指物 Sashimono is traditional Japanese woodwork where it is joined together without using iron nails. One such specialized craft, called 組子 Kumiko is my favorite. It is a technique that has been refined over the years from the Asuka era (history of Japan lasting from 538 to 710).

The patterns are countless. Here are a few you might see used in lamps, screens, doors, decorative boxes or interior accents.

Enjoy the collection of some of my favorite examples.

Japanese Restaurant Kisara in Korea

A private house in Wakayama which won “The American Architecture Master Prize” (formerly known as the American Architecture Award), one of the prestigious architectural awards in the world.

The sleeper bedroom on the “Seven Stars” train in Kyushu, Japan.

Hoshino Resort

The ANA Crown Plaza, Kyoto

Hattori Sushi, Tokyo

Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

Private Residence, Japan

A Display Box that can sit or hang on the wall.

Storage box by Okawa Craft, Fukuoka

One of the many storage boxes to purchase on Rakuten.

A lovely screen (not for sale).

Okawa Craft, Fukuoka

Patterns of light

Yoshihara “Good Design Award”, Shimane

A detail with a combination of motifs.

Very tasteful.

Boys Day Display Stand

And finally, a simple yet beautiful tissue box.

Twitter is a fun place to look at the world of Kumiko in Japan. Use this hashtag: #組子 and enjoy.