Daily International Day Gazette

Experiment on making a daily pun with the UN International Days.

International Day of Cooperatives

It’s only a coincidence that the day honoring the business owned by the workers falls on weekend.

International Day of Parliamentarism

Do you remember Parler? This day honour the opposite of the mere idea of that hellsite.

International Day of the Tropics

If you wander till the poles, you are going off-tropic.

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Today there is not a conmemoration or celebration. You can go back to your ecclesiastical calendar.

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

EU legislation is going to promote the change of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in favor of a standard enterprise-C with a standard worker exploiter-C.

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Today is monday so the UN is against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. On saturdays, they are in favour of drug responsible use and licit trafficking.

International Day of Seafarer

Conmemoration of the old job of charge anyone who wants to swim in the sea. It is a somehow obscure profession but I had to pay at least twice, so it must be real.

International Day of Women in Diplomacy

A day of recognition of the labour of the women in the prevention of conflicts and the tedious bureaucracy.

Personally, I would like to thank the woman who gave me yesterday the diploma of the PhD.

International Widow’s Day

A celebration honoring those people that have accepted the bad things that life has given them.

Tech savvy people have asked for a Liux’s Day.

International Day of Yoga

Day of honoring the mother of the most famous Yellowstone’s bear.