges across other smart chains like Polkadot, Ethereum, and BSC to ensure utter chain interoperability. It will be simple for assets to cross chains into DEXes like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, and Polkadex etc.

The Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform In addition, a crowdfunding platform would be built on Concordium blockchain to provide all upcoming projects with opportunities to thrive. This crypto launchpad is a one in a kind, introducing simplicity, reliability, and convenience. One unique thing about Bictory's launchpad is its decentralized nature; it allows projects to set cross-chain swap-pools using a fixed buying price for tokens. In most launchpads, only a few people participate in IDOs. Although they set maximums per wallet, they don't have a maximum number of wallets per individual. Therefore, very few investors, each with multiple wallets, participate in the IDO. However, Bictory finance implants some unique KYC protocols and Anti-bot policies to ensure that only one wallet per person can participate in IDO. This platform has a protocol-level identity layer system that interacts with all wallets participating in the launchpad for identity verification. All projects which launch via Bitcory's launchpad will automatically be listed on their Decentralized and Centralized exchanges. Centralized Exchange Bictory Finance has been building a centralized exchange for the Concordium Ecosystem. Just like its decentralized counterpart, it will provide effective trade transactions for mainly projects within the Concordium ecosystem and other networks. The centralized custodial exchange platform offers services like spot and margin trading options. Bictory centralized exchange is usable by both beginner and pro-level traders. For instance, it provides different trading modes for starters and experienced traders to select based on their level of experience. Moreover, this exchange platform provides a wide range of portfolio management tools to help traders manage their investments. Orders in Bictory exchange would be executed fast and near-instant, yet transaction fees will remain very low as compared to other exchanges. By setting custodial policies, Bictory guarantees users of trading and asset security. Security is a huge concern and this CEX according to the team has been built with robust security measures to ensure the safety of funds of users. Early investors would have the opportunity to test the platform when the Alpha version of the CEX is launched in about 3 weeks from now. Benefits of The Platform Since the mainnet launch, Bictory network will thrive over its other CEX and DEX competitors. Among the benefits of using this new platform include; Fast Transactions- Bictory platform will foster transactions at unmatched speed. Generally, the platform's hub, Concordium blockchain, is highly scalable thus will process all its transactions at lightning speed. Scalability and Interoperability- Concordium leverages sharding intercommunication to ensure great interoperability with other chains. The CEX and DEX will be interoperable to provide even better services. Privacy and security- The concordium blockchain developers have always kept the users' privacy and security at top priority. Protocol-level Identity Layer- Concordium has an identity system that will help in providing simpler and freer whitelisting and registration.

The BT Token Bictory introduces the BT token to power its ecosystem. BT token is a Concordium blockchain-based asset, which will be issued very soon when Concordium launches the Mainnet. The presale and IEO of the BT token will leverage the Bitcory launchpad. BT tokens will be the fee payment mechanism in Bictory and its products. Moreover, trading BT tokens in the Bictory exchange will bring great discounts for the trader. Holders of the BT token will participate in the platform's governance by voting for any necessary changes. Projects using the launchpad will pay all the listing fees in BT. There is an ongoing Private Sale and interested users can reach out through the financial team via Final Word The Bictory platform introduces a holistic product on the Concordium blockchain network. This hybrid exchange comprising a CEX and DEX will interact to maximize the users' benefits especially with the launch of Moreover, the platform commits to ensuring the blockchain space benefits from new projects and solutions. As such, Bictory launches a decentralized launchpad platform which will, in the beginning, work on Concordium, but later on other blockchain networks. The combination of a DEX, CEX, and launchpad makes Bictory a platform to watch out for in the future. More information on Bictory's advancements is available on their social media pages like Twitter.