Daily Dividends

I have been thinking about a blog on dividends for quite some time. There was always some reason not to get started on it. The timing just wasn’t right. Well, the timing is never right… ever. And you will waste your life waiting for the right time. So, now, today,is the right time to get started. Now. Right NOW.


The Goal of Daily Dividends is to develop – over a number of years – a steady, growing, stream of dividend income. Ultimately, I would like to get to $100/day in dividend income, so that will be the long term goal. Because that will take a significant amount of time, I will set some interim goals. The initial goal will be $1 a day in dividend income. We will set the next interim goal after we reach our first.


We will have a few methods to try to reach our goals.

  1. First, we will buy high quality dividend paying stocks that have a track record of goods payments, but are out of favor for one reason or another. These sticks will have high historical yields based on their past yields. When the values increase, we will consider selling and redeploying our capital.

  2. Second, after an initial deposit, we will continuously (weekly) fund the account that holds these dividend paying stocks. Our initial deposit was $5000, and out weekly deposits shall be $200 / week until the foreseeable future.

  3. Third, we will focus on the value of our income, not the overall portfolio portfolio value. Dividend income tends to be steady, and the kinds of companies will will invest in are consistent dividend payers. Income will be our guiding star, nothing else.

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